Guest Playlist: There’s A Tuesday share the songs that inspired their new single “Familiar”

  • Eve Shvartsman
  • May 31, 2023
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There's A Tuesday

Dream-pop group There’s A Tuesday is one the most exciting bands to emerge from New Zealand. The band, led by the talented front-women Minnie and Nat, are known for their ethereal and atmospheric sound that transports listeners to a dreamy realm.

Despite being relatively new on the scene, There’s A Tuesday has already made waves with their releases. Their latest single, “Familiar,” showcases their growth and evolution as artists. It captures the essence of love and human connections, enveloping listeners in a warm embrace of nostalgia and familiarity. The band’s ability to create such emotive and immersive music has contributed to their rising popularity and solidified their status as a hidden gem in New Zealand’s music landscape.

About the track, There’s A Tuesday writes: ‘’Familiar’ is about love and being human.’ With a shimmering and bright sound, the song exudes a sense of warmth and nostalgia from start to finish. It revolves around the intriguing notion of meeting someone for the first time but feeling an inexplicable familiarity, as if you’ve known them your entire life. The lyrics beautifully express this sentiment with the line, “you feel familiar, I’m getting to know you again.” They explore new expansive sonic elements within the single hoping it “will make you dance” while simultaneously giving rise to the emotion of the lyrics.

In an ode to familiarity, There’s A Tuesday has put together a playlist that inspired them when creating their new single.

1.”You Seemed So Happy” – The Japanese House 

This is a song we gave to the producer of ‘Familiar’, Harry Charles, as a reference track. The bright bounciness of this song has always been so loveable to us. 

2. “Silk Chiffon” – MUNA

This was also a reference track that we had in mind for ‘Familiar’, the chorus is such a major earworm. 

3. “Nothing Compares 2 U” – Prince

‘Familiar’ is a bit of love song and plays on the notion of meeting someone for the first time but feeling as if you’ve known them your whole lifelong and feeling a sort of immediate love for them. We we’re thinking about epic love songs and this one really rung true, the original Prince version is beautiful as is the Sinead O’Connor version.

4. “Crush” – Ethel Cain 

We were up in Tāmaki Makaurau recording ‘Familiar’ with Harry and Gus, and everyday the drummer of TAT would drive us to the studio. On the first drive he showed us this song and we all began to love it and ended up listening to it a lot over that time. 

5. “Apple Pie Bed” – Lawrence Arabia

This song has always been an absolute favourite of ours, we play it almost every time before we go on stage to get us pumped to play. When writing ‘Familiar’ we wanted to create a happy song and spoke about happy songs a bit. ‘Apple Pie Bed’ came up first in conversation. We’re not sure if ‘Apple Pie Bed’ even is an overtly happy song but it’s always made us feel happy as a band.

6. “So Long Underground” – Hannah Everingham

Hannah is an incredible musician and good friend of ours from Ōtautahi, during the time of recording she’d sent Minnie a little google drive link of some of her unreleased stuff and this song was in there. We absolutely loved it and listened to it frequently during the process of writing and crafting ‘Familiar’.

 7. “Mad At Me” – Samia and papa mbye

This beautiful song is so full of energy. Sonically we were branching out a little with ‘Familiar’ and this was another reference track we thought of as an idea of where we wanted ‘Familiar’ to land.

 8. “Love, Try Not To Let Go” – Julia Jacklin

During the time ‘Familiar’ was being written we joined Julia Jacklin on her Aotearoa tour. We are hugely inspired by her music, and absolutely love her new record PRE PLEASURE. Seeing her play this song live was massively inspiring to us.

 9. “Get Angry” – GOODWILL

The concept of familiarity made us think about songs that we’d listened to so many times that they’ve become super familiar to us. This is one of them, ‘Get Angry’ is an incredibly beautiful song.

 10. “Prescription” – Remi Wolf

This is a song that we are currently loving a lot. Remi’s vocals are incredible and her lyrics are so nicely personal.

Justin Stewart Cotta

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