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D-Link announces the release of the G415 AX1500 4G Smart Router

May 18, 2022

In an ever evolving world, where most have been or are now working from home, or in multiple work spaces, it’s important to stay connected. D-Link has launched their newest mobile router, the G415, an AX1500 4G Smart Router that allows you to take advantage of your mobile carrier’s SIM card to share both your […]

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Win a Evovacs Deebot Ozmo T8+ Robotic Vacuum Cleaner worth $1,299

August 25, 2021

The modern smart home has plenty of essentials. A smart security system, maybe a few voice assistant enabled speakers, some smart lighting for the backyard, and app-connected kitchenware. Although perhaps none has become more of a must-have than a good, high-end robot vacuum cleaner. The technology behind these nifty little things has come a long […]

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Arlo Pro 4 details announced: Australian availability and pricing

March 26, 2021

Taking a break from their flow of Essential series products, Arlo has announced the latest edition to their popular high-end Pro series. The Arlo Pro 4 is now being prepped for an Australia launch, designed specifically to focus more on an easier DIY setup, with features including 2K HDR video quality and a handy 160-degree […]

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Nanoleaf brings new Essentials Range of home lighting to Australia

March 8, 2021

Nanoleaf is bringing its Essentials Range of RGB smart lights to Australian retailers. The Essentials Range includes the 2m long Lightstrip and the A19 light bulb. Just the essentials The 2m Lightstrip sports four white LEDs per LED set, and a total of 21 LED sets per metre. That translates to 7 sets per 33cm […]

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Arlo Essential XL Spotlight Camera Review: A delicate balancing act

December 7, 2020

I’m loving that Arlo seem to be putting a lot into their new Essential series, which slims the price tag for these typically expensive smart security cameras, without sacrificing performance. As more smart home owners begin to look towards jumping into a security ecosystem, it’s a valuable place for Arlo to be. Their latest addition […]

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Dyson V11 Outsize Review: Do you believe in magic?

December 7, 2020

Looking for a new vacuum to me isn’t much a matter of power as it is motivation. When Dyson, who have already proven themselves incredibly reliable when it comes to home tech, slap an eye-watching price tag on a product, they at least pack it with enough punch to justify to hefty investment. Specs is […]

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Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus Review: Necessary tweaks, meaningful improvements

August 18, 2020

With Ring, Amazon have one of the more flexible and feature-rich ecosystems in smart home security tech. The variety of stick-up and floodlight cams makes Ring the most viable choice for those already in the Alexa ecosystem, and the decision to remain there is only stronger with now the brand has moved up to the […]

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Samsung brings its award-winning A30 Smart Lock to Australia

July 27, 2020

Unless you somehow magically lose your fingerprint, you’ll never have to worry about misplacing the front door keys again. That is, if you pick up Samsung’s newly launched A30 Smart Lock, which is the latest in the ever-growing smart home security sector. Already racking up a nod at the International Design Excellence Awards, the A30 […]

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Philips Hue Outdoor Collection Review: Recreating the travel mentality

June 12, 2020

People have been looking towards their own backyard when it comes to travel this year. That isn’t just a metaphor for the increase in demand for domestic travel, but a literal look at how we can turn sections of our own house into slices of escapism. Even the very act of moving the ol’ BBQ […]

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Arlo Video Doorbell Review

Arlo Video Doorbell Review: Great value and even better video

May 8, 2020

Testing out Arlo’s impressive third-generation cameras has gotten me a bit obsessed with tech-ing the home with smart security hardware. Though I live on a relatively uneventful street in a quiet Western Sydney suburb, break-ins have been commonplace lately, which in the past few months has made me appreciate this necessary smart home technology even […]

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Arlo Pro 3 Review: Big step forward for smart security tech

December 12, 2019

Assuming you have enough disposable income left over after building up the modern DIY smart home, security should be the next consideration. We’ve already seen what Arlo are capable of when they play around in their ultra premium security space. Now that they’ve steadily built up a rich ecosystem of devices, it’s time they finesse […]

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Dyson Pure Cool Me Review: A cleaner, cooler take on self-care

December 9, 2019

Last year Dyson completely outdid themselves with the three-in-one Dyson Pure Hot + Cool, offering an incredibly efficient device that could cool, heat and purify a room with ease. The device’s imposing size meant that this could handle all three functions for an entire room, whereas Dyson’s latest play, in the bladeless fan space they […]

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Arlo Ultra Review: Is the DIY smart home complete without a security set up?

November 27, 2019

Curating a DIY smart home is now easier, more accessible, and actually financially viable for the average consumer. As such, we’re beginning to see a lot of advanced smart security systems on the market. Google have their Nest range, for example, and then there’s Arlo, which has arguably become the more dominant surveillance solution. I […]

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