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Flight Review: How does Malindo Air compare on the Kuala Lumpur to Singapore route? (OD805)

March 24, 2019

Prior to this, I have never heard of anyone flying Malindo Air and I’ve only ever seen anything about the airline on billboard adverts scattered around Kuala Lumpur. I fly the KL to Singapore route a lot with other airlines, so how does Malindo compare to the likes of Jetstar, Singapore Airlines or Air Asia? […]

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Flight Review: Flying from Kuala Lumpur to London with Malaysia Airlines and the new(ish) Airbus A350 (MH2)

March 20, 2019

Malaysia Airlines (MAS) hasn’t had the best of reputations in recent years, but as Malaysia’s flagship full-fledged carrier: the show must go on. Over the years though, MAS has had to stop serving a lot of their European routes, however their London route still remains and is (and has always been) their most popular. But […]

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Flight Review: How does the Singapore Airlines service Sydney to Singapore shape up in 2019? (SG222)

March 5, 2019

There’s been a lot of changes to some of the world’s best airlines of late that have seen them change in flight offerings and add in charges for choosing seats ahead of check-in to their lower economy tickets. Singapore Airlines has been no stranger to the latter, but how does their service stack up for […]

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Flight Review: Jetstar – Hong Kong to Osaka (KIX), Japan (GK64)

February 3, 2019

Today we’re jumping on board budget airline Jetstar’s regular service from Hong Kong to Osaka (KIX) in Japan. The journey starts in Terminal 2 of the busy Hong Kong International Airport and takes us to the Kansai International Airport in Osaka – with a landing time of about 2am. So how does the flight rate […]

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Flight Review: Peach – Osaka, Japan (KIX) to Hong Kong (MM63)

October 30, 2018

Dubbed Japan’s “first true Low-Cost Carrier”, chances are, unless you’ve been to Japan, you’ve never heard of the carrier Peach. The airline started flights in 2012 with All Nippon Airways (ANA) the largest shareholder. ANA’s other budget carrier, Vanilla Air, which was a rebrand for what once was AirAsia Japan in 2013, has recently started a merger […]

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Flight Review: A weekend away to the US with Delta Air Lines – Sydney to Los Angeles (DL40)

October 29, 2018

Earlier this month, I travelled to the US for the weekend with Delta Air Lines to cover the Foo Fighters’ Cal Jam Festival in Los Angeles. You know, the one that “Nirvana” reformed at. Yes, with flights to the US more affordable and more frequent than ever, the idea of a weekend getaway to the […]

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Is Toronto home to the world’s most convenient international airport?

October 28, 2018

Located “just three kilometres from downtown Toronto”, the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport sits on an island off the city’s centre; accessible by ferry or a relatively new underground walkway. And it may just be the world’s most conveniently located airport, as they go out of their way to make sure every passenger feels like a […]

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Flight Review: Does Economy X make a difference on Virgin Australia’s Sydney to Perth service?

October 19, 2018

If any domestic service calls for a slight upgrade, it’s the coast-to-coast flight from Sydney to Perth. While not exactly a gruelling long-haul, the five hour service is testing enough that a little bit of extra comfort goes a long way. We tested Virgin Australia’s Economy X product on the service to see if the […]

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Flight Review: We fly Scoot in Silence from Sydney to Singapore (TR3)

September 19, 2018

Singapore Airline’s budget carrier Scoot has been carrying passengers from Australia to Singapore for years now, but many travellers may not know about its “Scoot-in-Silence” offering; a section between the airline’s “ScootBiz” Business Class offering and the standard economy section. With just five rows, the section is given its name by offering a quieter in-flight […]

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Flight Review: Economy X on Virgin Australia’s Maiden Voyage from Sydney to Hong Kong (VA80)

July 28, 2018

On July 2nd of this month, Virgin Australia kicked off their much anticipated service between Sydney and Hong Kong, as the carrier continues their push for growth within the Asian market. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to be on board the maiden voyage – and while an airline’s first ever flight between […]

