Watch the first trailer for Glass as the M Night Shaymalan Universe connects Unbreakable and Split

October 16, 2018

Eighteen years ago we were introduced to Unbreakable, the superhero film that was not all it seemed. Two years ago, sixteen years after the original made its debut, the sequel Split came to our screens with a twist ending we never expected. Now, from the unbreakable original, to the tension splitting sequel, comes the next instalment […]

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Interview: Split star Betty Buckley talks about the film’s controversy, Carrie and her new album Story Songs

May 7, 2017

With Split bringing 23 personalities to its Australian DVD and Blu-Ray home release this Wednesday (May 10th), we caught up with one of the film’s stars, Betty Buckley, who played Kevin’s (James McAvoy) psychiatrist Dr Karen Fletcher. A veteran of the arts, Betty Buckley has been an icon of TV, film and music for almost five decades now. I […]

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Film Review: Split (USA, 2017) is a stunning return to form for M. Night Shyamalan

January 19, 2017

There is plenty of real world evidence to suggest that, to a degree, our thoughts and feelings can in some way re-wire our brain. Neuroplasticity is a relatively young field, but an infinitely fascinating one nonetheless; discoveries are being made everyday, many on how our brain evolves for better or for worse and how we […]

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Get a taste of craziness in the newest trailer for M. Night Shyamalan’s Split

October 28, 2016

Most acclaimed for his work in The Sixth Sense and Signs, director M. Night Shyamalan knows a thing or two on how to give people a scare while also twisting people’s minds. Written and directed by Shyamalan himself, it really goes to show his enthusiasm for the psychological-thriller genre and how much chaos a story […]

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First teaser trailer for M. Night Shyamalan thriller Split released

July 28, 2016

Hollywood all-rounder M. Night Shyamalan returns to the captivating rapture of The Sixth Sense with Split, an original thriller that delves into the mysterious recesses of one man’s fractured but gifted mind.  Following the success of The Visit, Shyamalan reunites with producer Jason Blum for the film, which will open in the US in January 2017. The […]

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