Guest Playlist: Bonded Jacky shares her favourite fellow queer artists (and songs)

Bonded Jacky is the musical project of Maddie Ballard, a Los Angeles-based, queer musician and singer-songwriter, and self-described gangly girl with unmistakable schoolboy energy.

She’s also an up-and-coming talent, releasing a slew of singles last year (including the AU Discovery playlist featured “Didgeridoo”) before releasing her debut EP back in February. This week she is back with a new single – “me u us”, and it’s another strong release.

Ballard has described the single as her “most vulnerable one yet”. Which, when you listen to it, does check out. There’s this really charming, yet melancholic, tenderness to the song that really draws you in. And, you get the sense that there’s perhaps more than a kernel of truth to the lyrics. But, at the same time, there’s a lovely vibe and undercurrent of warmth to it. It’s also just a really well crafted slice of alt-pop, with some beautiful vocals and a lovely little guitar shuffle. I can’t wait to hear what Bonded Jacky gets up to next.

To celebrate the release of “me u us” and to mark the end of Pride month 🌈 , Bonded Jacky has compiled a playlist for us with a selection of tracks from her favourite fellow queer artists; and a couple of covers she thinks are ‘gay as hell’. So hit play and read on to find out more about Bonded Jacky’s picks.

Courtney Barnett “Rae Street”

It’s hard to pick a fave song of hers. But… This track is filled with beautifully-mundane imagery. I feel like I’m people-watching with Barnett.

Lucy Dacus “Kissing Lessons”

I had a gay experience in grade school too, so this one is very relatable. I love the gritty guitar paired with Lucy’s silky smooth double vocal.

BOY “Bette Davis Eyes”

It’s unclear if they’re queer. But, this cover is gay as hell. It’s incredible. I’m such a sucker for a slowed down cover ESPECIALLY when it’s queer.

Gus Dapperton “I’m on Fire”

One more gay cover. I have to add this one because, no pun intended, it’s absolute fire!

Christina Aguilera “Come on Over Baby (All I Want Is You)”

I know she isn’t necessarily queer. But, this song made me queer, no offence! My first gay experience that I mentioned earlier happened while this song was playing…

Frank Ocean “Sweet Life”

There are two jaw dropping moments in this song. The first one is at 0:47 when the drums come in; and the second is at 1:10 when Frank Ocean belts into the chorus!! Don’t even get me started!! So good!

Boygenius “Cool About It”

Obviously the hottest band on earth.

St. Vincent “New York”

My brother sent me the Song Exploder episode of this song and it blew my mind. I feel like this record is what put a fire under my booty and inspired my music career.

Rostam “Bike Dream”

I could listen to this a million times. Rostam has such a distinct, complex style. His vocals feel like you’re on a carousel that you never want to get off of.

Clairo “Alewife”

Speaking of Rostam, he produced this with Clairo which is such a queer dream team. I love those distinct echoey drums. The lyrics are so heavy. But it also feels sweet, because it’s a huge thank you to a ride-or-die friend. Clairo’s voice is the best.

Soccer Mommy “Shotgun”


Japanese Breakfast “Paprika”

“It’s a rush”!!!

I love watching the live version of this when Zauner hits the gong.

Charlotte Day Wilson “Work”

Listening to this song makes me feel cool.

Elton John “Rocket Man”

This artist is a little more obscure/underground. But, maybe you know him? He’s from a small northwest London suburb.

Remi Wolf  “Monte Carlo”

I love her entire vibe and the world she has created around her artistry. It’s so whimsical, nostalgic, specific, and COOL AS HELL. This was the first Remi song I heard.

“me u us”, the new single from Bonded Jacky is out now. You can keep up to date with Bonded Jacky via Facebook, Instagram and her Official Website.

Simon Clark

Books Editor. An admirer of songs and reader of books. Simon has a PhD in English and Comparative Literature. All errant apostrophes are his own.