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Review: Delays and Lost Baggage, flying British Airways from Scotland to Barcelona proves a trying experience

July 24, 2018

At the end of May, en route to Primavera Sound, I flew with British Airways for the first time. With direct flights from Edinburgh, Scotland to Barcelona seemingly only available via budget airlines, I ended up on a connection service with British Airways via Heathrow. Like many national carriers around the world, I’d rarely heard […]

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Flight Review: Getting “Extra Comfort” with Hawaiian Airlines – Portland to Honolulu (HA25)

June 8, 2017

Today we fly from Oregon on the West Coast of the USA, back towards Australia as we touch down in Honolulu. You can choose to stick around the Hawaiian capital, or continue on to Australia; and for this trip we certainly stuck around Hawaii for a week. But we had to fly there first. Here’s […]

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Flight Review: United Airlines – Chicago O’Hare to Buffalo, New York (UA5177)

August 22, 2016

In today’s flight review, we travel on board United Airlines’ service from Chicago O’Hare International Airport – the world’s fourth busiest airport by passenger traffic – to Buffalo, New York, not too far from Niagara Falls and Toronto, Canada. Airline: United Airlines Route: Chicago O’Hare to Buffalo, New York – UA5177 Seat: Economy, 23D aisle […]

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Flight Review: Business Class on Air Canada from Calgary to Ottawa (AC118)

July 13, 2016

This time last year, I flew from the Calgary Stampede to Ottawa Bluesfest (both happening right now!) on board Air Canada‘s regular service between the two cities. Lucky enough to get bumped up to Business Class on the flight, here’s a look back at that journey. Airline: Air Canada Route: Calgary, Alberta to Ottawa, Ontario – AC118 Seat: […]

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Flight Review: On board EVA Air’s Hello Kitty Jet – Tokyo (Haneda) to Taipei, Taiwan (BR191)

May 9, 2016

On our latest Flight Review, we take you on board the Hello Kitty Jet with Taiwanese airline EVA, as Johnny flies from Japan to Taipei. Yes, the flight is full of just about everything a Hello Kitty Fanboy or Fangirl could want and then some… all the way down to the pink, themed cutlery you’re […]

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Flight Review: Virgin Australia – Sydney to Brisbane (VA931)

March 31, 2016

We return domestically with an East Coast capital city service from Virgin, who have kicked things up a notch in recent times to compete with Qantas more aggressively on the domestic market. Airline: Virgin Australia Route: Sydney-Brisbane, VA931 Seat: 7A (Window) Aircraft: Boeing 737-800 Flight Time: 1 Hour 30 Minutes On Schedule? Yes, departed aircraft […]

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Flight Review: Air Canada – Flying Business Class from Vancouver to Sydney (AC33)

September 28, 2015

When boarding a long haul flight, there are few greater moments of jealously one experiences than seeing someone in business class enjoying a glass of champagne on a seat that you know lies flat and ensures no one is going to be climbing over you for the entire duration of the flight. Well, last month […]

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What Air Canada serve their Business Class passengers from Toronto to Edmonton

September 24, 2015

On a recent flight from Toronto to Edmonton with Air Canada, which is a 4 hour and 20 minute flight, I enjoyed an upgrade at the gate to Business Class. And I certainly made the most of the experience. On the way to the airport in Toronto, I took the UP Express for the first […]

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Flight Review: Norwegian Airlines (New York JFK to London Gatwick) DY7016 – Boeing 787-800 Dreamliner

August 30, 2015

Earlier in the year, as we flew from New York City’s JFK to London’s Gatwick to make it to The Great Escape, AU Abroad’s Larry Heath tried out the service of Norwegian Airlines for the first time. It also marked his first flight on the new Boeing 787-800 Dreamliner. A budget airline along the lines […]

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Flight Review: Porter Airlines – Toronto City Airport to Newark, New Jersey / New York (PD147)

