Alfred Hitchcock

Sydney Film Festival Review: 78/52 (USA, 2017) is a delightful homage to cinema’s greatest scene

June 7, 2017

It’d be an arduous task to contemplate a more significant moment in the history of cinema than that of the shower scene in Alfred Hitchcock’s masterful slasher Psycho. As not only would its value of shock go on to define the representation of violence and sex for years onwards, it has definitively etched itself into […]

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Laura Johnston unpacks Hitchcock’s leading ladies for the Sydney Fringe

September 22, 2016

Alfred Hitchcock’s films are renowned for their female protagonists, put in peril by a master of the suspense genre. But what did the actresses who played these women really think about the man behind the lens? Laura Johnston wants audiences to find out, as she takes them on a one-woman-led journey into the minds of […]

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Hitchcock & Hermann – Melbourne Symphony Orchestra – Melbourne Arts Centre 06/02/16

February 9, 2016

Music and cinema go hand in hand, however do we truly appreciate the power of music in film, and the ability it has to heighten the viewers emotions? We hear foreboding music and we feel fear, a slow forlorn piece concocts sadness, and an upbeat melody ensures elation. Music and film are beautiful in their […]

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