Review: Reuben Kaye proves that love and acceptance always triumph over fear and hate

July 6, 2023

Enmore Road was buzzing. Not just because it was a crisp Saturday night in mid-winter, but because Reuben Kaye was back and his presence at the glorious Enmore Theatre was highly anticipated by the public and police alike. Many words have been written about Kaye’s appearance on The Project in April, but it was the […]

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Two women hang from a chandelier.

Cabaret Review: L’Hôtel at the Sydney Opera House is a decadent indulgence that will leave you wanting more

October 16, 2022

Bringing together performers from Australia and abroad, L’Hôtel at the Sydney Opera House combines cabaret, circus and a touch of burlesque all within the walls of an opulent French hotel lobby. Directed by Craig Ilott and choreographed by Lucas Newland and Jo Cotterill, the audience is invited to take a seat in Le Salon and […]

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Broadway Babe

Adelaide Fringe Review: Bethany Eloise dreams of becoming a Broadway Baby

March 21, 2022

The opening song in Bethany Louise’s Broadway Baby cabaret show is both a tribute and lament that she is singing at Arthur’s Bar for the Adelaide Fringe. Not that Arthur’s Bar is a bad place, it’s more because her dreams of starring on Broadway were dashed by the dreaded COVID virus. In an autobiographic style, […]

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Adelaide Fringe Review: Discovering the difference between Soggy and Moist

February 27, 2022

What is the difference between Soggy and Moist? For this Scratch Arts team, it’s the level of camp, clothing, and age relevancy. Both shows use the same actors. They both have the same storyline. Both feature bubbles and fun props. But they are aimed at very different markets. Loosely the story is that our hero […]

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Adelaide Fringe Review: Arcadia takes us on an unknown journey

February 27, 2022

As the lights go down in the Octagon tent in Gluttony, three dancers emerge on stage in billowing sheets. It sets a sexy sultry mood. Arcadia is described as a “Journey to a desert utopia celebrating idealistic social values of the wild and free.” The mood suddenly changes as Stevie Wonder’s “Higher Ground” sounds out. […]

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Adelaide Fringe Review: Someday – A Mindful Cabaret lifts the spirits high

February 20, 2022

Jennifer Trijo, OzAsia and Fringe Festival performer, has created Someday – A Mindful Cabaret performance at artist collective space The Mill. Together with performers Amber Fibrosi and Jakub Gaudasinski, the trio perform soulful and uplifting songs as well as challenging ourselves to be the best that we can be. Early in the performance there is […]

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Adelaide Fringe Review: Hugh Sheridan’s HUGHMAN hits the right notes

March 15, 2021

The open-air MOA mini stadium at the rear of Gluttony was literally packed to the rafters. A dedicated crowd of followers of Hugh Sheridan were there to watch him strut his stuff in HUGHMAN. Bursting onstage, Sheridan soon spotted a Crows-guernsey-wearing man and pulled him on stage. Surprise. He’s one of the plethora of dancers […]

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Yas Queen

Adelaide Fringe Review: Yas Queen belts out the show tunes in Leather Lungs

March 11, 2021

My closing memory of Yas Queen is a rousing rendition of Queen’s “Somebody to Love” with the audience standing and cheering a stunning performance. The journey along the way was a roller coaster ride of emotion. The opening number was also strong, but a number of factors threatened to derail the show. There was the […]

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Adelaide Fringe Review: Reuben Kaye leads us down his Kaye Hole

March 8, 2021

Reuben Kaye is no stranger to Adelaide audiences. He is entertained and delighted us over several festivals and fringes. As emcee tonight, Kaye invites us down his late-night Kaye Hole with a group of fellow performers. The Kaye Hole is a safe place, except if you’re a straight heterosexual man who, for once, find themselves […]

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Adelaide Fringe Review: Rouge is a fun and sexy celebration

March 16, 2020

There was a good crowd in the Magic Mirror Spiegeltent for the final weekend performance of Rouge. Despite the increasing talk of COVID-19 in the press, audiences remained undaunted and expectant. The tent has a circular stage in the centre, with good views all round. The high fabric and glass covered walls gave the space […]

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Adelaide Fringe Review: Club Briefs closes out the Fringe with bang – Bonython Hall (17.03.19)

March 18, 2019

The Adelaide Fringe is over for another successful year and Club Briefs was the perfect way to celebrate the final evening. The Briefs Factory is an Australian creative collective who “manufacture, cultivate and present evocative, irreverent, physical performance”. Our MC for the night is Shivannah, who is sassy, loud and irreverent. Her costume changes between […]

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Adelaide Fringe Review: Redhead Cabaret: Carrot Tops (+ bottoms) – Gluttony

March 12, 2019

The Redhead Cabaret is a company of red-haired performers with a mission to share all the energy and pizzaz that this genetic disposition boasts. So reads the manifesto to this late night cabaret. As the sold out crowd fills the tent, a schoolteacher with a whip and a boy in a g-string stand on stage […]

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Adelaide Fringe Review: Aphrodite’s Voodoo – Royal Croquet Club

February 23, 2018

Aphrodite’s Voodoo showcases chanteuse Jennifer DeGrassi with her live band and some special guests. Set in the beautiful Royal Croquet Club on the northern banks of the River Torrens, the Plaza Parlour tent is an intimate Bedouin style space that is perfect for the dark and mysterious journey to come. The voice of Anais Nin […]

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Theatre Review: Cabaret opening night an audio disaster but slapstick splendour (performances until May 20th)

May 2, 2017

The show must go on, and that is exactly what happened after director Gale Edwards stopped the show right before Sally Bowles‘ iconic number, “Cabaret”. Of all night’s for there to be serious mic/audio issues of course it had to be opening night, right?! That’s the beauty of live theatre. In what was a marvellous show of team […]

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Laura Johnston unpacks Hitchcock’s leading ladies for the Sydney Fringe

September 22, 2016

Alfred Hitchcock’s films are renowned for their female protagonists, put in peril by a master of the suspense genre. But what did the actresses who played these women really think about the man behind the lens? Laura Johnston wants audiences to find out, as she takes them on a one-woman-led journey into the minds of […]

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Cabaret Review: I See Me & Meryl Streep – The Space Dance & Arts Centre, Melbourne (21.06.16)

June 23, 2016

If you could have any famous person play you in a film, who would you choose? For most it would be the Blake Lively type, or Megan Fox. Oh no. Not for young actress Alexandra Keddie.  The love affair – more like obsession – Keddie has with Ms Streep is so endearing. It actually says a lot about her […]

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Theatre Review: VELVET, Cremorne Theatre, QPAC (performances to 15th May)

May 3, 2016

After a successful run at the Brisbane Powerhouse during last year’s Brisbane Festival, raucous disco cabaret VELVET made a triumphant return to the River City, taking over the Cremorne Theatre at QPAC. Once a huge fan of the standard cabaret fare, the borderline offensive humour and the sexy-but-kinda-weird acts offered by shows like Club Swizzle, Absinthe, and La […]

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Join Joel Carnegie for a live recording of radio cabaret STARDUST: The Col Brain Story

April 28, 2016

For more than twenty years, a locked wooden dresser sat ignored in the home of broadcaster and musician Joel Carnegie. When it was finally opened, a treasure trove belonging to Joel’s grandfather, swing musician Col Brain, was revealed. Now, in a unique event as part of Geelong After Dark, Joel, along with the Geelong West Brass […]

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