Space Jam game

Space Jam: A New Legacy: The Game revives classic the Shaq-Fu brawler

June 23, 2021

Space Jam: A New Legacy is getting a video game tie-in that recalls the greatest arcade sports games of the 16-bit era. It’s a 2D, pixel art, side-scrolling beat-em-up in the vein of Shaq-Fu and Michael Jordan: Chaos in the Windy City. Space Jam: A New Legacy: The Game was developed by Digital Eclipse. DE is the […]

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Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life Preview: You’re full of Tall Tales, Sparrow

June 21, 2021

This week Sea of Thieves will launch A Pirate’s Life, one of the game’s most impactful updates ever. The update, which launches in tandem with its Season Three content drop, is a set of five new Tall Tales all centred around Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Tall Tales are the Sea of Thieves version […]

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Forza Horizon 5

E3 2021: Forza Horizon 5 heads to Mexico, next-gen racing is here

June 14, 2021

Forza Horizon 5, the Xbox Series X|S’s graphical showpiece, has arrived. This fifth instalment in the popular open-world racing title takes Horizon Festival to Mexico. This will be the first time the Horizon series has returned to the Americas since the original game. According to developer Playground Games, “(f)un, freedom, and beauty” are the watchwords […]

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New Arkane game Redfall an Xbox exclusive

June 14, 2021

The next game from Arkane Studios is Redfall. It’s a 4-player co-operative multiplayer game in the vein of Left 4 Dead, except instead of zombies you’ll be battling vampires. Because this is an Arkane game, it’s fair to assume that level construction and player agency will be core facets of Redfall‘s design. Arkane is known […]

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E3 2021: Your first look at Starfield is here at last

June 14, 2021

After years in development, Bethesda has finally given the first glimpse at Starfield. Bethesda’s first new RPG IP since Fallout 3, Starfield is a science fiction RPG and will be the first to use Bethesda’s updated Creation Engine 2. The crux of the trailer, which does not show gameplay, is that you are an interstellar explorer. […]

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E3 2021 livestream Australian times

Where to see every E3 2021 livestream in Australian times

June 10, 2021

Looking for where you can find every E3 2021 livestream in Australian times? Look no further, friend. Below, we’ve laid out all the biggest livestreams in one handy list, with individual Aus timezones and links so you can find them on the night.   So, when does E3 start exactly? Great question. Hard to answer. […]

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Elder SCrolls Online Xbox Controller

This demonic Elder Scrolls Online Blackwood Xbox controller better not awaken anything in us

June 8, 2021

Xbox and Bethesda have partnered with Aussie controller kit bashers We Are Robots on a demonic new Xbox Series X|S controller to celebrate The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood. The entire Xbox controller resembles Mehrunes Dagon. In the Elder Scrolls lore, Dagon is the Daedric prince of destruction. Oblivion’s own CEO of being a naughty boy, […]

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Xbox Game Pass May

Everything coming and going from Xbox Game Pass in May

May 5, 2021

Xbox has announced the list of games coming to Xbox Game Pass in May. From popular picks like FIFA 21, Twitch favourites like Outlast 2, and cult classics like Psychonauts, there’s a little something for everyone. We’ve noted, where appropriate, which games are for Xbox Series X|S only, PC only, or coming to both platforms. […]

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Xbox Series FPS Boost

70 games just got an FPS Boost on Xbox Series X|S

May 4, 2021

Xbox has announced the addition of 70 new games to the growing Xbox Series X|S FPS Boost backwards compatibility roster. FPS Boost is a function of the Xbox Series X|S hardware that can double frame rates on many older games, The program partners with the original developers on each title to ensure stability and a […]

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PlayStation acquires minority stake in Discord, PS5 compatibility inbound

May 4, 2021

PlayStation has made a minority investment into Discord. It becomes the first of the Big Three console makers to begin a relationship with the popular online comms app. PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan announced the partnership overnight with a short post on the official SIE blog. Beyond the disclosure that PlayStation had acquired a minority stake […]

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coming to Game Pass

All the games coming to Xbox Game Pass in April 2021

April 8, 2021

If you’re looking for all the games coming to Xbox Game Pass in April, you’ve come to the right place. Xbox’s on-demand gaming service goes from strength to strength, with several notable additions. This month includes the arrival of Rockstar’s legendary GTA 5 (console only) and the addition of NHL 21 to the EA Play […]

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Xbox One

Two Days to Retirement: The life and times of the Xbox One

November 8, 2020

For the last seven years, the Xbox One has been one of the internet’s favourite punching bags. The machine that Xbox debuted at Microsoft’s Redmond campus ahead of E3 2013 was suffering an identity crisis. It was a video game console that focused on everything BUT video games. Against a resurgent and clear-minded PlayStation, the […]

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Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X Review: Back in the game at last

November 6, 2020

The pain of being publicly humbled suffuses every part of the Xbox Series X. Its predecessor’s missteps inform every facet of its design, from its outer shell to the operating system that powers it. After seven long years of being trampled by the competition, Xbox is finally getting up off the mat. It has taken […]

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optimised for Series X

Xbox announces 30 games optimised for Series X/S you can play at launch

October 16, 2020

Xbox has announced a list of 30 games, optimised for Xbox Series X and Series S hardware, that will be playable on launch day. The Xbox Series X and Series S launch windows are a bit bereft of exclusives. This is no secret and, while certainly a bummer, there’s still plenty to play the day […]

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Xbox Series X accesories

All the Xbox Series X accessories you can preorder in Australia right now

September 24, 2020

After the insanity that was Preorder Day, we thought it might be a good idea to put together a list of all the Xbox Series X accessories you can preorder in Australia. Bare in mind, stock appears to fairly limited for launch so don’t be too disappointed if you miss out, and know that you […]

