The ultimate guide to last minute Father’s Day gift ideas in 2022

August 30, 2022

Father’s Day is coming up on Friday 5th September and you know you haven’t given much thought to what to get the old man yet. We’re here to help. The AU Review has collated some of our favourite gift ideas over the past year and beyond, some that we’ve featured before and others we’ve been […]

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2022: From Google gadgets to kitchen pros

May 1, 2022

With Mother’s Day coming up, the inevitable choice anxiety is starting to settle in. “Mother’s Day Gift Guide” is frantically being searched on Google in the hopes that dependable publishers will sort through the product bog and serve up some curated suggestions. We aren’t sitting this one out at the AU review. Here’s our annual […]

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2022: 5 gifts that anyone would love

February 10, 2022

Just because Christmas is in the rear-view, doesn’t mean you get a break when it comes to the year’s most notable gift-giving occasions. Valentine’s Day may have lost some of its allure over the years, with an ever-evolving culture where the majority is moving away from the cheaply marketed idea of having a day dedicated […]

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The AU Review’s Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2021: From tech and grooming, to kitchen and design

December 9, 2021

2021 has been tough for Aussies, and it seems that quite possibly things are going to be… complicated… for months to come. There’s still a lot of gloom about despite many cities now enjoying life out of lockdown, which is why the upcoming Christmas holidays just may be the most important ones yet. There’s no […]

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Why password managers like Lastpass have become essential when gaming online

November 24, 2021

For people who spend a lot of time gaming online, a password manager is likely the last thing on their minds. In fact, a strong password manager like Lastpass (who are currently offering 25% with their Black Friday sale) is a non-negotiable internet security measure for anyone who loves online gaming. Let us explain. Digital […]

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Father’s Day Gift Guide 2021: From home cinema essentials to grooming greats and kitchen gadgets

August 27, 2021

For many Aussies this year, Father’s Day will be spent in lockdown. And while that’s unfortunate, there’s still plenty you can do to make your dad, or dad figure, feel like a billion bucks on Sunday 5th September. If you’re in Sydney CBD, you should definitely be ordering up one of those Man Tea boxes […]

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6 unbelievable mobile app success stories

July 21, 2021

Before long, the whole world is going to be taken over by mobile. In a world where convenience is everything, it’s important that businesses keep up and make all of their content easily accessible for all. After all, only 30% of web traffic came from devices other than mobile last year, according to Digital Authority […]

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Mothers Day Gift Guide 2021: From kitchen essentials and furniture, to new gadgets, wines, and spirits

April 26, 2021

With Mother’s Day coming up, the inevitable choice anxiety is starting to settle in. “Mother’s Day Gift Guide” is frantically being searched on Google in the hopes that dependable publishers will sort through the product bog and serve up some curated suggestions. We aren’t sitting this one out at the AU review. Here’s our annual […]

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The best affordable 5G phones out right now in 2021

March 15, 2021

The 5G race is heating up in the world of smartphones, with both Android and Apple devices now bringing out mid-tier 5G-ready sets to prepare for faster speeds. The past few years has been defined by a somewhat transition period between the two Wi-Fi standards, but now that we’ve tipped towards the future-ready side of […]

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The best Christmas gifts in Australia for 2020

December 7, 2020

Christmas is almost here, and given the year we’ve just had, it’s go hard or go home. This holiday season is – pending none of 2020’s indulgent curve-balls – going to have a lot riding on it. It’ll be like cannoning-balling into that perfectly temperature controller pool after trudging through the Sahara, and hearing those […]

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Xbox One

Two Days to Retirement: The life and times of the Xbox One

November 8, 2020

For the last seven years, the Xbox One has been one of the internet’s favourite punching bags. The machine that Xbox debuted at Microsoft’s Redmond campus ahead of E3 2013 was suffering an identity crisis. It was a video game console that focused on everything BUT video games. Against a resurgent and clear-minded PlayStation, the […]

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Xbox Series X accesories

All the Xbox Series X accessories you can preorder in Australia right now

September 24, 2020

After the insanity that was Preorder Day, we thought it might be a good idea to put together a list of all the Xbox Series X accessories you can preorder in Australia. Bare in mind, stock appears to fairly limited for launch so don’t be too disappointed if you miss out, and know that you […]

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PS5 accessories

All the PS5 accessories you can preorder in Australia right now

September 24, 2020

The very first wave of PS5 accessories is on the way, and as we’re sure you can imagine, pre-order shipments are selling out fast. You’re going to need to move quickly if you want to snap any up. To make things a bit easier, we’ve rounded up all the official PS5 accessories dropping on launch […]

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The AU’s Father’s Day Gift Guide 2020: From Audio to Work From Home

August 27, 2020

What does dad need this year? He’s (likely) been stuck at home like most of the world this year, so it’s on you to figure out how to make Father’s Day his refuge from what’s been an immensely shitty year. We’ve packed our Father’s Day gift guide for this reason, tracking several categories we think […]

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The last minute buyers guide to Mother’s Day 2020

May 4, 2020

Online shopping is the way to go this year as Mother’s Day 2020 fast approaches. Given the current pandemic sweeping the globe, home tech, beauty and kitchen essentials are flying off those digital shelves, which is why we’ve pulled together some of our latest favourites from each category. Whether your mum needs to lose herself […]

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7 tech and lifestyle gifts that will score major points this Valentine’s Day

