Adelaide Fringe Review: Someday – A Mindful Cabaret lifts the spirits high

Jennifer Trijo, OzAsia and Fringe Festival performer, has created Someday – A Mindful Cabaret performance at artist collective space The Mill. Together with performers Amber Fibrosi and Jakub Gaudasinski, the trio perform soulful and uplifting songs as well as challenging ourselves to be the best that we can be.

Early in the performance there is a guided meditation session that starts with breath and becomes a visual awareness tool that is referenced later in the performance. During the show, Trijo speaks of current spiritual leaders such as Elisabeth Gilbert to share their messages of hope and conquering fear.

The music ranges from Latino funk, a touch of rap and a combination of Shakira meets Beethoven, with Amber taking the microphone for some of the songs.

The common theme was to be true to yourself and overcoming doubt. This message particularly resonated considering the last two years of the COVID pandemic. If ever there was a performance such as this needed, it is now. The show was an exercise in positive thinking and staying true to oneself. As in the story of Pinocchio, we must be kind in this world, to be repaid with equal kindness in times of need.

The Mill as a venue was an appropriate choice, as it has grown over the years to support visual and other artists in a collective way. The artwork in the foyer was inspired by the music and presented earthy motifs as positive feelings.

Someday – A Mindful Cabaret is a breath of positivity in a world of chaos and doubt.


The reviewer attended the performance on Friday 18th Feb

The Fringe season concludes on Sunday 20th Feb but more information on the show can be found here

Live image by Emma Luker