Flight Review: Travelling from JetBlue’s new Terminal 5 at New York JFK to Austin, Texas (B6 1295)

I’ve heard a lot about the JetBlue service over the years, with the US airline often topping domestic lists for in flight experience, comfort and customer satisfaction. Though in more recent years the airline has fallen from grace on certain lists. Within 12 months I saw it sitting near the top of some lists, and…

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More European airlines launch free in-flight wi-fi as JetBlue completes its Fly-Fi roll out

Praised by some, dreaded by others, in-flight wi-fi has been slowly introduced to airlines all over the world, particularly over the last decade, often as an overpriced additional option for passengers who just can’t get through the flight without sending off a few e-mails. In recent years, however, as the cost of implementing in-flight wi-fi…

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U.S. operators set up new cruises and flights to Cuba as travel restrictions ease

With the gradual easing of sanctions and restrictions on Cuba from the USA (at least under Obama’s administration), U.S. Operators are, for the first time in some 55 years, able to provide their passengers service between mainland USA and Cuba. It all started back in August when JetBlue hosted the first scheduled commercial passenger flight,…

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