Amazon eero Wi-Fi Mesh Router review: Excellent coverage, lacks features

June 30, 2020

Thanks to the deluge of connected home devices on the market, it’s highly probable that most households are going to need to reconsider how they handle their Wi-Fi. That’s particularly true for larger households which may have patches where the signal is a bit weaker than those closer to the single – likely ISP-supplied – […]

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Amazon’s Ring plans to upgrade its Video Doorbell, without upping the price

May 13, 2020

It’s getting more and more cost effective to join the traditionally expensive ecosystem of smart home security tech. Amazon’s Ring is giving a big nod to that fact with the announcement of its next-generation Video Doorbell, featuring significant improvements on the original model while maintaining its very attractive price of AU$149 The Amazon-owned company will […]

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TV Review: Amazon Prime Video’s Upload is a thought-provoking comedy on the realities of the afterlife

May 1, 2020

As easy as it is to compare Upload to a program such as The Good Place – given that both series’ deal with the afterlife – Greg Daniels‘ romantic-comedy-cum-mystery is more a commentary on capitalism, a topic it tackles as successfully as it does ineffectually. Set in the not-too distant future (2033, to be exact), […]

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Amazon Echo (3rd Gen) Review: Who needs a “Plus” anyway?

December 22, 2019

Amazon haven’t really reinvented anything with their latest line-up, which began rolling out in Australia just a few months ago. They added a brilliant LED display to their budget-friendly Echo Dot, introduced raw power with the Echo Studio, and have simply just refined and polished the standard Echo to prepare it for a stronger Alexa […]

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Amazon Echo Dot with Clock Review: Small change, big difference

December 21, 2019

Amazon claim that the Echo Dot is the best-selling speaker of all time. I haven’t looked into that, but I haven’t doubted it either. It’s ridiculously affordable, offers incredible value and looks fantastic sidling up to everyday furniture, whether that be on a bedside table or in the kitchen. Since 2015, the device has been […]

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Amazon prepares a new lineup of Echo devices

September 30, 2019

Following the very welcome, exciting and just all-round amazing news that Samuel L Jackson will become the first celebrity voice rolled out for Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa, the ginormous company has announced a trio of new Echo devices for later this year. The announcement comes with a range of new Alexa features which will be […]

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Tech Review: Kindle Oasis (2018): I think I might’ve read this one before

May 10, 2018

To say that Amazon’s Kindle Oasis is one of the nicest e-readers I’ve ever used would be to undersell it. Amazon are so good at building these devices by now that there’s almost no room in the market for anyone else. But, for good or ill, it’s also quite clear that Amazon have taken their […]

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Tech Review: Amazon Echo Plus: Practical magic

April 4, 2018

If Amazon has an ace up their sleeve in the race to produce smart speakers for the home, its that they currently boast a larger model line-up than any of their competitors. While having plenty of options is great, this may only complicate things for consumers that aren’t especially savvy when it comes to the […]

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TV Review: Amazon’s Comrade Detective is a tough-sell of a show that manages to overcome its bizarre concept

August 4, 2017

In the 1980’s, Romanians would gather in record numbers in front of their TV sets to watch Comrade Detective.  Fronted by Florin Piersic, Jr as hard-nosed police detective Gregor Anghel, the series promised to be an action-heavy event that would both entertain its citizens whilst promoting communist ideals.  Sadly, after the collapse of the Berlin […]

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Tech Review: Kindle Oasis (Amazon, 2016)

July 6, 2016

The Kindle Oasis e-reader is beautiful, slim, light as a feather and feature-rich, but it also commands a price point that will sound like a joke to many. Price aside, if you’re looking to buy a Kindle and then never need another one ever again, this is the one to buy.

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Amazon’s new Kindle Oasis is probably more expensive than you were ready for

April 14, 2016

Global retailer Amazon has unveiled the newest model of their Kindle e-Reader line. Called Kindle Oasis, the new e-reader is packed with features and an updated Paperwhite display, but it also comes with a hefty price tag.

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TV Review: Ripper Street Season 3 (UK, 2015)

April 5, 2016

At the end of Season 2 Ripper Street was cancelled by the BBC only to be resurrected by streaming service Amazon Prime who agreed to a third season after an online campaign by the show’s loyal and dismayed fans. In Season 3 of Ripper Street we return to Whitechapel and H Division and the grimy […]

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Interview: Ripper Street star Matthew MacFadyen talks about what to expect in Season 4

March 25, 2016

When the BBC first commissioned the series Ripper Street it began as a crime drama procedural set in 1889 in Whitechapel, the infamous burrough that Jack The Ripper haunted. Investigating a range of crimes are Detective Inspector Edmund Reid (Matthew MacFadyen), Detective Sergeant Bennet Drake (Jerome Flynn) and Captain Homer Jackson (Adam Rothenberg). After two […]

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