Guest Playlist: SIG SALI & Natassa Zoe share 10 songs that influence their unique sound

September 22, 2023

SIG SALI, is an electronic alt-pop band hailing from Sydney, and they have teamed up with vocalist and songwriter Natassa Zoe to create the emotive dance banger, “Pillow Thoughts” which was released today. It’s the third track from SIG SALI to be released, following on from “Stay Tonight” and “Reasons”. They’ve been kicking it out […]

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Guest Playlist: Jet City Sports Club share their favourite indie dream-pop tracks

August 22, 2023

Hailing from Sydney, the indie dream-pop sensation Jet City Sports Club are back with their latest single “Drug Store (Waste My Time)”.  After making waves with hits like “Green Thumb” and “Feeling It All” in 2022, the four-piece band is back in 2023 with a fresh determination to explore new musical horizons. Their latest offering, […]

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Max Aurora

Guest Playlist: Max Aurora & The Southern Lights share 10 tracks that have influenced them

July 19, 2023

“How I Missed Home” is the first release for Max Aurora & The Southern Lights, and it’s a song drenched in nostalgia and longing. Max has released music under his own steam previously, but the sound has been bolsted with the addition of The Southern Lights. The track was inspired by Dutch sailor Laura Dekker, who […]

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Guest Playlist: Allegra Neve shares the songs that inspired her debut single ‘Rewind’

July 18, 2023

Meanjin/Brisbane and Eora/Sydney based artist Allegra Neve has released her debut single “Rewind”.  Allegra’s immense talent has already established her as an artist to watch, earning awards such as the Josh Pyke Partnership in 2021 and the Women in Music mentorship in 2022. Her eagerly anticipated debut single definitely did not disappoint.  Drawing from a diverse […]

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Guest Playlist: Mathilde Anne, who sees music in colour, shares her blue and purple playlist

July 17, 2023

Mathilde Anne has recently released her single “Way Up There”, a further taste from her upcoming debut album. Interestingly, Mathilde has synesthesia, meaning that she sees music in colours. She says ” When I listen to music I just see the colours in my head like splats and circles and gushes, moving in patterns with […]

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Guest Playlist: IRFXXN shares 9 influential songs that helped formulate “Time”

July 12, 2023

Sydney’s R&B Pop artist IRFXXN (pronounced IR-FAAN) made a dramatic entrance to the local scene last year with his outstanding debut single “Latest Song”, and the hype continues with the equally luscious “Time”. He has teamed up again with producers BeatsWithSheph who are based out of Sydney. His earlier tracks have found success not just […]

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Guest Playlist: Bonded Jacky shares her favourite fellow queer artists (and songs)

June 30, 2023

Bonded Jacky is the musical project of Maddie Ballard, a Los Angeles-based, queer musician and singer-songwriter, and self-described gangly girl with unmistakable schoolboy energy. She’s also an up-and-coming talent, releasing a slew of singles last year (including the AU Discovery playlist featured “Didgeridoo”) before releasing her debut EP back in February. This week she is […]

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Guest Playlist: There’s A Tuesday share the songs that inspired their new single “Familiar”

May 31, 2023

Dream-pop group There’s A Tuesday is one the most exciting bands to emerge from New Zealand. The band, led by the talented front-women Minnie and Nat, are known for their ethereal and atmospheric sound that transports listeners to a dreamy realm. Despite being relatively new on the scene, There’s A Tuesday has already made waves […]

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Guest Playlist: Safety First share the songs that inspired “Office Romance”

May 10, 2023

Sydney indie-rock quintet Safety First are starting the year off strong with their fun new single “Office Romance” – released 27 April – to get you through the day. The track is their fourth since emerging in 2022 and demonstrates their knack for spotlighting the interesting stories in everyday scenarios. Inspired by workplace sit-coms like […]

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Guest Playlist: The Southern River Band share the songs that inspired “The Streets Don’t Lie”

April 29, 2023

Perth’s favourite larrikins The Southern River Band bring 80s hair metal and pub rock to the 21st century with their latest single “The Streets Don’t Lie”, released 13 April. With an electrifying live show and a 2022 W.A.M. Rock Band of the Year award, the band is what you get if Motley Crüe and The […]

