Karen Gillan

Film Review: Gunpowder Milkshake overcomes genre familiarity with a sense of violent humour

July 14, 2021

Given how well she’s utilised her heart and her humour when leaning into the action heroine outfit – see the Guardians of the Galaxy and Jumanji franchises for reference – it makes sense that both additives be applied to Karen Gillan‘s latest genre effort, the delightfully named Gunpowder Milkshake. Initially she’s a little too cold-hearted […]

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Win a double in-season pass to see the female-led action film Gunpowder Milkshake

July 5, 2021

  Thanks to StudioCanal we have five double passes to give away to the upcoming release of the action film Gunpowder Milkshake, starring Karen Gillan, Michelle Yeoh, Lena Headey, Angela Bassett and Carla Gugino, in Australian cinemas from July 15th, 2021. Sam (Karen Gillan) was only 12 years old when her mother Scarlet (Lena Headey), an elite […]

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Film Review: Jumanji: The Next Level avoids serious franchise fatigue by adopting just enough freshness

December 19, 2019

The hybrid reboot/sequel that was 2017’s Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle was a mammoth success that I suspect not even Sony was anticipating.  Sure, they threw considerable weight behind the project but in the wake of Star Wars: the Last Jedi‘s release, a near billion dollar haul worldwide was an unprecedented outcome, to say the […]

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Film Review: Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (USA, 2017) looks like a fun videogame, but plays like a cheat

December 22, 2017

It’s quite amusing that films based on videogames like Assassin’s Creed, Max Payne, Super Mario Bros. and Street Fighter are complete rubbish and yet films that revolve around videogames or reflect the videogame aesthetic are a different story. With films like David Cronenberg‘s sci-fi body horror film eXistenZ (which is a spiritual followup to Videodrome), […]

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10 Things We Learned from the Australian WHONIVERSE Events

May 18, 2015

  As of Sunday evening, the mega five stop WHONIVERSE Australian tour wrapped up with a decently attended event at Adelaide’s Town Hall. The crowd may have been smaller than that of Melbourne (held the day previous), but as the guests and fans noted throughout, the grandeur and general historic ambience of the venue and setting […]

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Meet The Doctor & His Companions – Win a double pass to WHONIVERSE Australian events!

May 7, 2015

The TARDIS is landing in Australia this week – The Hub Productions’ huge Doctor Who event, ‘Whoniverse’ kicks off in Sydney on Saturday night before heading around the country to venues in Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. Fans will have the opportunity to meet the 11th Doctor Matt Smith, plus beloved companions Karen Gillan (Amy […]

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Karen Gillan reveals how Doctor Who led her to Oculus at SXSW Film

March 10, 2014

When fans associate an actor with one particular role, it can be hard for the actor to distance themselves from said character. For Doctor Who fans, this may be the case for some, as former companion Karen Gillan takes on the horror genre for one of her first feature film roles outside the franchise. Directed […]

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