Author: Bruce Baker

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Dallas Radio

Exclusive Single Premiere: Dallas Radio “Suffering” (2021)

July 29, 2021

Western Australia continues to throw up talented music acts. Today we premiere “Suffering”, the debut track for Dunsborough outfit Dallas Radio. If this track is any indication, we can expect big choruses, catchy melodies and 90s inspired guitar riffs from the band. The band was born from the elements of two earlier WA bands, Dallas […]

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Track of the Week: Georgia Maq ft. Alice Ivy “Someone Stranger” (2021)

July 28, 2021

Naarm / Melbourne‚Äôs¬†Georgia¬†Maq¬†and¬†Alice Ivy have teamed up on the fun new party banger, “Someone Stranger” and we are delighted to have this as our Track of the Week. Georgia is singer, songwriter and guitarist for Camp Cope, and in 2019 released her debut LP, Pleaser. Annika Schmarsel, a songwriter and producer whose stage name is […]

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Ally Row

Exclusive Single Premiere: Ally Row “why do i care” (2021)

July 28, 2021

The Melbourne-based indie-folk duo, Ally Row, are about to launch “why do i care”, their debut track out onto the world, and we are thrilled to have the premiere of this upbeat feel-good tune today. The duo is comprised of¬†Alice Fitzgerald¬†and¬†Rowan Sizer. Featuring some crafty guitar picking, gorgeous harmonising vocals, a delicate glockenspiel and an […]

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Shiny Joe Ryan

Exclusive Single Premiere: Shiny Joe Ryan “A Stitch In Time” (2021)

July 22, 2021

Tomorrow, Pond multi-instrumentalist Shiny Joe Ryan drops his sophomore album, Shiny’s Democracy, and we are thrilled today to premiere the final single off the album, “A Stitch in Time”. As you would expect from a multi-instrumentalist and member of Pond, he takes his cues from a variety of influences, including country, pop and rock. A […]

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The Pinkerton Raid

Exclusive Single Premiere: The Pinkerton Raid “Lisbet Cries” (2021)

July 21, 2021

The Pinkerton Raid is an indie-rock band from North Carolina in the USA. They have crafted a unique blend of folk, Americana and indie rock.¬† We are thrilled today to be premiering their latest release, “Lisbet Cries”. The track will be on their long play record The¬†Highway Moves¬†The¬†World, which will be released in 2022. “Lisbet […]

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Alyx Dennison

Track of the Week: Alyx Dennison “Keep a Day Free” (2021)

July 21, 2021

Our Track of the Week is “Keep a Day Free” and comes from Sydney singer/songwriter/producer Alyx Dennison.¬†This is a song that shows great restraint, with its muted elegance and enchanting vocals. It’s beautiful, it’s sensual and a melancholic examination of the pleasures of physical love. The subject matter is as captivating as the song is […]

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Jacinta Lal

Brisbane’s Jacinta Lal shares her top 5 female MC’s

July 16, 2021

Brisbane hip hop artist Jacinta Lal recently released her debut EP, Divya. This is a stellar debut for the talented young artist. Divya is a collection of songs showcasing courage and power. Upbeat, fierce and showing plenty of sass and personality, with this EP Jacinta has well and truly announced herself on the local hip […]

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Echo Adore

Guest Playlist: Perth’s Echo Adore share their influences

July 15, 2021

Perth duo Echo Adore recently released their second single, “See Red”, following from their steller 2019 debut “Caught In History”. The duo is comprised of Damian Diggs and Oliver James. It’s easy to see why there is such a buzz about them, with the quality songwriting and musicianship on display. They have an EP in […]

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Track of the Week: Chutney “Talk” (2021)

July 15, 2021

The latest dollop of condiment rock has landed with a joyous thud in the form of “Talk” from indie-rockers Chutney. A track that explodes with a devilish howl, it’s a winner from start to finish, and it’s our Track of the Week. This is a song about looking after your mates who are having mental-health […]

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Geniie Boy

Exclusive Single Premiere: Geniie Boy “Bad Company” (2021)

