Author: Naomi Gall

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Theatre Review: Mortals really do be fools at the Australian Shakespeare Company’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Centennial Park Sydney

Heralded as one of his most beloved plays, Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream is no stranger to adaptation. The delightful tale of love, fairy’s and mischief, despite its troublesome undertones around consent, continues to mesmerise audiences. Performed at Sydney’s Centennial Park, the Australian Shakespeare Company have created a beautiful and incredibly humorous depiction of the…

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I had a front row seat to the feminist event turned prank Love Unboxed, and yes, it was a shit-show

There have been a lot of articles written in the last two days about an event which occurred on Wednesday night. An event that was advertised as ‘a conversation exploring sex, love, relationships and marriage’ with three very prominent feminists and a surprise guest. An event which went awry when it was exposed to be…

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The 24th Biennale of Sydney Arrives: 3 artists not to miss

It’s been a big week for the arts in Sydney with the 24th Biennale of Sydney, titled Ten Thousand Suns, opening at various venues across the city. Until the 10 June art from around the world will make its home across 6 iconic venues; the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Artspace, Chau Chak Wing…

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A close up shot of women's faces in a crowded auditorium. They appear to be listening intently.

Review: All About Women at the Sydney Opera House continues to give a voice to women’s stories

With All About Women at the Sydney Opera House running for over ten years now, you’d think there would be nothing left to say. How I wish that was the case. Held each year to mark International Women’s Day (March 8), the festival brings together some of the change-makers, the activists and the courageous women…

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Theatre Review: Belvoir’s Tiny Beautiful Things reminds us of the power of human connection

To know Tiny Beautiful Things, at Sydney’s Belvoir, is to know the heart and mind of Cheryl Strayed, the woman upon whose New York Times bestselling book the play is based. For two years Strayed wrote an anonymous advice column for the website The Rumpus under the name ‘Sugar’. It is the letters received during…

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3 events you don’t want to miss at Sydney Opera House’s All About Women

All About Women Festival line-up is out and talking about equality never gets old. Returning to the Sydney Opera House on March 10 with an incredible line up of talks and workshops in honour of International Women’s Day (March 8th), All About Women showcases both established and up-and-coming voices in the equality space. With topics…

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Malevo at the Sydney Opera House showcases Argentinian culture and sets the stage on fire

Argentinian dance troupe Malevo bring their unique contemporary interpretation of the traditional folk dance Malambo to the Sydney Opera House. Meaning renegade or outlaw, Malevo combines facets of other dance styles like flamenco with Malambo, all set to the intoxicating rhythm of drums, guitar, violin and bandoneon (concertina). The Malambo is traditionally performed by Gauchos…

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Cabaret Review: GATSBY at The Green Light will enthral and delight

Most people would be familiar with F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1925 novel The Great Gatsby (or at least Baz Luhrmann’s 2013 film of the same name) and the story of mysterious and wealthy Jay Gatsby, his love for Daisy Buchanan and his unfortunate end. GATSBY at The Green Light, playing at the Sydney Opera House, transforms…

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Theatre Review: Complex or confused? Oil at the Sydney Theatre Company may leave you scratching your head

Set across five distinct time periods, Oil at the Sydney Theatre Company depicts different moments in the modern history of petroleum (crude oil) and its far-reaching impacts. Written by UK playwright Ella Hickson and directed by Paige Rattray, the play follows the journey of May (Brooke Satchwell), a strong-willed woman who longs for a better…

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Theatre Review: Sydney Theatre Company’s The Dictionary of Lost Words at the Sydney Opera House proves that the pen is mightier than the sword

Adapted by Verity Laughton from the novel by Pip Williams, The Dictionary of Lost Words centres around the Scriptorium, where the very first edition of the Oxford English Dictionary is being compiled. It is 1886, and researcher Harry Nicoll (Brett Archer) is working while his four-year-old daughter Esme (Tilda Cobham-Hervey) plays under the table. The…

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A man and a woman in period costume embrace on a lounge. His arm is around her waist as she tries to pull away.

