Guest Playlist: Windwaker – 15 Songs That Inspired Love Language

May 6, 2022

Windwaker are one of our most exciting heavy metal acts, and today have released their debut album, Love Language. They emerged out of Wagga Wagga, and now call Melbourne home. Their 2019 debut EP, Empire racked up millions of streams, and projected a buzz way beyond our domestic shores. Locally, they earned themselves recognition as […]

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Banjo Lucia

Guest Playlist: Banjo Lucia shares ten songs that make you feel like you’re in a movie

May 6, 2022

Nineteen-year-old singer/songwriter Banjo Lucia from Fremantle has today released her debut EP, Peccadilloes. This is a fine collection of five tracks, including her debut track “That’s Not Loving” and recent single “Lion Boy”. Banjo shows wisdom and a turn of phrase that belies her age. With a touching warmth and a reach for the familiarity, her […]

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Mama Roux

Guest Playlist: Mama Roux share the tracks that influenced their debut single “Big Fuss”

April 20, 2022

Mama Roux are a three-piece ‘garage’ rock band from the outskirts of Amsterdam. The trio, made up of Maarten (drums), Patrick (bass), and Lukas (guitar), have not long released their debut single “Big Fuss”.  The single, the first from their forthcoming eponymous EP, is a satisfyingly explosive blend of garage and blues rock. It’s raw, […]

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Guest Playlist: Jack Carty shares the songs that inspired Wake to a Bright Morning

March 29, 2022

Indie folk singer/songwriter Jack Carty has just released his latest album, Wake to a Bright Morning. At the AU, we’ve been crushing on this album, and believe it’s his finest yet. A prolific songwriter this is his sixth full-length album and was recorded between London and Brisbane over the past three years. He roped in […]

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Guest Playlist: Kristo shares the tracks that inspired his debut EP Restore

March 29, 2022

Earlier this month Belgian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Kristin Deruytter a.k.a Kristo released his debut EP Restore.  It’s an eclectic and exciting release; one which highlights the talent and promise of the young artist, with Kristo playing with genres at will. On the one hand, you have the refined and controlled emotion of “Restore”, and on […]

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Xavier Collins Coastlines

Guest Playlist: Xavier Collins shares the Australian songs that influenced his forthcoming EP Coastlines

March 1, 2022

London singer-songwriter Xavier Collins has had a busy start to 2022 – releasing his first two singles, and prepping the release of his debut EP Coastlines, which is due in April.  The first single “Elegy” was released in early January, and features a rich and emotive vocal performance from Collins, along with some truly beautiful […]

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Guest Playlist: Waxflower share their favourite 2000’s Pop Rock tracks

February 17, 2022

Brisbane’s pop-punk Waxflower have today released the soaring 2000’s influenced pop-rock song, “Ring”. The track has a warming nostalgic sound to it, with the gift of feeling familiar, yet has you wondering what is sonically just ’round the corner. It’s got all the feels, it soars and carries their trademark energy and killer musicianship. “Ring” […]

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Guest Playlist: NewDad share their essential Irish indie tracks

February 9, 2022

NewDad, the indie rockers from Galway in Ireland, have just dropped Banshee, their latest EP. This follows on from their debut EP, Waves, which dropped last year. The band may only be relatively young, but they are one of those acts with a bullet against their name, with a speedy trajectory in store for them. […]

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AYLA’s power female ride along playlist

December 13, 2021

Alt-pop artist AYLA has recently released the dreamy power-pop “Ride Along”, a surging vibrant track with a celebratory theme of self-empowerment. A driving beat, infectious rhythms and vocals that effortlessly float and captivate has this track sparkling with resilience. AYLA gives us the meaning behind “Ride Along”: “’Ride Along’ is about not sitting back and […]

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Florian’s ultimate 80’s inspired birthday playlist

October 25, 2021

Last month, Sydney’s Florian released another sparkling pop song, this time being the shimmering “Seventeen”. 2021 has already been a year of quality releases for the talented singer/songwriter, with “Patrick Swayze” and “Yours & Mine” both making waves. “Seventeen” is tinged with an 80’s vibe, as she reflects on a younger version of herself,  with […]

