The Quarry Review: A trip to remember

June 23, 2022

In my opinion, developer Supermassive Games’ Until Dawn stands as one of the most underrated games of the last generation. The Quarry feels like it was made in the same way. It’s focused on telling a rather simplistic story, playing on the horror tropes and expectations that have come before. For the most part, The […]

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Unwrapping the biggest announcements from Summer Game Fest 2022

June 10, 2022

Summer Game Fest has rolled around for 2022, providing many of the high profile gaming announcements we have come to expect with E3. With E3’s unfortunate cancellation this year, Summer Game Fest bears a hefty amount of weight on its shoulders. So we thought we would dive right in and wrap up this morning’s most […]

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Unwrapping PlayStation’s June State of Play stream

June 3, 2022

This morning’s PlayStation State of Play conference had more pressure riding on its shoulders than some may realise. With the cancellation of this year’s E3 conference and Sony’s absence from said conference these past few years, many would argue that June is the time to shine in terms of gaming announcements. That being said, Sony […]

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Here’s when and how you can watch PlayStation’s June State of Play stream

June 2, 2022

PlayStation’s State of Play stream for June is all set for tomorrow on Friday 3rd of June, headlining some third party announcements, along with a line-up of various PSVR 2 games. PlayStation had recently announced that the PSVR 2 would be launching with just over 20 games. Given the stream will only last for 30 […]

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Trek to Yomi Review: A stylish, samurai showdown

May 6, 2022

I’ve often been drawn to the various samurai films of the 20th century. From director Akira Kurosawa’s classics like The Hidden Fortress and Seven Samurai, to the ultra violent Shogun Assassin, there’s a sense of grace and simplicity to be found amongst the many stories of revenge and redemption. As a result, it’s no secret […]

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Sam and Max: Beyond Time and Space Review: Good old fashioned, chaotic fun

April 19, 2022

Sam and Max: Beyond Time and Space is the recent remaster of Sam and Max’s second season, originally released in 2007.  Brought back to life by Skunkape Games—a development team made up of alumni Telltale developers—who acquired the rights to the beloved 3 seasons of Sam and Max. This episodic point and click adventure game […]

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LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Review: May the bricks be with you

April 8, 2022

The lightsaber battles. Dogfights. Distant planets. Iconic characters. The Star Wars saga has brought with it many memorable moments that have stood the test of time. While I won’t begin to list those moments here, LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga has decided to cram them all into one neat package, reinventing the LEGO game formula […]

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New PlayStation Plus tiers have been announced, with a catch for Australians

March 30, 2022

PlayStation has announced in a PlayStation Blog post this morning, multiple new tiers of PlayStation Plus subscriptions, with Australian gamers set to miss out on the highest tier, known as PlayStation Plus Premium. This is due to the fact that the Premium tier’s offerings tie into the cloud-based streaming service PlayStation Now, which we currently […]

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PlayStation’s upcoming State of Play will focus on Hogwarts Legacy

March 16, 2022

Gameplay footage from the upcoming Hogwarts Legacy will be shown off at this Friday’s PlayStation State of Play Stream. This will mark the first time gameplay footage has ever been revealed, with the game first being announced during Sony’s PlayStation 5 showcase, way back in September of 2020. According to PlayStation’s Official Blog, the 20-minute […]

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WWE 2K22 Review: A Rey of sunshine

March 13, 2022

After a much needed year off, the WWE 2K franchise has returned with the hopes of providing a high flying, hard-hitting recreation of the iconic sport. While we won’t talk about the state the franchise has been in the past few years, it’s worth noting that WWE 2K22 marks a triumphant return for wresting games […]

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Every announcement from PlayStation’s March State of Play

March 10, 2022

PlayStation’s State of Play stream for the month of March was short and sweet. Focusing on Japanese developers this time around, the 20-minute stream showcased both new and current games on track for 2022 and beyond. Without further ado, here are the announcements. Exoprimal Capcom’s upcoming game feels a lot like a wild take on […]

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How to watch PlayStation’s upcoming March State of Play stream

March 9, 2022

Sony has announced via the Official PlayStation Blog that the next State of Play stream is set to go for tomorrow morning. While the showcase usually focuses on upcoming games, Sony has announced that this stream will highlight the works of various Japanese publishers, of which official titles are yet to be revealed. One can […]

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Sony unveils the PlayStation VR2

February 23, 2022

Sony has unveiled the second iteration of the wildly popular VR headset, the PSVR 2. The reveal came at the hands of PlayStation’s Blog in a post by Hideaki Nishino, Sony’s Senior Vice President. We’ve been treated to an extensive first look at the headset and controllers, mimicking the colorway and design of the current […]

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Horizon Forbidden West Review: A remarkable sequel

February 15, 2022

The Horizon franchise has returned with great anticipation, continuing the story of one of the most successful and beloved PlayStation exclusives of the last generation. With that being said, Horizon Forbidden West is well on its way to becoming the fan-favorite of both last generation and next-generation PlayStation owners alike, presenting an intriguing narrative, functional […]

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Unwrapping PlayStation’s State of Play Gran Turismo 7 showcase

February 4, 2022

With just over a month to go until the release of Gran Turismo 7, PlayStation’s first State of Play stream for the year decided to spend an entire 30 minutes devoted to the racing sim. With an admittedly impressive amount of things to unpack in such a short amount of time, one thing is clear; […]

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Here’s when and where you can watch PlayStation’s upcoming State of Play stream

