Guest Playlist: Cadence shares 10 songs or artists that inspired his single “Be What I Need”


Producer Cadence may hail from Melbourne, but has a very international sound, and he has recently released the classy “Be What I Need” featuring the sublime vocals of Brooke Williams.

Cadence gives us some insight into the track: ”Brooke & I wrote ‘Be What I Need’ about that first night out after a breakup, when you’re just looking for someone to form a new connection with. The euphoric and uplifting chorus represents the moment of release, where you finally feel free again and begin to forget the heartache”

He spends his time between Melbourne and LA, and “Be What I Need” is an amalgam of the very best these two scenes can offer. The pop hooks and club beats are sweetly balanced. They tracked the vocals with Grammy nominated engineer Scott Robinson (Demi Lovato, Christina Aguilera) in LA. It was mastered by Ben Feggans (Cut Copy, Sampa the Great, RÜFÜS DU SOL). This should be a track to get many spins on the dance floor. 

Cadence recently performed at the Hello Sunshine Festival in Melbourne with the likes of Amy Shark, 360 and others. 2023 could just be the year for Cadence to slay.

The track follows on from his debut release Mirror To My Mind. Fans of Disclosure, Hayden James and Rufus du Sol are going to find plenty to love here.


To celebrate the release of “Be What I Need”, Cadence has compiled for the AU a playlist of songs or artists that have inspired the tune. It features some classic collaborations, including the wonderful London Grammar on Disclosure‘s epic “Help Me Lose My Mind”


“Good Life” – Hayden James

Something about this hook just gives off immaculate summer vibes. Meeting Hayden shortly after this song came out makes it one of my favourites.

“Tomorrows” – Crooked Colours

The organic drums, atmospheres & synths paired with such a dancey flow are a big inspiration.

“Cure My Desire” – Hannah Wants

A staple of my time in LA – I listened to this song on repeat.

“Raining in LA” – Franc Moody

Another staple – this record made me want to write a disco song. Impossible to feel uninspired when listening to this.

“Bleu (better with time)” – Fred again..  

An insane amount of emotion in this song, I listened to it on repeat during my runs through Venice.

“Vibe Like This” – SG Lewis

The biggest vibe ever. So groovy, so happy, so fun.

“Help Me Lose My Mind” – Disclosure

The second biggest vibe ever. Cruising down PCH after a surf & listening to this made me want to write something which captures that feeling.

“Sun Phase” – Pretty Girl

Introduced to me by a good friend in LA, this song sets the tone for summer really well!

“Howl” – Elderbrook

Chords & flow of this record really inspired the backbone of Be What I Need!

“Thought You Should Know” – Morgan Wallen

Not a direct influence, but I was listening to this a lot last year & the lyrics still stick with me as a core memory of my time in the US

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