Amazon’s Ring plans to upgrade its Video Doorbell, without upping the price

It’s getting more and more cost effective to join the traditionally expensive ecosystem of smart home security tech. Amazon’s Ring is giving a big nod to that fact with the announcement of its next-generation Video Doorbell, featuring significant improvements on the original model while maintaining its very attractive price of AU$149

The Amazon-owned company will be releasing this in Australia at the beginning of June, focusing on features like 1080p HD video, a step up from its predecessor’s 720p, improved night vision, and updated motion zones.

There has been a few upgraded versions of the now six-year-old Ring Video Doorbell over the past years, which includes the recently released Video Doorbell 3 and its “Plus” variant, but never has the original been given meaningful updates while still keeping it as a budget option.

“We think customers should expect more from their Video Doorbell – better hardware, improved motion detection, and easy installation – but shouldn’t have to pay a premium for it,” said Chief Inventor and Founder of Ring Jamie Siminoff, referencing the nice spec-bump which also comes with better image clarity.

Users will be able to use the accompanying smartphone app to choose the zones they want to hear from, while also setting up “Privacy Zones”, allowing control over what you is detected and what is ignored (like a swaying bush or wind chime).

The announcements follows the news that Ring has beefed up the security of its products in response to criticism

The new Ring Video Doorbell is now available for pre-order on for AU$149. It will be available from 3rd June 2020.

Chris Singh

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