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Guest Playlist: Miss Lucy shares latest single “Chocolate” and his favourite sweet songs

March 29, 2023

Meanjin/Brisbane electro-pop artist Miss Lucy is gearing up for a big return this year by sharing the latest taste with new single “Chocolate”, released 17 March. The track draws inspiration from 70s songwriting greats, with funky basslines and slick synths over dance beats. Produced and co-written by Matt McGuffie and recorded at home in 2021, […]

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Grace Woodroofe

Guest Playlist: Grace Woodroofe shares the songs that inspired a new “Beginning”

March 3, 2023

Singer/songwriter Grace Woodroofe has re-emerged after a hiatus of eight years, and we’re so pleased she is back. You might remember her from her previous moniker, R.W. Grace. “Beginning” is the first track back from Grace, and it was written as she emerged from the trauma of a long-term relationship. “Beginning” has lush folk/pop sensibilities, […]

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Bad Pony

Guest Playlist: Bad Pony share their favourite up and coming bands

February 21, 2023

Bad Pony have just dropped their album, Forever Up & Coming, and it’s hard to believe that it is their debut long play record. They’ve long been a favourite at the AU, and we have have celebrated their various milestones along the way.. On the path to this release they’ve performed twelve national tours, three […]

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Guest Playlist: Cadence shares 10 songs or artists that inspired his single “Be What I Need”

February 17, 2023

Producer Cadence may hail from Melbourne, but has a very international sound, and he has recently released the classy “Be What I Need” featuring the sublime vocals of Brooke Williams. Cadence gives us some insight into the track: ”Brooke & I wrote ‘Be What I Need’ about that first night out after a breakup, when […]

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Guest Playlist: MAY-A shares the songs you should definitely listen to

February 14, 2023

It’s fair to say that MAY-A has had a massive last few months. She opened for 5 Seconds of Summer on their Australian headline tour in November / December and performed at the Falls Festivals and Lost Paradise. She has just returned from Europe where she opened for Wallows on their UK and European tour. And […]

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NUSSY shares her Boss Womxn Playlist

December 20, 2022

Lovers of electro-pop are going to crush on “Down To Earth”, the most recent release from Melbourne DJ and songstress NUSSY. It’s packed to the gills with dance-floor vibes, her warm textured vocals bubbling along, shimmering and floating. The production is sleek and tight – add this to your end of year party playlist. About the […]

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Charlie Gradon

Guest Playlist: Charlie Gradon shares his influences

December 16, 2022

Sydney’s Charlie Gradon is a gifted songwriter and musician, and has recently released the razor-sharp “Black & White”. The end of a relationship is witnessed with laser precision and evocative nuances. The track follows on from “Turbulence”, which was a collaboration with Huck Hastings back in July. “Black & White” is packed with acute observations […]

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Conrad Sewell

Guest Playlist: The songs that inspired Conrad Sewell’s second record PRECIOUS

December 15, 2022

ARIA Award-winning, multi-platinum-selling singer-songwriter Conrad Sewell recently announced that his second album, PRECIOUS will be released on the 3rd March, 2023. It’s one to look forward to, from an artist who has garnered over one billion streams for hits such as “Healing Hands”, “Remind Me”, “Hold Me Up” and his ARIA-winning single “Start Again”. Since he broke through […]

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Guest Playlist: Tiali shares her eleven essential tracks

December 12, 2022

Australian singer-songwriter Tiali creates beautifully emotive and alluring indie rock. Earlier this month she dropped “Icicles” a track that takes us from a gentle melancholy into a rampant furnace and back again. With warm smoky vocals and grungy guitars, it’s a track that showcases the rare talents of Tiali. “Icicles” is totally addictive, and follows […]

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Guest Playlist: Towns share the tracks that inspired their EP things you might feel sometimes

November 18, 2022

Adelaide pop-punk duo TOWNS have today released their EP, things you might feel sometimes. A band that has been making waves since their 2018 debut EP, Television, the pair have been captivating audiences and building their following ever since. With a golden slice of searing pop-punk, infused with a healthy dose of Australiana and a […]

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Guest Playlist: UFO Go share the songs that inspired “Way Back When”

