NUSSY shares her Boss Womxn Playlist


Lovers of electro-pop are going to crush on “Down To Earth”, the most recent release from Melbourne DJ and songstress NUSSYIt’s packed to the gills with dance-floor vibes, her warm textured vocals bubbling along, shimmering and floating. The production is sleek and tight – add this to your end of year party playlist.

About the track, NUSSY states: “I started DJing when I was about 16 but stepped away from it a bit to concentrate on my vocals + band work. When I got back into it, I started thinking that I’d love to be able to play my own tracks in my DJ sets so I started getting more into writing house + dance music which is why I wanted to work with Jack [HAXX]. We worked on a few tracks, but ‘Down To Earth’ came so naturally. This was the second track I worked on with Jack. It was just before COVID hit so once we finished recording it, I kind of went into hibernation. I have always had a real soft spot for this track + am so proud of what we put together – I felt like it just had to be shared with the world.”

“Down to Earth” was was produced and mastered by Jack Arentz aka Haxx at Joyluck Studio in Thornbury, Melbourne. Jack has worked with artists such as Golden Features and The Presets.

NUSSY has been making her mark in her hometown of Melbourne, DJ’ing shows at the likes of Melbourne Music Week and Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. She has also performed at Music Matters Singapore, Canadian Music Week and Live At Heart Sweden.

To celebrate the release of “Down To Earth”, NUSSY has compiled a list of the killer boss Womxn who have inspired her. Fire it up loud and read on.

‘Rotate The Cylinder’ – Tiff Cornish
I met Tiff through DJing at Francesca’s Bar [Northcote VIC] and instantly got into her tracks. In this one, I love how she’s used really interesting sounds but the vocals give it a bit of a throwback to the 90s feel.

‘Right Party’ – Anna Lunoe
This is such a big party track! High energy, powerful drive and fun times incoming!

‘End Of Time’ – Mell Hall with Sahara Beck
I love the tropical drive of this track – give me congas any day! It feels like a late afternoon summer beach party, sun starting to set and we’re going to party into the evening.

‘Does It Make You Feel Good’ – Confidence Man [CC Disco! X DJ Boring Ministry of Dub Mix]
Confidence Man can do very little wrong in my books. I was instantly drawn to the original mix of this track by its piano part so when I started searching for remixes to use in my own DJ sets, this one hit me instantly – CC Disco is legendary! I love the slow builds in this remix and how it takes you on such a journey, really highlighting individual instruments at certain parts – giving them each their hero moment.

‘Giver’ – KLP, Dena Amy
The dirty bass in this track is everything – late night dance party all the way! The group vocal vibe also gives me images of a packed dance floor choir.

‘Girl DJ’ – DE SAINT.
The name says it all – I couldn’t not include this track. Those dirty synths and spoken vocals give the best late night vibes.

‘Glory’ – Sunshine
This track is a journey. It’s a slow burn, gradually adding instruments and group vocals to build and take you on a long dance floor journey. The choir makes it feel almost religious – and that really resonated with me having grown up singing in church.

‘High’ – Peking Duk feat. Nicole Millar [Mell Hall Remix]
Another Mell Hall moment. I’ve always loved this track – Nicole Millar is a super talented artist in her own right! The original track l gave fun, summer party vibes but I always found it hard to mix into a DJ set because of the tempo, so when I found this remix – it was love at first sight!

‘Love At First Sight’ – Kylie
Speaking of love at first sight… it would be remiss of me to not include a Kylie track in this playlist and I can’t go past the original of this track! One of my biggest influences, I love throwing this track into a DJ set and I love covering it live too. I could go on all day about my love for Kylie!

‘Hero’ – George Maple [Nostalgia Remix]
George Maple is an ICON! Her songwriting has always connected with me. This track has so much 80s influence, especially that line “in your arms baby, yeah” from Boy Meets Girl ‘Waiting For A Star To Fall”. The four to the floor beat in the opening gives a sense of urgency from the outset, then the driving bass line takes over and it’s high energy from there on out!

‘Taste of V’ – Rromarin
A bit of a chance of pace from the rest of the playlist but I can’t go past Rromarin’s vocals, songwriting and production style. Her breathy vocals pull you in and it feels like she’s whispering her story in your ear.


You can keep uo to date with NUSSY on her Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube

Header photo credit: Ainsley Hutchence

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