Guest Playlist: Jet City Sports Club share their favourite indie dream-pop tracks

Hailing from Sydney, the indie dream-pop sensation Jet City Sports Club are back with their latest single “Drug Store (Waste My Time)”.  After making waves with hits like “Green Thumb” and “Feeling It All” in 2022, the four-piece band is back in 2023 with a fresh determination to explore new musical horizons. Their latest offering, “Drug Store (Waste My Time),” is a testament to their growth and artistic progression.

This dreamy indie pop anthem explores the longing for distant affection, narrated through poignant lyrics and Lilla Obradovic’s sweet vocals. Overflowing with nostalgia and innocence, the chorus takes flight with its high, guitar-driven composition that infuses the song with a rush of energy and sentiment. In relation to the song, Lilla comments:

You know that feeling when you have a big crush on someone from a distance and you hope that they can feel your eyes on them across the room, but it’s all just juvenile because you don’t even know if you’d like them if you really got too close? I suppose the song is about that feeling. A dream of something that isn’t and might never be.”

The song’s creation was a collaborative effort, involving producer and engineer Fletcher Matthews, along with mastering engineer William Bowden. Recorded in Sydney, the piece flourished organically within Matthews’ Glebe studio. The outcome is an irresistibly catchy tune that exudes nostalgia and charisma. 

The band have also teamed up with Heaps Normal to create a special acoustic version of ‘Drug Store (Waste My Time)’, released alongside an accompanying video. In relation to the video the band says: 

“We really wanted to capture the intimacy of the song and its meaning by doing it stripped back, letting the melodies and lyrics speak for themselves. It’s so nice to have both versions out in the world.”

In honour of their latest single “Drug Store (Waste My Time),” Jet City Sports Club has curated a playlist featuring their beloved indie dream pop gems that have served as inspiration throughout their journey. The playlist brims with timeless dream-pop classics, featuring tracks from Men I Trust and Alvvays, while also holding a treasure trove of hidden gems. 

1.  Beach Bunny – “Dream Boy”

It’s no secret we’re massive Beach Bunny fans. Dream Boy is so similar to Drug Store (Waste My Time) as it shows that love songs are still so important in a world that has a lot of break-up songs rn.

It’s also cool to see that whilst the narrator is super in love there is a huge sense of ownership and independence. ‘If you’re gonna love me, make sure that you do it right’ is such a cool line and we hope Drug Store has that similar vibe of bein’ in love and being independent as well.

2.  RAT!hammock – “Word of the Day”

RAT!hammock are one of our favourite Aus bands. This song has so much kick and the lyrics are really thoughtful and speak to what it’s like being a 20 something in the world right now. We’d love to play a show with them one day.

3.  Snail Mail – “Thinning”

Another one from our American-Indie playbook. Snail Mail’s music can definitely be found on all of our road trip playlists. We just love how Lindsey weaves really interesting lyrics into spellbinding melodies and arrangements. They think outside of the box which we try to do as much as we can. 

4.  Sweetie – “Punch the Shark”

Our Eora besties Sweetie have recently released the sickest EP and we really like this track from it. They’re a big inspiration to us, their live show is truly something special.

5.   There’s a Tuesday – “Girl at Night”

There’s a Tuesday write some really beautiful vocal melodies and I just get lost in ‘Girl At Night’. I also really resonate with feeling scared at night when I’m alone; it always feels like it’s an irrational fear; but it isn’t, it’s totally rational.

6.  Lizzie Esau – “Jellyfish”

Lizzie Esau’s lyrics and melodies cannot be understated. This song is the perfect indie/rock song in our opinion. If you’re reading this, please go and listen to it!

7. RVG  – “Midnight Sun|

Are RVG doing international shows soon? Because when they do, they must be our best export in a long time. The new album is unreal. 

8. Alvvays  – “Not My Baby”

It’s hard to talk about dream pop without mentioning Alvvays, the floating vocals and ethereal layers of guitar make you want to float away! Antisocialites is definitely a favourite album and Not My Baby has been on repeat too many times to not be the favourite track. 

9.  Allah-Lahs – “Star”

These guys probably fall a little closer to Psych-Rock but we think this song is so dreamy and melodically catchy that we’re gonna put it here anyway! This is a driving song if we’ve ever heard one! 

10.  Men I Trust – “Ring Of Past”

Men I Trust’s latest single is just another absolutely cracking dreamy song. Famous for their big bass lines, floating vocals and catchy synths. This song feels right in every sense, head bopping, sing- along, chiller. I put all my trust in Men I Trust.. 

11. Sunbather – “No Charm”

No Charm is happy, dreamy, hooky and will make you fall in love with Sunbather. The guitar tones really get me on this one, they’re just delicious! Can’t wait to see what Sunbather do next!



They are also currently touring Australia, with STUMPS supporting. In regards to the tour, Lilla says:

“We’re so, so excited to be hitting the road/sky with STUMPS. We’re mostly excited about venturing for the first time ever over to Perth to play at Bar Four5Nine on the 26th of Aug. Touring has got to be my favorite thing about being in a  band at the moment and we can’t wait to see all the people we met, and played to, on our  last tours!” 


Friday 25 August The Lab Adelaide
Saturday 26 August Four5Nine Bar Perth
Friday 1 September The Shaking Hand Canberra
Saturday 2 September Marrickville Bowling Club Sydney

Tickets available here!

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