Guest Playlist: SIG SALI & Natassa Zoe share 10 songs that influence their unique sound

SIG SALI, is an electronic alt-pop band hailing from Sydney, and they have teamed up with vocalist and songwriter Natassa Zoe to create the emotive dance banger, “Pillow Thoughts” which was released today.

It’s the third track from SIG SALI to be released, following on from “Stay Tonight” and “Reasons”. They’ve been kicking it out of the park with their addictive dance beats, big hooks and vocals courtesy of Imogen Chapman. Multi-instrumentalist Danny Pugh is the other half of the duo.

Natassa (‘Tass’) Zoe sings vocals and plays guitar for Sydney’s indie pop/rock band, Dandy and the Lion. You might also have seen her on stage as a guitarist for Hayley Mary.

“Pillow Thoughts” kicks off with a driving drum beat, vocals perfectly in step with the beat. The energy builds, momentum takes control and the vocals burst into a rapturous explosion.

Tass provided the lyrics for “Pillow Thoughts”. Writing about the genesis of the track, she states:  “Danny, my brother, was visiting me from the UK in Sydney, summer of 2022 and I remember coming home from a run to these really bassy drum beats blasting out of the apartment. I picked up my guitar and we put the main hook down. I then went off and wrote the lyrics and came back and we recorded it in my apartment that day. “

Danny adds: “The drum pattern came first and I fell in love with the energy it carried. Tass (Natassa) disappeared for an hour before returning with the lyrics. I remember all three of us were sitting in a room and Imogen wasn’t having the best of days so Tass told her to “just go scream every bit of emotion you feel down the mic”. That vocal take was so perfect with the synths, like two friends catapulting into a euphoric freefall.”

Tass provides insight into the background to the lyrics:  “’Pillow Thoughts’ reflects a push and pull dynamic that can sometimes unfold in a relationship.”

To celebrate the release of “”Pillow Thoughts”, Danny and Tass have compiled a list of ten tracks that have influenced their sound. There are some bangers here. Any playlist with Bleachers, Chvrches, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Wolf Alice totally slaps!


Danny From SIG SALI

M83 “Ok Pal”

The whole album is sensational, ‘Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming’. Of course Midnight City is the hit, but that whole album is a massive inspiration to our sound. The synths, the drums, and the excessive reverb, which is mint.

Bleachers “Don’t Take The Money”

Jack Antonoff is the GOAT. The ‘Radio Gaga’ vibe on the drums is incredible.

Phoenix “Lisztomania”

It makes me happy from start to finish when I hear that song, no matter what mood I’m in. One of my all time favourite indie songs.

Water From Your Eyes “Bad In The Sun”

They actually inspired me to start a project which basically went like this: dance drum beats and synths, with pop songwriting, female vocals. I saw them at a festival and was blown away, and they’re smashing it. They’re the main inspiration, they’re the main source where this whole SIG SALI has come from so shout out to them.

Chvrches “Tether”

Me and Natassa Zoe who features on our new single ‘Pillow Thoughts’ were in Cairns, and we were in a cafe, and this song was playing in the background. I was like “What song is this?”. The song is beautifully arranged, the whole build-up and the lyrics are just so vulnerable. That’s a huge inspiration.


Natassa Zoe

Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Wolf”

I love the level of depth in this song, it’s darkness and Karen O’s irreverence to display this through her performance. I also love the production and the delicate management of interweaving strings with synth. The drum break down in the bridge section is so different, big and just awesome. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Wolf Alice have been a huge influence on my music with my band Dande and The Lion and of course with any collaborations I’ve been doing, like SIG SALI with my brother.

Wolf Alice “Silk”

This song really gets me every time. I don’t necessarily like to get in my head about why and start to analyse it, but for the purpose of this chat, I think it’s the lyrics and the way Eillie Rowsell switches between singing and spoken word – it’s something I really like to do so it’s a big inspiration for me and a constant reminder for me to take my freedom with my own self-expression and however that shows up for me.

Cannons “Fire for you”

This song is so sexy. I love the guitar and keys at the beginning and then Michelle Joy’s vocals and the lyrics, it’s just so good. The story she tells and the way the music supports the story, I think it’s something we can all relate to.

Suki Waterhouse “Moves”

I’ve just been introduced to Suki Waterhouse so I wouldn’t say she’s influenced my sound at all, but I absolutely dig this song at the moment. Suki’s openness, her vulnerability and the sensuousness that she brings is super inspirational for me.

Cloud Control “Scar”

I really like how the music of this song feels really upbeat and happy, but the lyrics are actually really sad. I like the dichotomy of this and the polarity it brings.

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Header image credit: Charles Dean
Credit for photo of Natassa Zoe: Saz Watson

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