Theatre Review: Legend Nancye Hayes AM steals the show in A Little Night Music at Hayes Theatre Co. in Sydney

With music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, the Tony Award winner, A Little Night Music at Hayes Theatre Co. encompasses love, desire and regret. Indeed, regret is the most poignant emotion of the production, touching everyone in different ways. Directed by Dean Bryant, we follow the story of two couples, each with their own secrets and…

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Theatre Review: The Importance of Being Earnest is a feast for the eyes and a delight for the ears

The first thing you will notice about The Importance of Being Earnest at the Sydney Theatre Company is the stage. Impressive seems an inadequate description for such an elaborate set design. Created by Charles Davis, the audience is transported to another world, a world of excess, decadence and extremely high ceilings. With incredible attention to…

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A man and a woman sit on the end of a pier. They are looking into each others eyes as they lean in for a kiss.

Theatre Review: Sydney Theatre Company’s stunning adaptation of On the Beach hits close to home

If the end of the world was upon you, how would you respond? Hopeful optimism? Or perhaps defiant acceptance? It’s a question that has found its way into social consciousness a lot over the last few years, and it forms an integral part of Sydney Theatre Company’s On the Beach. Directed by Kip Williams and…

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Poison of Polygamy

Review: Sydney Theatre Company’s The Poison of Polygamy is a journey you’ll want to go on

The Poison of Polygamy at the Sydney Theatre Company will take you on a journey. From China’s Qing dynasty to Victoria’s nineteenth-century goldfields, and the colourful landscape of Melbourne’s Chinatown, the play seamlessly shifts focus. Based on the novel by Wong Shee Ping and adapted for the stage by Anchuli Felicia King, The Poison of…

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Six singers perform on a stage with a band behind them.

Review: ARETHA: A Love Letter to the Queen of Soul is a fitting tribute to an unforgettable icon

Known around the world as the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin is one of the most iconic singers of all time. During her impressive career, she won 18 Grammy awards and sold over 75 million records. Her incredible life and the songs defining her career form the heart of the stage production, ARETHA: A Love…

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A stage is set up like a backyard with a large slide projected on a screen. The slide shows an old man with a young child. On the stage comedians act out a skit.

Review: Slide Night! with Rove McManus at the Sydney Opera House will have you reaching for your projector

Cultivating an atmosphere of neighbourly fun, Slide Night! at the Sydney Opera House brings together some of Sydney’s most prolific comedic talent for a night of laughs and nostalgia. Hosted by Rove McManus, the audience is invited to an old-school backyard BBQ complete with music (from the skilful Benny Davis), games and a slide show….

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Scenes From A Climate Era

Theatre Review: Scenes from the Climate Era at Belvoir is a lesson we should have learnt a long time ago

Climate change, global warming, greenhouse effect, carbon emissions – there are many words to describe it and even more emotions associated with its impacts. Scenes from the Climate Era at Belvoir explores our complicated and tumultuous relationship with climate change. Presenting over fifty stories which delve into climate science, activism, and denial, it doesn’t pull…

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Sydney Writers’ Festival: A sneak peek at Clementine Ford’s I Don’t: The Case Against Marriage left us questioning the need for marriage – it’s about time!

Why do people get married? Why would a person willing choose to legally and financially bind themselves to another person, particularly in 2023? For love? Security? A great big party? It’s this myth of marital happiness that author Clementine Ford will explore in I Don’t: The Case Against Marriage, due for release on the 31…

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Review: The Other Art Fair brings colour and creativity to Barangaroo in Sydney

Forget everything you think you know about art. The Other Art Fair is a global gathering which brings together some of the most creative thinkers emerging from the Sydney art scene. Priding itself on reframing the way in which people consider art, The Other Art Fair actively attempts to remove the elitist stigma so prevalent…

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A man and a woman sit on opposite side of a lift, actively ignoring each other.

Theatre Review: Expiration Date tackles abortion rights and we need to be talking about this

Trigger warning: this review/play covers the topic of abortion, if that’s triggering for you please give it a miss. For many, the idea of being trapped in an elevator is the stuff of nightmares. Throw in an ex-partner and it suddenly becomes the last place you want to be in the world. Unfortunately for the…

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Colourful cocktails arranged on a bar.

