Film Review: River Wild reimagines the classic Meryl Streep thriller with a more violent, survivalist layering

August 2, 2023

Branding itself as a reimagining rather than a traditional remake – and this is one of those cases where that wording does actually tie into the overall mentality – River Wild takes the basic premise of Curtis Hanson’s 1994 thriller The River Wild, a Hitchcock-in-the-great-outdoors chiller that raised its own profile through the inclusion of […]

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5 things to know before playing the Resident Evil 4 Remake

March 15, 2023

With a brand-spanking new version of Resident Evil 4 right around the corner, we simply can’t wait to see what the remake holds in store for new and existing fans alike. With new gameplay details and a free demo available to download as you’re reading this, we thought we would dive in and highlight 5 […]

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Destroy All Humans! 2: Reprobed Review: Extra-terrestrial Hijinks

August 29, 2022

I’ll admit right off the bat that I have very fond memories of both Destroy All Humans! games when they each released over 15 years ago. I don’t know if it was the satirical humour, wacky gameplay mechanics or both, that drew me into the admittedly insane premise. That being said, I had doubts about […]

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Max Payne 1 and 2 remakes coming from Remedy and Rockstar

April 7, 2022

In today’s landscape of constant remakes and remasters, we’re surprised these two PlayStation 2 classics have not yet made the list. That time, however, is coming to an end. Remakes of Max Payne and Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max have been announced by developer Remedy in partnership with Rockstar Games. With no release window […]

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Zac Efron knows better than to play with fire in first Firestarter trailer

February 14, 2022

In a new adaptation of Stephen King’s classic thriller from the producers of The Invisible Man, Firestarter tells of a girl with extraordinary pyrokinetic powers fighting to protect her family and herself from sinister forces that seek to capture and control her. For more than a decade, parents Andy (Zac Efron; Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile; […]

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Film Review: West Side Story is the most alive Steven Spielberg has felt as a director in over a decade

December 19, 2021

Even for a filmmaker of Steven Spielberg‘s stature, it’s safe to say that taking on a property such as West Side Story would still be a daunting task.  The 1961 cinematic adaptation of the 1957 Broadway production was awarded 10 Oscars, including Best Picture, and has remained something of a cultural criterion in the decades […]

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Film Review: Dune merges its blockbuster aesthetic with a desolate mentality.

December 2, 2021

Despite reading Frank Herbert‘s 1965 novel many moons ago and viewing David Lynch’s bizarre 1984 adaptation during my youth, Dune was still a title that felt foreign to me when entering the theatre to bare witness to Denis Villeneuve‘s much-discussed imagining.  Sure, I can clearly see the inspiration this operatic story had on the science-fiction […]

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Film Review: Home Sweet Home Alone is a new form of punishment for naughty children this Christmas season

November 12, 2021

There’s a moment during Home Sweet Home Alone where two characters are watching a remake of the fictional “Angels With Filthy Souls” – you know, that quotable film within a film that Macaulay Culkin used in a manner to frighten the pizza delivery boy (“Merry Christmas ya filthy animal) – and comment on why studios […]

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The Guilty is an intense showcase for the ever commanding Jake Gyllenhaal: TIFF 2021 Review

September 13, 2021

The 2018 Danish thriller The Guilty was riveting, ruthless material.  This American remake, coming courtesy of director Antoine Fuqua (Training Day, The Equalizer), is much of the same, which means those who have seen the original will find the plotting all too familiar, yet those uninitiated are likely to be wholly swept up in its […]

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James McAvoy’s improvised performance centres the trailer for My Son

September 3, 2021

Filmed in a “revolutionary” manner, the trailer for the new Peacock thriller My Son highlights the improvisation from actor James McAvoy, who during filming wasn’t given a script or any outline of the story at hand. A remake of the 2017 film Mon Garcon, My Son, co-starring Claire Foy, details the missing persons case of […]

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Film Review: Candyman is an intelligent horror film that’s as politically charged as it is unnerving

August 26, 2021

When it comes to cinematic boogeymen, the creation of Candyman is undoubtedly a frontrunner.  Since first becoming the stuff of unnerving urban legend in Bernard Rose’s 1992 classic Candyman, the character itself has remained a figure of terror and now, just shy of three decades later, has been summoned once more for a new generation […]

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Film Review: Mulan opts to be more than just a carbon copy of its animated counterpart

September 4, 2020

Given that the character of Hua Mulan has long been one depicted in poetry, novels, and film for almost as long as she has been a Chinese folklore figure, it’s wiser to view Mulan as another variation of her story, rather than a direct remake of Disney’s 1998 animated favourite. Whereas recent Disney live-action overhauls […]

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Film Review: The Invisible Man is a slick, psychological thriller that demands to be seen

February 26, 2020

Had the Tom Cruise-led revamp of The Mummy not crashed and burned at the box office upon its release in 2017 then we’d be seeing, or more correctly not seeing, a very different Invisible Man.  In an optimistic strategy from Universal Pictures – in their bid to compete with fellow juggernauts Marvel and DC – […]

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Film Review: 2019’s Black Christmas attempts to be more than just your straight-forward slasher

December 11, 2019

Released in 1974 and oft considered the original slasher film, Bob Clark’s Black Christmas has rightfully earned cult status over the years after initially being passed over for that other genre staple, John Carpenter’s Halloween. Clark’s film is a unique take on the stalk-and-kill mentality that the slasher subsect is known for given that it […]

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A Star Is Reborn: Why ‘remake’ is not a dirty word

October 18, 2018

No matter how Hollywood tries to sell it, remake will always be a word deemed blasphemous to cinephiles the world over.  Sure, they can throw out terms such as reboot or reimagining or revisioning, but regardless of the spin, they all refer to the same type of picture.  And because it’s one we have experienced […]

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