July 14, 2021

Gold-Coast indie-pop duo Geniie Boy are about to drop their latest feel-good track, “Bad Company” and we are thrilled to have the premiere ahead of its release on Friday. This is their third release, following on from “Fool’s Play” and “Bruises”, ahead of their debut EP, If You Have Something To Say. “Bad Company” is […]

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Damien Binder

Exclusive Video Premiere: Damien Binder “Everything But” (2021)

July 13, 2021

Perth-based New Zealand singer/songwriter Damien Binder recently released his second track for 2021, “Everything But”. We are thrilled today to have the exclusive video premiere for the track which will be on the fifth album from this talented artist. The track was written by Damien and Bob Shepheard. It was produced by Matt Gio, who […]

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San Joseph

Melbourne’s San Joseph takes us behind the scenes of filming the music video for “Blink Twice”

July 12, 2021

Last month, alt-pop artist San Joseph released the video for his debut single “Blink Twice”. He has certainly hit the ground running with his first track out into the world, a striking mix of acoustic guitar, a catchy soulful voice and a tune that stays in your head long after it has reached the end. […]

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Sarah Yagki

Guest Playlist: Sarah Yagki takes us through the songs that influenced her

July 9, 2021

Sydney’s multi-instrumentalist alt-pop artist Sarah Yagki last month released her latest single, “Can’t Hardly Lie”.¬† This is an emotive track, reflecting on a relationship that ultimately ended. Sarah has a voice with great range and power, and she uses it so effectively in this track showcasing all the feelings. This is a track that swirls, […]

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Dust of Us

Sydney electronic duo Dust of Us share their favourite Sydney spots

July 8, 2021

Sydney electronic duo Dust of Us recently released their latest EP, Never Had The Time.¬†This is a collection of seven songs, imbued in moody vocals and succinct layered electronica. We were crushing on the track “Punching Bag” when it was dropped late last year, and have been keenly anticipating the release of this EP. It […]

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King Brown

Perth’s King Brown gives us their favourite local venues, bands and haunts

July 8, 2021

Perth continues to enhance its reputation as a creative hub, with resident rockers King Brown dropping their debut EP, Out In The Desert last month. It’s a quality collection of six tracks. It’s a bit bluesy, with some surf-rock leanings and superb story-telling. The strong vocals and searing guitars are a standout. It’s an exciting […]

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Meghna: Top 5 Movies I Watch Again and Again

July 7, 2021

We premiered “Bad Thoughts” from Australian/Indian artist Meghna last September, and have been keenly anticipating the follow-up. Meghna hasn’t disappointed, with the gripping “In My DNA”. The track was written about her parents and grandparents who grew up in India, experiencing poverty, with the fear that they might not be able to escape that poverty. […]

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Exclusive Video Premiere: Saiyon “Kerosene” (2021)

July 6, 2021

Melbourne-based Saiyon produces an enthralling blend of alternative R’n’B’ and electronica, and we are thrilled to be premiering the video for “Kerosene”, ahead of its release on Thursday. In an era where mansplaining and repression of women is still all too prevalent, “Kerosene” is a celebration of a young woman who is feeling empowered and […]

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Em George

Exclusive Video Premiere: Em George “Metropolis” (2021)

July 5, 2021

Sydney singer/songwriter Em George recently dropped her latest single, “Metropolis”. George released her EP Wolves¬†last year, the follow up to her debut self-titled EP that was released in 2016.¬† We are thrilled today to be premiering the video for “Metropolis”, the lead single from her next EP. “Metropolis” has a beautiful lush folk/Americana feel to […]

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Just A Leo

Exclusive Single Premiere: Just A Leo “Hideaway” (2021)

July 1, 2021

Just A Leo is a fresh Melbourne-based indie-rock band that has burst out of the blocks in the past few months with two high-quality releases. We are thrilled today to be premiering “Hideaway”, the third track from their upcoming debut EP. This follows on from “I Think About My Faith” and “More Than Gold” which […]

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John Keenan

Interview: Brisbane’s John Keenan talks about his new track, the Americana-infused “Tired Eyes”

June 30, 2021

Last week singer/songwriter John Keenan released the beautiful and poignant track, “Tired Eyes”, a¬† heartfelt message of love for his partner. The track features the gorgeous vocals of Nicole McKinney. This is a track with a lovely Americana/folky feel to it. Intricate guitars in the opening sets the scene, the vocals kick in delivering the […]