Underground Spirits Australia set to launch their new Coronation Gin

Underground Spirits Australia announced the launch of their limited-edition Coronation Gin during a cocktail event in honour of World Caramel Day. With notes of sweet orange, maple syrup and coconut, among others, this intricately crafted gin adopts flavours from across the Commonwealth countries. The Coronation Gin will be officially unveiled at the 2023 Sydney Royal Easter…

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Sydney Writers’ Festival 2023 looks to the future & tackles the hard questions

The Sydney Writers’ Festival is one of the top five literary festivals in the world. In its 26th year, the Festival aims to appeal to many different audiences, with topics ranging from AI and climate change to politics and food. We cannot escape the sense that our country, if not the world, is in a…

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Close up view of a woman applying makeup into the lens of a camera. Her face is illuminated by a spotlight.

Theatre Review: COLLAPSIBLE is for anyone who has ever felt like a stranger in their own skin

Described as a “coming-of-age comedy-drama”, COLLAPSIBLE, at the Old Fitz Theatre in Sydney’s Woolloomooloo, explores identity and that all too familiar feeling of being completely lost. Written by Margaret Perry and directed By Zoë Hollyoak and Morgan Moroney, this one woman play centres on Essie (Janet Anderson). She’s lost her job, her girlfriend and, as…

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Close up of three women holding All About Women tote bags. The bags are black with bright graphics.

Review: All About Women at the Sydney Opera House will make you believe that change is possible so don’t stop fighting

All About Women at the Sydney Opera House has been running for 11 years. In recognition of International Women’s Day (March 8), it showcases some of the most inspiring voices in this ongoing fight for equality and opens up dialogue in the hope for change. 11 years. Some things have changed for women over that…

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Backstreet Boys

Live Review: Backstreet’s Back in Sydney and it’s more than alright (04.03.23)

The Backstreet Boys have been waiting three years to finish off their DNA World Tour. And, for those fans who have been holding on to their tickets it was more than worth the wait. Cementing themselves as the best-selling boy band of all time, Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, AJ McLean, Brian Littrell and Kevin Richardson…

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A woman sits alone on a darkened stage under a spotlight. She is wearing a stripped t-shirt and black overalls.

Theatre Review: Liz Kingsman’s One Woman Show – you’ll never look at a philodendron the same way again

When sitting down to review Liz Kingsman’s critically acclaimed One Woman Show at the Sydney Opera House, the real challenge is trying not to reveal too much while simultaneously describing one of the funniest comedic performances you’ll see this year. Written and performed by Kingsman and directed by Adam Brace, One Woman Show uses self-deprecating,…

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Wide shot of a dark room with spotlights shinning on a man suspended in mid-air by a rope.

Cabaret Review: Velvet Rewired at the Sydney Opera House is Studio 54 on steroids

With a disco soundtrack that had more than one person dancing in the aisles, Velvet Rewired at the Sydney Opera House is an explosion of glitter, glam and classic 70s hits. Lead by the iconic Marcia Hines, the night is filled with aerial feats, acrobatics and vocal talents. The show adopts a vaudeville – style…

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Two women have a heated exchange around a kitchen table.

ArtsLab: Here we are again! at 107 Projects showcases the next generation of talent

ArtsLab is Shopfront Arts Co-op’s emerging artist residency program which offers free space, masterclasses, networking opportunities and professional mentorships over a six-month period. At the end of the residency the participants present their work to the public. More than just about creating work, ArtsLab teaches young artists how to create a sustainable career in the…

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A blind folded woman is kneeling down, her hands held up in prayer.

Theatre Review: The Jungle and the Sea at Belvoir is truly extraordinary theatre

Written and directed by S. Shakthidharan and Eamon Flack, The Jungle and the Sea at Belvoir follows a family as they fight to survive during the Sri Lankan Civil War. Spanning fifteen years, we witness the family, Mother Gowrie (Anandavalli), Father Siva (Prakash Belawadi) and their four children, Lakshmi (Emma Harvie), Madhu (Nadie Kammallaweera), Abi…

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Two women hang from a chandelier.

Cabaret Review: L’Hôtel at the Sydney Opera House is a decadent indulgence that will leave you wanting more

Bringing together performers from Australia and abroad, L’Hôtel at the Sydney Opera House combines cabaret, circus and a touch of burlesque all within the walls of an opulent French hotel lobby. Directed by Craig Ilott and choreographed by Lucas Newland and Jo Cotterill, the audience is invited to take a seat in Le Salon and…

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