November 16, 2022

Melbourne trio UFO Go have been capturing the attention of local audiences with their intoxicating blend of alt-rock, emo and 90’s indie sounds. Today they’ve released “Way Back When”, the first single from their upcoming album May Fear Never Stop You due out in 2023. “Way Back When” acknowledges the past and attempts to move […]

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Guest Playlist: Supathick share the songs that inspired “Own My Mind”

October 3, 2022

If you like your pop funky and fresh with a dash of RnB and a good dose of soul, then look no further than Perth’s Supathick. Led by the creative Christian Zappia, the band burst out of the blocks in 2020 with their EP, Dinner And A Film, and have been building their fanbase ever […]

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Jet City Sports Club

Guest Playlist: Jet City Sports Club share the tracks that inspired “Green Thumb”

August 31, 2022

Sydney quartet Jet City Sports Club recently released the dreamy “Green Thumb”, further embedding their status as one of the exciting indie-pop groups to keep an eye out for. The title is a handy metaphor for expressing the need to keep nurturing existing relationships, and not letting them wilt. Lilla, on lead vocals gives some […]

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Cousin Tony's Brand New Firebird

Guest Playlist: Cousin Tony’s Brand New Firebird share the songs that inspired Smiles of Earth

August 26, 2022

One of our local indie favourites is the fabulous Cousin Tony’s Brand New Firebird, and we are particularly excited today because it’s release day, for their third studio album, Smiles of Earth. The band is well known for its genre-hopping across and within tracks, yet this album has a cohesiveness across the ten songs with […]

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Boo Seeka

Guest Playlist: Boo Seeka shares his top ten most played tracks

July 1, 2022

This week saw Boo Seeka finally release his long awaited second album, Between The Head & The Heart. The album saw him working alongside producer Matt Bartlem, with creative input from Jay Bainbridge, Luke Palmer, Ian Peres and impending tour mate Hayden James. The result is an album that is rich in creativity, with Boo exploring […]

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Local The Neighbour

Guest Playlist: Local The Neighbour crafts his own rom-com soundtrack with his favourite ‘relationship’ songs

June 28, 2022

Melbourne-via-Darwin artist Local The Neighbour a.k.a. David Quested recently unveiled his latest single “Point Guard”. A shimmering slice of warmth and positivity, the track pays tribute to loved ones, and was written for his girlfriend as an appreciation of their relationship. There’s even a charming Super 8 style accompanying music video that was created by […]

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Guest Playlist: Yoste provides the perfect soundtrack to accompany new track “Violet”

June 3, 2022

Brisbane’s Yoste has just dropped his third EP, Never The Same, a six strong collection that showcases the very best of the alt-pop artist. It’s a gorgeous release, packed with earnest song-writing and irresistible hooks. Of the EP, Yoste – otherwise known as Kurt Sines – says: “This record is focused on growing up, but […]

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Guest Playlist: Windwaker – 15 Songs That Inspired Love Language

May 6, 2022

Windwaker are one of our most exciting heavy metal acts, and today have released their debut album, Love Language. They emerged out of Wagga Wagga, and now call Melbourne home. Their 2019 debut EP, Empire racked up millions of streams, and projected a buzz way beyond our domestic shores. Locally, they earned themselves recognition as […]

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Banjo Lucia

Guest Playlist: Banjo Lucia shares ten songs that make you feel like you’re in a movie

May 6, 2022

Nineteen-year-old singer/songwriter Banjo Lucia from Fremantle has today released her debut EP, Peccadilloes. This is a fine collection of five tracks, including her debut track “That’s Not Loving” and recent single “Lion Boy”. Banjo shows wisdom and a turn of phrase that belies her age. With a touching warmth and a reach for the familiarity, her […]

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Mama Roux

Guest Playlist: Mama Roux share the tracks that influenced their debut single “Big Fuss”

April 20, 2022

Mama Roux are a three-piece ‘garage’ rock band from the outskirts of Amsterdam. The trio, made up of Maarten (drums), Patrick (bass), and Lukas (guitar), have not long released their debut single “Big Fuss”.  The single, the first from their forthcoming eponymous EP, is a satisfyingly explosive blend of garage and blues rock. It’s raw, […]

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