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Guest Playlist: Dominic Breen gives us 10 tracks for a Real Hard Week

October 6, 2021

Last week Sydney-based singer/songwriter Dominic Breen dropped his debut album, Blue Volume. It’s a consummate collection of tracks from the talented multi-instrumentalist. He is a masterful storyteller, with a turn of phrase that makes you sit up and listen intently. With some really lovely guitars and a voice that is warm and yearning, Blue Volume is […]

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Smoking Martha

Guest Playlist: The rock classics that Brisbane’s Smoking Martha simply can’t go past

September 24, 2021

Brisbane rockers Smoking Martha recently released the high-octane “Liquid Sunshine”. With heavy riffs and the smoky powerful vocals of Natasha Doherty, it’s another confident step forward for the quartet that have been making waves in the Sunshine State. Featuring blistering guitars and pounding drums, the vocals keep this fast-moving amped-up ball of energy in its lane. […]

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Melbourne’s Montgomery gives us her sentimental playlist

September 13, 2021

Earlier this month Melbourne singer/songwriter Montgomery released the dreamy “Close To Being Apart”. It’s a beautifully lush track, with shimmering vocals. It oozes emotion, whilst giving off a dance vibe. The track examines moving on, with new experiences and relationships, whilst having to let go of other parts of our lives. “Close To Being Apart” […]

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Guest Playlist: Getting to know Sydney’s Southey

August 19, 2021

Sydney’s singer/songwriter Southey has launched himself onto the scene with his debut single, “Run River”. This is a track that would have you believe he had a couple of albums under his belt. With beautifully delicate guitars and layered vocals, Southey has nailed his debut with aplomb. “Run River” has a beautiful richness to it. […]

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Happy Fits

Guest playlist: Brooklyn’s The Happy Fits share songs of resilience that inspired their track “Another Try”

August 17, 2021

Brooklyn-trio The Happy Fits make well-crafted pop-rock with catchy choruses covering themes we can all relate to. It’s a style of music that has strongly resonated, with the band racking up some impressive numbers in the process. They’ve hit north of fifty million streams worldwide and 4 million YouTube views. Attracting a keen audience in […]

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Echo Adore

Guest Playlist: Perth’s Echo Adore share their influences

July 15, 2021

Perth duo Echo Adore recently released their second single, “See Red”, following from their steller 2019 debut “Caught In History”. The duo is comprised of Damian Diggs and Oliver James. It’s easy to see why there is such a buzz about them, with the quality songwriting and musicianship on display. They have an EP in […]

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Sarah Yagki

Guest Playlist: Sarah Yagki takes us through the songs that influenced her

July 9, 2021

Sydney’s multi-instrumentalist alt-pop artist Sarah Yagki last month released her latest single, “Can’t Hardly Lie”.  This is an emotive track, reflecting on a relationship that ultimately ended. Sarah has a voice with great range and power, and she uses it so effectively in this track showcasing all the feelings. This is a track that swirls, […]

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Tijuana Cartel

Track by Track: Tijuana Cartel take us through their new album Acid Pony

June 18, 2021

Earlier this month Gold-Coast based electronic dance band Tijuana Cartel dropped their latest album, Acid Pony. It’s a tantalising mix of a range of influences, whilst remaining guitar-driven with a danceable vibe. There is some psychedelia with grooves that never end, mean fat beats, and also some sweet vocals. It keeps shifting and changing, but […]

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Chelsea Warner

Guest Playlist: Chelsea Warner’s top 10 “Drama” playlist suggestions for songs to plot revenge/be petty to

June 18, 2021

Chelsea Warner is a Sydney-based producer and multi-instrumentalist. Classically trained at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, she has broad tastes, with some smooth R’n’B and alt-pop to the fore. Her latest single is “Drama”, a tune that showcases her silky voice and adroit songwriting. “Drama” is a song that many young adults will be able […]

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Jack Botts

Guest Playlist: Jack Botts gives us 10 songs for road-tripping in the van

June 9, 2021

Indie-folk singer/songwriter Jack Botts has just dropped his third EP, the fabulous Slow Mornings. It’s been a meteoric rise for the artist, who only a few years ago was a carpenter and part-time busker. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, Botts has continued live shows and touring in his van. Selling out venues such as […]

