Amazon Echo (3rd Gen) Review: Who needs a “Plus” anyway?

Amazon haven’t really reinvented anything with their latest line-up, which began rolling out in Australia just a few months ago. They added a brilliant LED display to their budget-friendly Echo Dot, introduced raw power with the Echo Studio, and have simply just refined and polished the standard Echo to prepare it for a stronger Alexa…

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Amazon prepares a new lineup of Echo devices

Following the very welcome, exciting and just all-round amazing news that Samuel L Jackson will become the first celebrity voice rolled out for Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa, the ginormous company has announced a trio of new Echo devices for later this year. The announcement comes with a range of new Alexa features which will be…

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Book Review: Alison Evans’ Highway Bodies brings the zombie apocalypse to Victoria

No one is really sure how it started. Random attacks. Censored news reports. Curfews and evacuations. The internet stopping. And then there’s Rhea and Jojo’s mother going missing. Band members Dee, Poppy, Zufan, and Jack’s creative retreat cut short by power outages. And an unnamed teen facing down her own family, who are literally about…

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