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Philips Hue Outdoor Collection Review: Recreating the travel mentality

June 12, 2020

People have been looking towards their own backyard when it comes to travel this year. That isn’t just a metaphor for the increase in demand for domestic travel, but a literal look at how we can turn sections of our own house into slices of escapism. Even the very act of moving the ol’ BBQ […]

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Arlo Video Doorbell Review

Arlo Video Doorbell Review: Great value and even better video

May 8, 2020

Testing out Arlo’s impressive third-generation cameras has gotten me a bit obsessed with tech-ing the home with smart security hardware. Though I live on a relatively uneventful street in a quiet Western Sydney suburb, break-ins have been commonplace lately, which in the past few months has made me appreciate this necessary smart home technology even […]

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Arlo Pro 3 Review: Big step forward for smart security tech

December 12, 2019

Assuming you have enough disposable income left over after building up the modern DIY smart home, security should be the next consideration. We’ve already seen what Arlo are capable of when they play around in their ultra premium security space. Now that they’ve steadily built up a rich ecosystem of devices, it’s time they finesse […]

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Dyson Pure Cool Me Review: A cleaner, cooler take on self-care

December 9, 2019

Last year Dyson completely outdid themselves with the three-in-one Dyson Pure Hot + Cool, offering an incredibly efficient device that could cool, heat and purify a room with ease. The device’s imposing size meant that this could handle all three functions for an entire room, whereas Dyson’s latest play, in the bladeless fan space they […]

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Arlo Ultra Review: Is the DIY smart home complete without a security set up?

November 27, 2019

Curating a DIY smart home is now easier, more accessible, and actually financially viable for the average consumer. As such, we’re beginning to see a lot of advanced smart security systems on the market. Google have their Nest range, for example, and then there’s Arlo, which has arguably become the more dominant surveillance solution. I […]

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