Film Review: P!NK: All I Know So Far highlights the singer’s genuine spirit and talent

  • Peter Gray
  • May 21, 2021
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As much as Alecia Moore, best known professionally as P!nk, claims to be juggling the responsibilities of being a mother, a manager, and a performer with a worried anxiousness, this behind-the-scenes documentary has a certain self-promotional sheen about it that seems to prove the opposite.

That’s not a criticism of the singer/songwriter’s struggles, or meant to disregard her feelings of disappointment in any manner, but Michael Gracey‘s slick look behind the curtain of her 2019 European tour in support of her album “Beautiful Trauma” certainly makes her out to be a woman able to have her cake and eat it too.

A film that delights in showcasing her abilities as a performer – both as a musician and athlete – as much as it does her human side, All I Know So Far benefits from P!nk’s self-deprecating humour and her obvious care and understanding of those around her.  Whilst the showy moments of her onstage belting out such signature tunes as “What About Us” and “So What” are an electrifying sight – the latter performed in a trapeze-inspired setting that truly puts her dedication to her craft on unfiltered display – it’s the quieter, more intimate moments shared with her family that give the film its stimulation.

Husband Carey Hart, a former motocross competitor, and their two children, daughter Willow Sage and son Jameson Moon, are in tow for much of the tour’s duration, and Gracey manages to capture a heft of tender moments between them collectively.  Though Willow’s 8-year-old reservedness and Jameson’s 2-year-old rambunctiousness are on obvious display, P!nk’s noting of their dynamic drives home the distinct relationships she shares with them as both individuals and as a duo.

As a mother and wife, All I Know So Far paints P!nk in a gorgeous light, with Gracey opting to showcase nothing other than romance and function between the singer and Hart, a drastic contrast from the years past where she would openly discuss their volatile rows, ones that ultimately led to a temporary separation.  As entertaining as her previous recounts of their ups-and-downs are, it’s a testament to their growth as a couple that they co-exist alongside each other in a sense of harmony.  And it certainly doesn’t feel like Gracey, or P!nk for that matter, exorcised that material, as the singer is quite open about the sadder times in her life – abandonment, her parents divorce, her subsequent spiral into addiction – indicating that there was no footage captured of any discourse throughout the documenting process.

Though it may all be a little too clean and cookie cutter at times, All I Know So Far shouldn’t be disregarded as it highlights the genuine spirit of P!nk.  As a show-woman on stage wanting nothing but perfection for her adoring audience; as a producer loyal to her 225 strong staff; and as a human constantly striving towards being the best she can be, learning from the mistakes so it isn’t a continued cycle. And sure, she also has a song titled “All I Know So Far” doing the chart rounds at the moment, but if there’s one thing this film showcases it’s that she’s still a brand, and for that you can’t help but respect the hustle.


P!NK: All I Know So Far will be available to stream on Amazon Prime Video in Australia from May 21st, 2021.

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