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Xbox acquires Bethesda Softworks

September 22, 2020

“Today is a special day,” begins the most seismic announcement Phil Spencer has ever made. It certainly is. Xbox has announced overnight that it will acquire ZeniMax Media, the parent company of Bethesda Softworks. The deal, worth USD $7.5 billion, makes every studio under Bethesda’s umbrella and all of the IP they produce, from The Elder […]

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Series X preorder

Here’s where to preorder an Xbox Series X/S in Australia

September 21, 2020

Both the Xbox Series X and Series S will open preorders first thing tomorrow morning. See below for where you can preorder yours and make sure you secure a console at launch. Series X preorder will open at 8am AEST (that’s 7:30am ACST, 6:00am AWST, and 10am NZST) at retailers around the country. Pricing appears […]

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Series X

Xbox confirms Australian Series S/Series X launch date and pricing

September 10, 2020

Following the announcement of its low-cost Series S console on Tuesday, Xbox has formally announced pricing on the higher-end Series X. The Xbox Series X will retail for $499 in the US, in line with price points indicated in Tuesday’s leaks. This translates to $749 AUD, as announced by Xbox ANZ on socials earlier this […]

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Xbox Series S

Xbox Series S officially revealed, Series X pricing to follow

September 8, 2020

After images of the console leaked earlier today, Xbox has confirmed the existence of the Xbox Series S. Series S is a smaller, less powerful, budget-priced version of the Xbox Series X hardware arriving later this year. The Series S will set you back USD $299. As this story was being prepared, Xbox UK announced […]

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Xbox 20/20

Every trailer from last night’s Xbox 20/20 broadcast

May 8, 2020

At 1am last night, Xbox began the most critical step on the path to launching a new console — they started talking about the games. The latest episode of Inside Xbox was the first stop on the Xbox 20/20 video tour and was all about the kind of third-party developer support fans can expect on […]

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Xbox Series X + Project xCloud livestream to reveal new details

March 11, 2020

Microsoft have announced a series of live-streams on Xbox Series X that will replace its now-cancelled slate of GDC 2020 talks. The live-streams, called Game Stack Live, will broadcast a series of panels on Mixer over two days. One of these panels is titled “Xbox Series X + Project xCloud = New Chapter in Gaming.” […]

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Xbox Series X

Huge new Xbox Series X technical details revealed

February 25, 2020

When they said the Xbox Series X was a monster, they weren’t kidding. Xbox head Phil Spencer has detailed a laundry list of tech specs for the forthcoming game system via the official Xbox Newswire blog. The key theme? Power and speed. Here’s a taste: Let’s break down a few of the new items Phil […]

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E3 2019: Check out the new Gears 5 trailer

June 9, 2019

Microsoft have given fans a fresh look at Gears 5 (formerly Gears of War 5) during the Xbox E3 2019 press briefing. The game, which shifts its narrative focus from Gears of War 4‘s lead JD Fenix to team member Kait Diaz, looks to continue to franchise’s penchant for spectacle, chest high walls and chainsaw […]

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E3 2019: Project Scarlett is the next generation of Xbox hardware

June 9, 2019

We’ve arrived at that point in the hardware cycle when its time to start looking at what comes next. Xbox have used their E3 press briefing to do exactly that, unveiling the first glimpses of what they’re currently calling Project Scarlett, the ultra powerful next generation Xbox console. Scarlett is a beefy machine. Now packing […]

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Tickets to Xbox GrE3n Carpet events around Oz are on sale now

May 28, 2019

So you want to go to E3 but it’s in Los Angeles and you are very poor. Welcome to club, friend. Good news for you though, you can get a little taste of it for not very many dollarydoos at all! Xbox ANZ are holding GrE3n Carpet events at theatres around Australia and New Zealand. […]

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What could be the selling points of the next generation of consoles?

December 15, 2018

We have, if you can believe, almost reached the end of the current generation of consoles, and with news of PlayStation pulling out of E3 in 2019 in rumoured preparation of a hardware announcement, speculation is mounting as to what the selling points could be for the next generation. 2019 is going to be an […]

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Details released for the Xbox Adaptive Controller’s unique accessible packaging design

July 27, 2018

We’re on the cusp of a major development in gaming, and an important step forward for consumer technology. Historically, those who live with disabilities are overlooked when it comes to designing pieces of modern technology, and this has been most apparent in gaming. As you can imagine, it must be difficult to navigate traditional video […]

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You can now use Discord to chat to your mates across PC and Xbox

April 26, 2018

Hey, wasn’t it frustrating playing Sea of Thieves with friends cross-platform and having to put your laptop on the couch so you could use Discord to communicate? Those days are over, friends. Discord is coming to the Xbox One.

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Sea of Thieves closed beta extended until Jan 31st

January 29, 2018

If you were one of the lucky few to get into the Sea of Thieves closed beta this last weekend, you may have noticed the odd server issue preventing you from playing. Bit of a hassle really, and Xbox agrees. The beta, which was originally scheduled to end tonight, has been extended another couple of […]

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Games Review: Xbox One X (2017): Raw power, same mistakes

November 7, 2017

Boy, Don Mattrick really fucked Xbox, didn’t he? It’s been five years since Microsoft’s now-infamous E3 2013 presentation, the unveiling of an All-in-One corporate fantasy wildly out of step with what its audience actually wanted and expected. Microsoft have been trying to course correct ever since. So dominated have they been by the runaway success […]

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