Theatre Review: Assassins claims a victim (and wins hearts) on opening night (Sydney Opera House to 1st July)

It takes extraordinary strength of character (both in personality and portrayal) to deliver a flawless performance while one of your leads is being rushed to hospital with a serious injury, but that is what the cast of Assassins did on opening night at the Sydney Opera House this week. A sharply designed, brilliantly performed production,…

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Theatre Review: Sondheim’s Assassins is locked and loaded in good hands (Hayes Theatre, Sydney until 22nd October)

Sondheim, as always, has to make things difficult. If it’s not in his chords then it’s the subject matter of his musicals. However Assassins, one of the more rarely performed of the Sondheim repertoire, finds itself locked and loaded in good hands with Dean Bryant at this latest production at the Hayes. Superb casting all…

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Cabaret Review: I See Me & Meryl Streep – The Space Dance & Arts Centre, Melbourne (21.06.16)

If you could have any famous person play you in a film, who would you choose? For most it would be the Blake Lively type, or Megan Fox. Oh no. Not for young actress Alexandra Keddie.  The love affair – more like obsession – Keddie has with Ms Streep is so endearing. It actually says a lot about her…

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