Snow White

Brisbane Festival Review: Snow White, La Boite Roundhouse Theatre (performances until September 24th)

Forming part of Brisbane Festival’s Festival Focus: Snow White, and taking over the Roundhouse Theatre at Kelvin Grove’s Theatre Republic, this rendition of the Brothers Grimm classic fairytale was never going to be your standard Disney fare. Leave the kids at home, people! Featuring Snow White (Stephanie Pickett), the Queen (incredible mezzo Silvia Colloca), the Mirror (Kanen…

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Dance Review: Ballet Preljocaj’s Snow White at QPAC (performances until 11th September)

It’s a story of good and evil, black and white, with just a hint of red… It’s opening night of Ballet Preljocaj’s Snow White at QPAC. The curtains rise to a dark stage filled with white smoke. As your eyes adjust to the darkness, you can just make out a dark figure at the far…

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