Guest Playlist: Venice Qin shares the songs that have inspired her upcoming EP, Alien

Venice Qin

One of the brightest pop stars to cross our paths in recent times is Venice Qin. Venice hails from Auckland, Aotearoa and now lives in Sydney. 

As an artist, Venice has influences from a wide variety of sources. She has a Chinese heritage, is a classically trained musician and grew up with a love of musical theatre. She is the embodiment of multicultural Australia and is an artist we are very excited about.

Her debut EP, Alien, is to be released on the 17th November, from which we’ve been fed some tasty treats. The first single to drop was the memorable and totally fabulous “ASSHOLE”.

Recently, Venice released the title track from ALIEN. It’s a shift in gears and demonstrates her versatility

About the song, Venice writes: “I’ve always found myself in spaces where I don’t feel like I belong. Whether that’s as an Asian in Western spaces, a Westernised Asian in Asian spaces, or just having a different mindset to people around me, and not relating to their experiences. My song ALIEN comes from a very personal, vulnerable place for me. I used to find myself constantly changing my persona when I went out, so that I could fit in and would always come home feeling even more alienated, doubting that my younger self would like the person I’ve become in those moments. Sometimes I still do that, and I’m not proud of it.

As much as we’re told that we should embrace our quirks and differences, it is hard when you feel incredibly misunderstood and that you’re not the only one that feels or thinks the way that you do. Even throughout the creation of this song, I was full of insecurity and anxiety that people wouldn’t listen to it, because they wouldn’t relate to what I was feeling (lol…). Because the song is sonically less in your face, as an Asian woman, I was fearful that people wouldn’t take the time to hear my voice and what I was going through. But thankfully I have really great people in my life who listened to this song, and heard and believed in me, so the song has gotten to where it is today so that more people can hear it. I really want it to reach and unite us aliens of the world, and to let us know we are not alone.”

I’m sure that many second-generation migrants can resonate with Venice’s thoughts on “ALIEN”. As well as being a multi-instrumentalist and classically-trained musician, she clearly has a love for drama and performing. The clip for “ALIEN” is beautiful, delicate and emotive, in sync with the ethereal vocals. Do check out Venice’s TikTok for further insights into the background of the song – she is a creative powerhouse!

To celebrate the release “ALIEN”, Venice has curated a banging playlist of songs that have inspired the EP. So do give it a spin, and turn up the volume. There are some sweet tunes here ….

SOPHIE “Immaterial”

Sophie is one of the hyper pop revolutionaries and I love her experimental and empowering energy. This song in particular because it gives big girl boss vibes – it’s what I listen to to pump me up!

King Princess “Pussy is God”

I am obsessed with the groove in this song. When you listen to it, maybe because I’m a woman, it just makes me feel so sexy.

Lady Gaga “G.U.Y.”

Lady Gaga is my Queen and my inspiration and I feel like the song is slept on. I love the play on gender in this song and I love that it makes me feel like I’m awake.

Christine and the Queens “A Day in the Water”

It’s serene, sexy and it puts you in the beautiful soundscape – and feels like you’re sitting in a pool of water. I’m obsessed with CATQ – he’s one of the most creative people that I look up to.

Paul Mealor “Stabat Mater: Movement 2”

Here’s my rogue pick! I sang in choirs in high school and got to meet Paul Milor and watch the NZ premiere of this piece. I remember he said he wrote it about his experience about nearly drowning and this warmth on his chest in that moment, and when I listen to this movement I really feel that warmth.

Labrinth “Kill For Your Love”

Ben Malone, my producer for ALIEN introduced me to this piece when we were writing and his turned me into such a big Lab’ fan. His production n use of tone in his voice is unwordly.

Maggie Rogers “Anywhere With You”

This is my ultimate road trip song. It love that it takes you through so many emotions and the song structure and production combined makes it feel more like a story than a song.

Charli XCX “Constant Repeat”

This song makes me get up I the morning! If you’re going through a rough time it makes you go “whoever did me wrong, they missed out”. This is something I felt when I was writing ‘SOMEBODY NEW” and feel like these songs are connected in that way.

Caroline Polachek “Billions”

The production of this song is actually what started the process of writing the title track “ALIEN”. It sounds so out of this world, but I know that uses quite conventional production – so hearing it sound so heightened made me want to try to do that too.

Celine Dion “Taking Chances”

This one is dedicated to my Mum. I have vivid memories of listening to this CD in the car with my Mum and I remember she would say to me that Celine Dion uses her voice like a trumpet and I just remember thinking I want to use my voice like that too. All  these years later, I brought this in when I was recording “VILLIAN” for the EP.

ALIEN from Venice Qin will be released on 17th November. You can pre-save it HERE. You can give Venice a follow on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter  and Spotify

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