Guest Playlist: Miss Lucy shares latest single “Chocolate” and his favourite sweet songs

Credit: Vagabond Visions

Meanjin/Brisbane electro-pop artist Miss Lucy is gearing up for a big return this year by sharing the latest taste with new single “Chocolate”, released 17 March.

The track draws inspiration from 70s songwriting greats, with funky basslines and slick synths over dance beats. Produced and co-written by Matt McGuffie and recorded at home in 2021, Miss Lucy’s smooth crooning makes “Chocolate” an irresistible slice of sweetness.

“Chocolate is for anyone who has been addicted to an object, an idea or a person and the journey that the emotions take you on, starting from humble and non-harmful beginnings to sadness to then feeling free.”

On that note, Miss Lucy has shared 10 of his favourite sweet songs in a playlist for your listening pleasure.


Unknown Mortal Orchestra – “Hunnybee”

I remember the first time I heard this band it was just before Sex & Food came out and I fell in love with this song. This was my pick me up song for ages and someone I could never understand the lyrics so it kind of felt like I was writing lyrics with UMO.

Blur – “Ghost Ship”

Blur and Damon Albarn have become something of interest for me only very recently and I think this song is such a fun middle ground between his Blur and Gorillaz work. Horns are the best.

Daft Punk – “Something About Us”

Discovery second half is probably one of the best sides of an album to wind down to. This song in particular is just so dreamy and lazy.

The Strokes – “Life is Simple in the Moonlight”

As much as everyone loves to hate Angles, it’s my favourite album of theirs and I think it’s their most exciting album. This is a perfect album closer.

Coldplay – “Warning Sign”

This song sums up a lot of how I want to be perceived as a writer, so much honesty and regret in his lyrics, it’s hard not to fall into a warm mood after hearing the outro. If you think Coldplay are lame, then this song/album surely will change your mind. These guys know how to write some seriously good tunes. I do miss Coldplay + guitars.

Phoenix – “Telefono”

To be honest, I have an obsession with album closers and this is one of my favourites. I think the way the guitars are repeated and the chords don’t change, it makes you think it should be a boring song but somehow they pull it off.

Wings – “Silly Love Songs (Live)”

Wings are basically what Miss Lucy is built on. If we could come even close to how this band sounds live, I would be a happy man. This is my go-to bassline when I have one in my hands.

Arctic Monkeys – “The Ultracheese”

Another closer. I think this is where Miss Lucy is going next. Less synths and more space between notes. Less is more and here is a great example of that.

Outkast – “Prototype”

The bassline, the drums, man oh man this song is sweet.

Aquaserge – “Tout Arrive”

Can’t remember when I started listening to this band but the 2010’s had some great French alt-pop. I’m pretty sure this is Tame Impala’s drummer’s band or maybe his old band. Not sure what this song is about but I’m sure it’s lovely.

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