February 2, 2022

PlayStation has announced the first State of Play stream for 2022, with a focus on the upcoming Gran Turismo 7. The 30-minute stream will most likely show off a lengthy look at some gameplay footage before the game’s release on March 4th. However, we would be lying if we weren’t hoping for some additional titles […]

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PlayStation has acquired Bungie

February 1, 2022

If you’re feeling as though a new publisher or developer has been acquired with each passing week, you’re not going crazy. While it’s not on the scale of Microsoft’s whopping $68.7 billion purchase of Activision Blizzard last month, PlayStation has announced that they will be purchasing Destiny creator Bungie for $3.6 billion US dollars. While […]

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December’s PlayStation Plus games are now live

December 8, 2021

December’s PlayStation Plus offering is as well-rounded as it is critically acclaimed; for the most part. Godfall: Challenger Edition stands as the PlayStation 5 entry for this month, while Lego DC Super Villains and Mortal Shell follow as forward compatible PlayStation 4 titles for those on next generation consoles. While it’s clear Godfall is looking […]

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Aussie restaurants are set to bring the PlayStation experience to the plate

December 7, 2021

Gaming fans and foodies alike can rejoice as PlayStation launches PlayStation to Plate, giving Aussies across Sydney and Melbourne a taste of the many exclusives the platform has to offer. From 3 December, three restaurants will bring to life meals inspired by classic franchises including The Last of Us, Ratchet and Clank and Uncharted. Dish 1: […]

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Death’s Door Review: A Door Worth Knockin’ On

December 1, 2021

Gaming has always been the past time for a bit of escapism. Now more than ever, the sheer variety of games has allowed us to be whisked away to worlds we would never have even imagined. For one, you can now self-insert as a cute little crow working for the Reaping Commission Headquarters as a […]

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Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Review: The Heroes We Deserve

October 30, 2021

I have to be honest. After publisher Square Enix’s last Marvel themed outing, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy instilled a sizeable amount of doubt within me. Sure, Marvel’s Avengers was a fun cooperative experience, but it lacked any depth and heart. It seems as though the second time is the charm, as Marvel’s Guardians of […]

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Every Announcement from PlayStation’s October State of Play

October 28, 2021

PlayStation’s October State of Play rolled around this morning, with a fresh focus on third party titles and indie games. While some announcements unveiled some entirely new and unseen projects, it was also nice to see some indie games getting the love with some expanse updates. And with that, let’s have a look at the […]

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Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 Review: Viva La Revolution

October 7, 2021

The Far Cry series has faltered over the past few years. Recent iterations were either lacking immersive worlds, memorable villains, innovative gameplay, or all three. While far from terrible, it’s clear that nothing has been as good as the darling that is Far Cry 3. And it seems as though Ubisoft has heard. Far Cry […]

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FIFA 22 Review: Once more with feeling

September 28, 2021

FIFA 22 takes the term “next-generation” pretty seriously. And it should. With every new console generation, the FIFA franchise takes major steps forward. New hardware presents an opportunity to reinvent FIFA‘s visuals, mechanics and add a range of new game modes. However, I wouldn’t blame fans for feeling disillusioned with the series in recent years. Most […]

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every PlayStation Showcase

Where to see the PlayStation Showcase in Australian times

September 4, 2021

PlayStation Showcase will kick off this Friday, September 10, 2021, with a look at upcoming titles from Sony’s first-party video game studios. It’s an interesting time of year for PlayStation to hold a show like this, though unsurprising if we’re honest. Since pulling out of E3 several years ago, and its relative lack of presence […]

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Experience a New Tactical RPG With Marvel’s Midnight Suns

August 26, 2021

Marvel Madness continues with a new trailer, featuring a combination of some of Marvel’s most popular superheroes, including Wolverine, Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel and Ghost Rider. This is Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Based on the Midnight Sons comic run, the game is touted as a tactical RPG at heart. This cinematic trailer showcased the depth and […]

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Call of Duty Vanguard

Escape Stalingrad in Call of Duty Vanguard’s New Gameplay Trailer

August 26, 2021

The recent reveal of Call of Duty Vanguard left fans excited for a return to World War 2. However, it wasn’t until this morning’s Gamescom 2021 gameplay walkthrough that we were treated to a much more impressive look at the upcoming campaign. Editor’s note: Covering video games produced by Activision Blizzard is fraught at present. […]

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all trailers State of Play

All the trailers from today’s PlayStation State of Play

July 9, 2021

We’ve rounded up all the trailers from today’s PlayStation State of Play broadcast in one convenient place! There were some surprise announcements, like a sequel to beloved PSVR hit Moss and new looks at previously announced titles like Lost Judgment. However, Sony saved the best for last with a nine-minute look at Arkane Studios’ upcoming […]

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State of Play Australian times

Where to catch Friday’s PlayStation State of Play in Australian times

July 8, 2021

PlayStation has announced the next episode of its State of Play broadcasts will kick off, in Australian times, Friday morning, July 9. The broadcast will be largely dedicated to Arkane Studios’ upcoming PS5 exclusive Deathloop.  Sony says this segment will run about nine minutes out of the twenty-minute broadcast. For more on Deathloop, you can […]

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Horizon Forbidden West

The new Horizon Forbidden West trailer is jaw-droppingly beautiful

May 28, 2021

The latest PlayStation State of Play broadcast was an extended Horizon Forbidden West gameplay trailer. And what a trailer it was. Sony has a long history of dropping spectacular gameplay trailers at E3 time and this was no exception. The new Horizon Forbidden West trailer sees series heroine Aloy battling back a mysterious rebel army. She […]

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