February 6, 2020

Valentine’s Day is once again right around the corner, which means you’ll probably want to go out and get your S.O. a gift, right? Far from the typical chocolate and roses (although if you do want some of those, new Aussie service Mr Roses is a good place to start), the things that really get […]

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Xbox Game Pass May

A last minute holiday gift guide for the lazy gamer

December 20, 2019

Time to admit it: you need a gift guide. It’s a few days to Chrimbo and you’ve only just realised because you’ve been playing Death Stranding. You’ll be at the shopping centre this weekend to see Star Wars which presents an opportunity to do some last minute Christmas shopping. But what do you get the […]

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20 gift ideas if you really want to sleigh Christmas this year

December 3, 2019

What makes the perfect Christmas gift? Something that tugs the receiver’s heart strings? something the receiver has already asked for? or something the receiver didn’t know they even needed in the first place? It of course depends on the individual (and the gift-giver), and that should be your first consideration when trying to find the […]

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Rockstar Games

We played Red Dead Redemption 2 on a $5000 laptop

December 2, 2019

The Asus Zenbook Pro Duo UX181GV is a legitimate monster. Two 4K touchscreens. A 9th Gen Intel i9 processor running at 2.4GHz, speed boosted up to a crazy 5.0GHz. A huge 32GB DDR4 RAM. A 1TB SSD. A 6GG GDDR6 Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 graphics card. One of the most powerful laptops I’ve ever encountered, […]

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What we know so far about Google’s new Pixel Buds

October 17, 2019

While we’re sure more is still to be revealed about Google’s recently announced truly wireless Pixel Buds 2 due for release early 2020, the company’s annual event in New York City gave us some pretty exciting details. Although only time will tell if these new rivals to Apple’s AirPods, and the superior offerings from Bose, […]

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What to expect from Google Pixel 4

October 17, 2019

Google is going big with Soli radar technology on the long-awaited Pixel 4, the company’s new flagship smartphone which will no doubt be the centre of many techy discussions for the rest of 2019. Not only this, but they’ve taken more than a few of their product lines a step forward, announcing a new laptop, […]

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Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 3: details, pricing, and release

October 2, 2019

Microsoft’s successful Surface Laptop product line is finally ready to release the third iteration of their straight-forward laptop family, which will come in two different sizes when it launches later this month. Announced at a press event in New York, alongside a whole heap of other new gadgets (which we’ll get to in the coming […]

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The GoPro Hero 8 don’t need no gimble: details and Australian pricing

October 1, 2019

Action-ready GoPro has let loose details about two new cameras coming to Australia this month, with the long-awaited GoPro Hero 8 Black and the 360-degree GoPro MAX. For this generation, it seems like cutting out the need for a gimble has taken precedence. Tweaks to GoPro’s HyperSmooth technology, now in its 2.0 iteration, are able […]

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A weekend away at Perisher with DJI’s Osmo Action, the GoPro killer

September 23, 2019

It’s hard to figure out where to start on DJI’s Osmo Action. How about this – the Osmo Action is a GoPro killer. From battery life to colour, to dual screens, this is the dream gadget for any action/fun/weekend loving person. A weekend away at Australia’s premier snow resort, Perisher, was the perfect way to put […]

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It’s all fun and games and good sound on Huawei’s Matebook 13

September 22, 2019

We have previously detailed how Huawei’s Matebook 13 is a creatives best friend out in the field. But it’s powerful and impressive tech isn’t limited to the Adobe Suite and your video and photo editing desires. From sound to gaming to other inventive advancements, the Matebook 13 hews towards aiding other aspects of our lifestyle […]

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Creative dreaming with a creator’s dream, the Huawei MateBook 13

September 10, 2019

When it comes to digital media, photography and videography, nothing spoils the flow of creativity more than the inability to review, edit and publish your work quickly after capturing and creating it when your still fresh with passion and ideas. A creator needs a reliable tool that’s portable and can be used on-the-road that’ll assist […]

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Lumix Launch Cinematic Flagship S1H Camera & Two New Lenses

August 27, 2019

Imagine a VariCam and a GH5 fell in love and had a brilliant baby – a small, powerful full-frame camera baby capable of shooting 6K V-Log video and 96 megapixel raw images and with image stabilisation so impressive it all but eliminates the need for gimbals. That’s the new flagship S series cinema camera from […]

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13 Father’s Day gift ideas for the last minute shopper

August 27, 2019

You’ve got less than a week till Father’s Day comes around for 2019. 1st September marks the annual gift-giving occasion, which doubles as a good time to see exactly what’s floating around the market and turning heads this year. To help lessen any stress, we’ve zoned in on 13 of our favourite tech, gaming and […]

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If only the NBN was as reliable as this $850 Netgear gaming router

July 4, 2019

“Him chonk,” I muttered, placing the Netgear Nighthawk Pro Graming XR700 on my desk. The promise of its data throughput loomed as large as the device itself, a hulking rectangular obelisk that devoured the remaining space on my desk. But it would have to wait. It was mid-June and the NBN was, at long last, […]

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Got an idea for the next big thing in music and tech? BIGSOUND wants to hear from you

May 15, 2019

BIGSOUND Tech, the popular music conference’s tech showcase is returning in 2019, bringing with it the opportunity for entrepeneurs to strut their stuff and learn from the best and brightest minds in both the tech and music industries. Part conference, part networking event, part festival BIGSOUND Tech puts entrepeneurs with big ideas in front of […]

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