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Exclusive Single Premiere: Goons “Summer Lover” (2021)

June 30, 2021

Sydney five-piece Goons continue to drop tunes that are joyously infectious. Following on from “Bella”¬† which we premiered last September, the boys have again delivered a big song with a positive message. “Summer Lover” oozes good times and happy days. We are thrilled to have the first listen today, ahead of the release on Friday. […]

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Exclusive Single Premiere: WEST. “Do 2 Me” (2021)

June 24, 2021

WEST. is the moniker of Sydney-based producer Ally McMahon. Originally hailing from England, his music is overflowing with summer-infused beats, and we are thrilled today to be premiering the track, “Do 2 Me” ahead of its release on Friday. McMahon writes: “You know what you do to me? Starting to feel like I’m eating out […]

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Stella Farnan

Track of the Week: Stella Farnan “The Blue” (2021)

June 24, 2021

Stella Farnan was one of our artists to watch in 2020, but a global pandemic slowed up the progress of most on the list. With 2020 pretty much a write-off for all, we are pleased to see that Stella has hit the accelerator in 2021. She released “Boxes” in May, and today releases “The Blue”, […]

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Justin Stewart Cotta

Track by Track: Justin Stewart Cotta takes us through his album Melodies for Eulogies

June 23, 2021

Justin Stewart Cotta¬†is one of those multi-dimensional artists with seemingly a finger in every pie. Whether it be singing, songwriting, writing poetry, acting, guitarist or playing the piano, he is obviously an artist with wide-ranging talents. With a knack for writing big anthems and with lyrics that resonate with us all, Justin brings together his […]

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Tijuana Cartel

Track by Track: Tijuana Cartel take us through their new album Acid Pony

June 18, 2021

Earlier this month Gold-Coast based electronic dance band Tijuana Cartel dropped their latest album, Acid Pony. It’s a tantalising mix of a range of influences, whilst remaining guitar-driven with a danceable vibe. There is some psychedelia with grooves that never end, mean fat beats, and also some sweet vocals. It keeps shifting and changing, but […]

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Melbourne‚Äôs Vermont take us behind the scenes of filming the music video for “Erased‚ÄĚ

June 18, 2021

Last month Victorian outfit Vermont released their first track of 2021, “Erased”. This followed on from their well-received self-titled EP which dropped last year. They’ve amped up their sound in a grittier sonic direction, with the familiar alt-rock and some electronica elements threaded throughout. They might have cranked things up, but there is still a […]

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Chelsea Warner

Guest Playlist: Chelsea Warner’s top 10 “Drama” playlist suggestions for songs to plot revenge/be petty to

June 18, 2021

Chelsea Warner is a Sydney-based producer and multi-instrumentalist. Classically trained at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, she has broad tastes, with some smooth R’n’B and alt-pop to the fore. Her latest single is “Drama”, a tune that showcases her silky voice and adroit songwriting. “Drama” is a song that many young adults will be able […]

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The 2021 Barunga Festival was a richly rewarding immersive cultural experience

June 17, 2021

The 2021 edition of the Barunga Festival was run over the June long weekend seemingly against all the odds. For those unfamiliar, Barunga is a small indigenous community approximately eighty km southeast of Katherine in the Northern Territory. It’s about four hours drive from Darwin. The festival weekend is the only time in the year […]

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Chris Commerford

Exclusive Single Premiere: The Chris Commerford Band “Sugar” (2021)

June 16, 2021

The Chris Commerford Band hails from the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. This five-piece soul-infused band is about to launch another heart-grabbing tune, this time in the form of “Sugar” and we are thrilled to have the first listen before its release on Friday. This single deals with infatuation, falling hard for someone and trying to […]

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Blackbirds FC

Exclusive Video Premiere: Blackbirds FC “Island of the Dogs” (2021)

June 15, 2021

Melbourne band Blackbirds FC recently released their latest single, “Island of the Dogs”, and we are thrilled to be premiering today the video for this beautiful lush track. “Island of the Dogs” features is a tantalising mix of gorgeous harmonies, sweet guitars, strings and a nostalgic feel for Australian music of the ’80s and ’90s. […]

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