Adelaide Fringe Review: Discovering the difference between Soggy and Moist

What is the difference between Soggy and Moist? For this Scratch Arts team, it’s the level of camp, clothing, and age relevancy. Both shows use the same actors. They both have the same storyline. Both feature bubbles and fun props. But they are aimed at very different markets.

Loosely the story is that our hero Tim (Timothy Ryan) has been travelling for a long time and needs a glass of water. He knows what his friends Peter (Peter Welters), Reece (Reece Cooper) and The Might Caesar are about and hopes that they have some water.

So where are the differences? For Soggy, the actors have Hawaiian shirts and shorts, Moist has them appearing in tight leotards and G-strings. Both shows have a camp pantomime appeal with all four actors having perfect stage presence. Caesar is either a giant or a surprisingly agile bear. Peter is either a tall floppy-armed puppet or a twink. Tim is either wearing his pearl necklace or not. The main difference is how much flesh is on show and how many double-entendres are thrown out.

There is a scene where Tim remembers what his lost friends like and what might bring them all together. It’s either a good thunderstorm or a good party, depending on the show. Audience participation in creating both is encouraged. Tim is a delight to watch as he draws every bit of energy from the audience. Tim does find water along the way but it’s not always good to drink.

Audience numbers were down, probably because the show is away from the hubbub of Gluttony / Garden. The Latvian Hall in Wayville is the unlikely location for these shows. There is plenty of parking in Clarke Street. Still, this troupe gives 100% and seem to enjoy themselves thoroughly.

For kids that enjoy bubbles, water pistols and shiny fun performers, Soggy is the show for them. Adults that enjoy bubbles, water pistols and raunchy half-naked men need to book for Moist. Hopefully you don’t pick the wrong show and hopefully the performers don’t mix up their lines. Venture beyond the garden and quench your thirst.


Both Shows in the Latvian Hall – Large Hall

Soggy: 26-27 Feb, 5-6, 12-14, 19-20 Mar at 2pm tickets here

Moist: 22-23, 25, 27 Feb, 1-2, 4-6, 8-9, 11-16, 18-20 Mar at 9pm – tickets here