August 20, 2015

Getting in and out of Toronto’s Pearson International Airport can be a bit of a pain. Though a new express train service installed for the Pan Am Games in June has made the process of getting in and out a slightly less tiresome affair, it remains an expensive one. Luckily, for some routes, another airport […]

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Flight Review: Air Canada – Los Angeles to Toronto (AC786)

July 1, 2015

We continue our Flight Review series, this time flying from Los Angeles to Toronto via Air Canada. Click through to check out Editor Larry Heath’s service review, covering everything from in-flight entertainment and meals to comfort and hot tips for traveling… Airline: Air Canada Route: Los Angeles to Toronto (Pearson International) Seat: 26D (Aisle in […]

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Flight Review: Southwest Airlines – Los Angeles to San Antonio (WN3124)

April 11, 2015

We continue our Flight Review series, this time back in the USA on our way to Texas for SXSW. Instead of flying directly to Austin, I flew in via San Antonio – about 90 minutes drive from Austin – to bring you a run of coverage that you’ll be seeing online soon. Flying Southwest to […]

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Flight Review: Virgin Australia – Perth to Melbourne (VA 694)

March 10, 2015

Flights between the East and West Coasts of Australia have long been supported by all our major airlines in Australia – however when Virgin introduced an overhaul to its service to the route, it changed the way we travel between. Moving away from the “budget” approach it had taken under the Blue moniker, the new […]

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Flight Review: US Airways Express – Gulfport, MS to Charlotte, NC (US5126)

February 4, 2015

In today’s Flight review on AU Abroad, we take you on board one of the smaller domestic flights in the US with US Airways Express and one of their services from Gulfport, MS to Charlotte, NC (US 5126). Airline: US Airways Express Route: Gulfport, MS to Charlotte, NC (US 5126) Aircraft: Bombardier CRJ-200 plane Seat: […]

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Flight Review: Singapore Airlines – Hong Kong to Singapore (SQ861)

January 5, 2015

In today’s Flight review on AU Abroad, we take you on Singapore Airline‘s A380 service from Hong Kong to Singapore – with an ongoing connection back to Sydney, as well as one of the handiest check in services you’ll find in the world… Airline: Singapore Airlines Route: Hong Kong to Singapore, SQ861 (Virgin Australia codeshare […]

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Flight Review: Singapore Airlines – Sydney to Singapore (SQ232)

August 8, 2014

In today’s Flight review on AU Abroad, we take you on Singapore Airline‘s iconic Airbus A380 journey from Sydney to Singapore, which was recently reduced to one service a day. Airline: Singapore Airlines Route: Sydney to Singapore, SQ232 Seat: 34G (Aisle Seat, of a 3-4-3 configuration in Economy) Aircraft: Airbus A380 Scheduled Flight Time: 7 […]

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Flight Review: Jetstar – Gold Coast to Sydney (JQ409)

June 17, 2014

As part of our brand new section AU Abroad, we bring you a birds eye view of the world of travel. In this article series, we let you in on the best airlines to fly with. We return to Australia for our latest addition, for the rather brief journey from the Gold Coast to Sydney […]

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Flight Review: Air Canada – Toronto to Los Angeles (AC795)

June 13, 2014

As part of our brand new section AU Abroad, we bring you a birds eye view of the world of travel. In this article series, we let you in on the best airlines to fly with. We kick things off in North America with Air Canada’s direct route from Toronto to Los Angeles, which we […]

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Flight Review: Virgin Australia – Sydney to Los Angeles (VA1)

April 3, 2014

As part of our brand new section AU Abroad, we bring you a birds eye view of the world of travel. In this article series, we let you in on the best airlines to fly with. We kick things off internationally with Virgin Australia’s flagship service, taking guests on an affordable direct service from Sydney […]

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Flight Review: Virgin Australia – Sydney to Brisbane (VA931)

March 4, 2014

Welcome to our brand new section AU Abroad where we bring you a birds eye view of the world of travel. As writers for the AU review, we travel for the arts, and so the content in this section reflects that. But in this article series, we just want you to know the best airlines […]

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