Guest Playlist: IRFXXN shares 9 influential songs that helped formulate “Time”

  • Bruce Baker
  • July 12, 2023
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Sydney’s R&B Pop artist IRFXXN (pronounced IR-FAAN) made a dramatic entrance to the local scene last year with his outstanding debut single “Latest Song”, and the hype continues with the equally luscious “Time”.

He has teamed up again with producers BeatsWithSheph who are based out of Sydney. His earlier tracks have found success not just domestically, but also in North America and Europe. It’s little wonder – he has a golden silky voice that purrs and hums, and coupled with intoxicating melodies and impeccable production, “Time” has a global feel to it.

The song has already developed some massive traction via TikTok when IRFXXN posted a snippet of some BTS action. It racked up 122k views in the first 12 hours and is approaching the 700k mark now. Holy Moses! Fans of Bryson Tiller, Drake and Tory Lanez should find an instant connection to this, though we reckon it has much wider appeal.

“Time” looks at situations where life can suddenly take a turn for the worse, despite all of your efforts. About the track, IRFXXN writes: “It’s something almost every relationship can relate to, those times where you wish you could do more and everything seems to weigh you down. 

Sometimes you just need to let it out, but as easy as that sounds is just how difficult it is. When you’re completely devoted to someone and all you want to do is make it work, being the only one that feels like they’re putting in the effort is probably one of the worst things you can feel in life. Even though you know the relationship will work because of all the effort you’re giving to it, you know that it’s only happening because of how hard you are working and how little effort the girl is giving.”


To celebrate the release of “Time” and to get a better feel for what inspires IRFXNN, he has put together a playlist for the AU.  Give it a spin, there are some cracking tunes here.


1. SAINt JHN – “Selfish”

I was really feeling this song at the time that I wrote “Time”, it’s a dance-cry record that hurts where it should

2. Drake – “Hold On, We’re Going Home”

This song consumes you with how it is so nostalgic, cruisy and provides a feeling of love, this is what I wanted to emulate in my record “Time”

3. Charlie Puth – “Attention”

The base-line in this song is a banger and the build up to the chorus is the feeling I what I wanted my producers to create for “Time”

4. Justin Bieber – “What Do You Mean?”

I wanted “Time” to be both a day and night time song and WDYM was the record that showed me that this could be possible

5. Dua Lipa – “Love Again” 

I saw a documentary on Netflix on how this song was made and I got hooked, I wanted “Time” to be made that way

6. Torey Lanez – “The Colour Violet”

Even though there is so much happening in this song, you can really feel the vocals come together in harmony, and I wanted “Time” to reflect this as I had something to say that I knew everyone would relate to

7. Khalid – “Eastside”

The record is very minimalistic but has a wavy flow that keeps you hooked and is easy to consume

8. Drake – “Massive”

One side of the record focuses on the vocals and the other side focuses heavily on the beat, it’s incredible to see when it fuzes together

9. The Kid LAROI & Justin Bieber – “STAY”

Seeing an Australian artist make it to the big leagues and showcase his talent inspires me everyday for my craft

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