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Guest Playlist: The Norwegian songs that inspired Wauwatosa and Turid Alida Røsten

May 20, 2021

Oslo-based collaborative pop project Wauwatosa released their latest single, “Good Life”, last week. With guest vocals from Turid Alida Røsten, the single is their first since the release of their debut album Souvenirs in 2018.  By way of introduction Wauwatosa is the brain child of two songwriters and producers: Sigurd Ytre-Arne and Martin Langerod. Both […]

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Solsta shares his Top 5 Electronic acts in Australia

May 18, 2021

Perth artist Solsta recently dropped a killer dancefloor track, “Together”, featuring the sublime vocals of BEXX. “Together” follows on from his 2020 singles, “Everything”, “Falling” and “Want You”. This is a seriously catchy tune. The vocals blend in perfectly with Solstas magic. It’s not just for the dancefloor. “Together” is just at home as a chill-out. […]

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Concrete Surfers

Guest Playlist: Songs to Drive to with Concrete Surfers

April 28, 2021

Brisbane rockers Concrete Surfers have just released their latest banger, “Driving”. With howling vocals, ripping guitars and a knock-out beat, this is a kick-arse tune. The song examines how we manage the challenges which we face daily. This is classic garage rock. They are a band with a purpose, using their hard-hitting rock prowess, and […]

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Guest Playlist: Polarize share their weekend soundtrack

March 31, 2021

Alt-rock outfit Polarize have today dropped their Lucky Eye EP today. This is a tight collection of six songs, with sweet melodies and neat guitars. These are all well-composed tunes, great vocals and beautifully layered. This is an EP that is a joy to listen to from start to finish. If you are after touchpoints […]

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Maple Mall

Guest Playlist: Maple Mall let us in on their favourite road trip tunes

March 25, 2021

Illawarra indie quartet Maple Mall are back with a new single — “Down This Way” — their second for 2021 so far; and only their third single of their career overall.  “Down This Way” is another cracking release from the lads from Illawarra. It really hits those chilled out late summer vibes perfectly. Three singles […]

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Guest Playlist: Set the mood with Riley Pearce’s top 10 love songs

March 19, 2021

After being caught up in Melbourne’s lockdown, indie singer-songwriter Riley Pearce and his long-term girlfriend took two big steps: they returned to Riley’s hometown of Perth AND got a puppy. That sure sounds like love to us! It was also a great opportunity for Pearce to take his first musical deep dive into love song […]

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Ben Wright Smith

Guest Playlist: Ben Wright Smith shares the tracks which influenced his new album Echo Lodge

March 5, 2021

Ben Wright Smith, Melbourne-based singer and multi-instrumentalist has just dropped his album Echo Lodge. It’s a beautiful collection of songs, comprised of his two earlier EP’s, Psychotropical (2018) and Volcano God Head Explodes (2020), as well as three new tracks. With the contents of the album being recorded and gradually released over the past three years, […]

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Guest Playlist: Brixton Alley share their favourite tracks from their favourite Aussie bands

March 4, 2021

Melbourne-based trio Brixton Alley may be exploring new territory, but they’re shredding up a storm. Relocating to Australia from the UK in 2020, the indie-punk band got the chance to play at some of Australia’s hottest venues, before being plunged into lockdown. Like most artists, lockdown gave the trio a chance to focus on their sound […]

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Guest Playlist: June Jones takes us through the songs she is listening to now

February 25, 2021

Undoubtedly one of the most fascinating artists currently on the scene is singer/songwriter June Jones. June has just dropped her sophomore album, Leafcutter. Self-produced, it’s a collection of highly personal songs, confessional in nature, often using her rich tones to help convey the emotions of the song. Jones is a multi-faceted musician with many talents. […]

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Guest Playlist: Yawdoesitall and Tawanda take us through the tracks which have influenced them

February 11, 2021

Sydney emcee Yawdoesitall has started the year with the release of a smoking new track, “Test Drive”, featuring the vocals of fellow Sydney-side producer Tawanda. This is a tune with an infectious beat and gives off some serious vibes. The two vocalists bounce off each other, complementing each other perfectly. Producer Miiner provided the beat […]

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