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Interview: Director Maureen Bharoocha and actress Ramona Young on their SXSW revenge comedy The Prank

March 17, 2022

After missing out on the SXSW screening experience in 2020 with her feature The Golden Arm, director Maureen Bharoocha is even more grateful to be screening her latest film, The Prank, in person this year.  As the dark comedic thriller premiered (you can read our festival review here) our Peter Gray spoke to both Maureen […]

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The Prank is an uneven black comedy kept afloat by the wicked Rita Moreno: SXSW Film Festival Review

March 16, 2022

A somewhat standard high-school comedy and a campy dark mystery are fused together in Maureen Bharoocha‘s ambitious offering The Prank.  Whilst much of the film rides on the fact you have to root for unlikeable archetypes – either outcast students Ben (Connor Kalopsis) and his feisty bestie Tanner (Ramona Young) or their evil-incarnate teacher (a […]

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Film Review: West Side Story is the most alive Steven Spielberg has felt as a director in over a decade

December 19, 2021

Even for a filmmaker of Steven Spielberg‘s stature, it’s safe to say that taking on a property such as West Side Story would still be a daunting task.  The 1961 cinematic adaptation of the 1957 Broadway production was awarded 10 Oscars, including Best Picture, and has remained something of a cultural criterion in the decades […]

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