Stephen King

Film Review: Firestarter plays accordingly to Stephen King’s more sci-fi leaning novel

May 12, 2022

When Stephen King published Firestarter in 1980 it was celebrated for its complex, character driven storyline, accolades that shouldn’t have really come as a surprise given the impressive body of work he had achieved in the 6 short years he was a published novelist; 1974’s Carrie was his first release. With that and The Shining […]

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Interview: Firestarter director Keith Thomas on casting Zac Efron as a dad and the pressure of adapting Stephen King

May 11, 2022

Set to ignite Australian cinemas from May 12th (and, appropriately, Friday the 13th in the United States in both theatres and on Peacock), Firestarter, Stephen King‘s classic novel about a pyrokinetic young girl on the run from a government agency hoping to control her for their own benefit, will earn new life through director Keith […]

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Zac Efron knows better than to play with fire in first Firestarter trailer

February 14, 2022

In a new adaptation of Stephen King’s classic thriller from the producers of The Invisible Man, Firestarter tells of a girl with extraordinary pyrokinetic powers fighting to protect her family and herself from sinister forces that seek to capture and control her. For more than a decade, parents Andy (Zac Efron; Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile; […]

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Interview: The Black Phone writer/director Scott Derrickson on his love of the Horror genre and the importance of casting.

October 14, 2021

To coincide with the trailer launch of The Black Phone, the latest horror film from Blumhouse, detailing the abduction of a young boy who learns he is able to communicate with the voices of his captor’s previous victims through a disconnected black phone, Peter Gray chatted with the film’s director, Scott Derrickson, discussing the origins […]

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Film Review: IT (USA, 2017) is exactly as scary and as fun as you hoped it would be

September 7, 2017

In the early part of a person’s life, there is always that one scary story, whether it takes the form of a book, a campfire tale or a film, that will inherently scar a person for life when experienced. In my case (and that of many others), that story is Stephen King‘s IT.

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Film Review: The Dark Tower (USA, 2017) is tolerable for casual viewers but disappointing for die-hard King fans

August 17, 2017

Full disclosure, I have not read any of the Stephen King The Dark Tower series of books. As somebody who is unaware of the source material, I was going into the film adaptation of The Dark Tower with the simple expectation of wanting to enjoy a film, to be transported to another place, be invested […]

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Pennywise returns in a terrifying new trailer for Stephen King’s IT

August 1, 2017

Stephen King’s IT has been around for decades when it comes to pop culture. While Stephen King’s original book may have terrified readers, it seems we have the most terrifying look at Pennywise in the newest trailer for the IT remake. The trailer focuses on characters introduced in the initial teaser trailer, and in turn […]

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The latest trailer for It is looking terrifyingly good

May 13, 2017

Before you try to avert your eyes, just know that the new It trailer is less about Pennywise the Clown and more about ‘The Losers’ (the band of kids that the story follows). But he is still totally in there and as scary as he was the first time around. Still with us? For anyone […]

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Interview: Split star Betty Buckley talks about the film’s controversy, Carrie and her new album Story Songs

May 7, 2017

With Split bringing 23 personalities to its Australian DVD and Blu-Ray home release this Wednesday (May 10th), we caught up with one of the film’s stars, Betty Buckley, who played Kevin’s (James McAvoy) psychiatrist Dr Karen Fletcher. A veteran of the arts, Betty Buckley has been an icon of TV, film and music for almost five decades now. I […]

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Bring a change of pants: Stephen King’s It gets its first trailer

March 30, 2017

The second attempt at adapting Stephen King’s terrifying thriller It to the screen is only a few months away. And there’s no better time than now to put everyone on edge with its debut trailer. Fear grips the small town of Derry, Maine when kids start to go missing with some even turning up murdered. […]

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James Franco returns to the King of Horror

June 7, 2016

After the success of 11.22.63, James Franco returns to Stephen King territory with King’s short story “Drunken Fireworks” for Rabbit Bandini Productions and Rubicon Entertainment. Franco will not only star but work again with Matt Ranger (The Sound and the Fury and  As I Lay Dying) to write the project. Meanwhile, Vince Jolivette, Doug McKay, Robert Kaplan, Marc Senter and Nathan Grubbs are set to produce. From what has […]

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Fran Kranz is the latest addition to The Dark Tower

April 26, 2016

Fran Kranz will join Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey in Sony’s The Dark Tower. Based on the Stephen King series of novels, the film will follow a wandering gunslinger(Elba) who is the last hope of the fallen land of Mid-World. He is charged with finding the Dark Tower while battling his nemesis the Man in Black (McConaughey). Kranz will […]

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Akiva Goldsman penning Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep, sequel to The Shining

April 6, 2016

Academy Award-winning screenwriter Akiva Goldsman will adapt Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep, the sequel to the horror classic The Shining, for Warner Bros. Doctor Sleep takes place years after the events of The Shining and focuses on Danny (now middle-aged) who is still traumatized, causing him to drink. He soon gives up drinking and settles in a small town in New Hampshire. […]

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Has Aaron Paul been cast in the film adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower?

March 11, 2016

Blastr reported this week that Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul has been cast in the Sony adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series. As this stage, there is no confirmation as to who Paul has been cast as. Those familiar with King’s work, however, will recognize the instant potential for Paul in the character of Eddie […]

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Stephen King’s The Dark Tower enters production with Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey as leads

March 2, 2016

After years of failed attempts, the film adaption of Stephen King‘s The Dark Tower looks like it will finally enter production. Idris Elba is set to play the lead role, a gunslinger named Roland while Matthew McConaughey is attached to play his enigmatic nemesis. Nikolaj Arcel is directing the film after working together with King on the […]

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