Guest Playlist: Allegra Neve shares the songs that inspired her debut single ‘Rewind’

Meanjin/Brisbane and Eora/Sydney based artist Allegra Neve has released her debut single “Rewind”. 

Allegra’s immense talent has already established her as an artist to watch, earning awards such as the Josh Pyke Partnership in 2021 and the Women in Music mentorship in 2022. Her eagerly anticipated debut single definitely did not disappoint. 

Drawing from a diverse blend of genres and artists such as Lana Del Rey, Cage The Elephant, and Radiohead, “Rewind” is truly a unique blend of these artists; emotional, gritty, and understated. Dark and decadent, Allegra delves deep into her psyche, expressing  introspection beyond her years, reflecting on crippling social anxieties and the feeling of spiralling out in public situations.

In collaboration with producer Tom Eggert, the “Rewind” embodies both raw and ethereal qualities. The seamless blend of eerie whispers and chugging guitars creates a sensation that you are floating right through the song. Unironically, “Rewind” beckons you to hit the rewind button and immerse yourself once again in its soaring soundscape.

To celebrate the release of “Rewind”,  Allegra has put together a playlist of tunes that have inspired and influenced her.

1. “Rapt” – Karen O

I love this song. I love the lo-fi vibe it has and the way Karen sings these lyrics so effortlessly but at the same time it is so emotional. Everytime she mentions love in this song I get goosebumps especially in the way she executed the line “Love is soft, Loves a f**king bitch”.

2. “New York, Paris and London” – HighSchool

This song has such awesome New Wave energy. I love how slacker the vocals are and how cohesive everything is. “I’m waiting on my SOS” the way this line specifically is sung always makes me feel really attached to the song, and I can’t help but want to scream out the lyrics.

3. “Tonight, Tonight” – The Smashing Pumpkins

Just beautiful! I am in love with the melodies. “Believe, Believe / That life can change, That you’re not stuck in vain” – this bit of the song always makes me really emotional, I tend to shed a tear or two, the melody and lyrics are just stunning and the way it all blends into the rock genre is other worldly.

4. “Feel Good” – slowthai
This song is my ‘Feel Good’ song! The beat is contagious and you have to bop. The vocals are so punchy and groovy, I just want to get up and dance (which I do literally every time I hear this song).

5. “Add it up” – Violent Femmes
This is a classic that I have loved since, well, forever. The way it starts so calm, but you know something is coming is genius. My favourite thing about the song is just the build, it makes you feel like you’re gonna explode the longer the song goes on and I love it!

6. “Soma” – The Strokes
Oh my gosh, where do I even start! This song is my indie rock dream. I am in love with The Strokes and it was hard to even choose one of their songs but I feel like this song is just so special. This song has so much feeling and emotion to me. The best part is the end of the song at roughly 2:11, when Julians vocals just have so much emotion and grit, it feels painful and jagged and I love that I can feel all of that just from a few seconds of this amazing vocal.

7. “Without You” – Lana Del Rey
If you ever see me listening to this song, I am in my feels. It’s just mesmerising. Whenever I hear this song I just want to lay on the floor and belt out the words as loud as I can. I just think it has the most amazing melodies, and it evokes so many feelings.

8. “Halo”- Cage The Elephant
Oh boy, I don’t even know where to start! This song just makes me want to scream, but in a good way. “I remember how you took my favourite knife / And slipped it under my skin (ahh)” I am speechless every time I hear this line, it slaps me in the face every time I hear it. “I swear, I said it before, and I’ll say it again (ahhh)” the way this line is screamed and then goes back to the beautiful “ahh ” is so sporadic and I love that.

9. “Codex” – Radiohead
My heart belongs to this song. It is so entrancing. I have never heard another song like it, all of the different elements work so well together and melodic cohesion is impeccable. The vocals are so raw, they capture you in an instant. Every time I hear this song, I want to shut my eyes and float to another land.

10. “O My Heart” – Mother Mother
THE BASS! OMG THE BASS! Bass is one of my all time favourite instruments and this song does it justice! This whole song is full of so much life, I am always insanely gobsmacked any time I hear it. At 2:25 the song always gives me goosebumps, everything cuts out to just bass, drums and vocals and it haunts me, the crescendo after that is just music at its finest.


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Header image credit: Allegra’s mum!