Athenaeum Theatre

Theatre Review: Elvis: A Musical Revolution is a (mostly) rockin’ good time

Leather jacket? Check. Guitar? Check. Blue suede shoes? Uh-huh. Get ready to relive the life and music of Elvis Presley, the global phenomenon who would go on to birth a musical revolution. Going from his upbringing in Tupelo, Mississippi all the way to his iconic 1968 NBC Comeback Special, Elvis: A Musical Revolution tells the…

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Theatre Review: Cabaret opening night an audio disaster but slapstick splendour (performances until May 20th)

The show must go on, and that is exactly what happened after director Gale Edwards stopped the show right before Sally Bowles‘ iconic number, “Cabaret”. Of all night’s for there to be serious mic/audio issues of course it had to be opening night, right?! That’s the beauty of live theatre. In what was a marvellous show of team…

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Opera Review: Melbourne Opera’s HMS Pinafore is a really special opera performance (14.03.17)

Gilbert & Sullivan’s H.M.S Pinafore sailed into Melbourne’s Athenaeum Theatre this week to the sound of resounding applause. It was Melbourne Opera’s first time tackling G&S, and I was extremely intrigued to see how this comedic opera would play out on stage. For me there’s something so special about the Athenaeum Theatre, it allows for…

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