Guest Playlist: Mathilde Anne, who sees music in colour, shares her blue and purple playlist

Mathilde Anne has recently released her single “Way Up There”, a further taste from her upcoming debut album.

Interestingly, Mathilde has synesthesia, meaning that she sees music in colours. She says ” When I listen to music I just see the colours in my head like splats and circles and gushes, moving in patterns with the music. When I’m out, if there are colours around me that match the colours in my head, it feels like a euphoric experience.” 

Her creative process involves curating Pinterest boards with colours representing the emotions of her music. “Way Up There” is purple and blue – a tranquil and dreamy symphony of colours.

The single  ‘focuses on an over-dramatised experience I had throughout my teenage years’  pointing the finger at her unrequited love who remains perched on a pedestal. It beautifully blends dreamy melodies, gently unfolding with a soft, lilting rhythm that immerses us in an ethereal voyage amongst tranquil blues and purples.

To celebrate her new single,  Mathilde has made a playlist filled with blue and purple tunes that inspired her in its creation. 

Songs in Colour! Here’s what I see in this playlist I made as inspo for my latest song ‘Way Up There’. 

1. Telenova- “Why Do I Keep You” 

Lead piano sound is very light purple/pink. Drums are definitely dark blue along with the bass. 

When I see this song the colours are very circular, kinda like little dots and then once the first verse ends its more extreme. Kinda like more free flowing and fluent. The bass is very blue and kind of moves between dark blue and a light water blue. 

2. Biig Piig – “Oh No”   

I absolutely adore this song. It has a very dark feel to it also, most like driving at night. It is a mix of orange, dark blue and bubblegum pink.  I was on the bus yesterday going down the coast and travelling through the underground tunnel listening to this song.  To me this song isn’t just purple and blue, it does have some light pinks and burnt yellow/orange…like the kind of colour light makes in the underground tunnel on a sign. Anyway when I was going through the tunnel I was listening to Biig Piig and there is this little noise around 1.20 minutes that comes in that is very orange and when i opened my eyes the tunnel was orange and it made me so happy. 

3. Tora – “Can’t Buy the Mood”

The keys are definitely a mix of orange and blue. The bass line gives me a very circular dark blue tone while the vocals are very bright orange and pink in the synth sounds. Gives me a very fruity Summer feeling! 

4. Alfie Templeman – “Things That Were Mine” 

Absolutely adore this song, the visualiser for it makes me super happy as it definitely feels like a very pink tune with the claps being this bringing orange also love LOVE the bass guitar WHICH  feels very light purple to me! Such a banger!! 

5. Billie Eilish – “Bad Guy” 

Overall tone is definitely dark purple. Very dark blue in the harmonies/vocals. The bad guy line however feels like a very fluorescent dark green colour for me. Definitely giving moody bad bitch vibes 

6. Biig Piig – “Feels Right” 

I am the biggest fan girl for a Biig Piig song. I feel like most of the Biig Piig music has this really beautiful mix of dark purple/orange and blue. With the guitars there is always this feeling of a very deep blue like a deep ocean while contrasting with this kinda amber orange light through the synths. So obsessed! 

 7. Sorry – “Cigarette Packet”

This song has a very uplifting vibe to it that I’m so obsessed with. Giving a lot of white splashes with dark blue and grey. The artwork for this song makes me so happy because it feels so in tune with the song. 

8. Cherry Glazer – “Rabbit Hole” 

This was one of my go to songs to listen to when running during the pandemic. I’d go to the track and run and close my eyes to feel all the colours on the song and end up running a few kms. Have this really fluent amber colour sling with pink, black, and dark blue. The really deep blue/black guitar in this track is also a favourite of mine. 

9. Holly Hebe – “Ghost of You” 

I am a Holly Hebe fan through and through!! This song feels super purple in the vocals. Very free following and bright when those pads come in too. So obsessed!! 

10. Cub Sport  – “Songs About It” 

This song feels super bright! The vocals feel like this very angelic cream time mixed with this very light purple/green tone for the keys. Overall listening to any of Cub Sport’s music is such a visual experience. The stabs and synths also add this really beautiful lilac. 

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Header image credit: Daniel Nathans