David Lynch

Flying Lotus previews new album, drops first single with David Lynch

April 18, 2019

Experimental producer Flying Lotus is prepping his first studio album since 2014’s brilliant You’re Dead!, and from our first preview, it’s going to one hell of a bizarre ride. The prolific artist has teamed up with Twin Peaks mastermind David Lynch to, confidently, release a pretty non-music first single called “Fire is Coming”. It’s less […]

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Twin Peaks returns as it left: Impressions of the first four episodes of season three

May 28, 2017

A young Dale Cooper and Laura Palmer seated in the black lodge, two and a half decades past. It’s the first image we get from Twin Peaks returned and extends a moment of nostalgia before settling how much time has passed, both in Lynch’s universe and ours. When Coop reappears following Angelo Badalamenti’s Twin Peak’s […]

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Angelo Badalamenti’s soundtrack from the original Twin Peaks continues to dream on

May 25, 2017

And as the last note from “Love Theme” fades, David Lynch pats Angelo Badalamenti on the back, before leaning closer to whisper, “you are my muse.” Angelo, caressing the hand resting on his back,  returns “and you mine.” The two, now with hands clasped, are shrouded by a ring of light, a light that grows […]

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Eight things we’re hoping to see from the return of Twin Peaks

May 19, 2017

After twenty-six years Twin Peaks breathes once more. The series formerly declared dead by director David Lynch, will return following two and a half decades of speculation and fan civil war (born by the closing scene of the final episode – Beyond Life and Death). Its revival beckons the Lynchian cult to raise their lighters […]

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Golden Age Cinema is serving up cherry pie at their two-day David Lynch marathon this weekend (Sydney)

May 14, 2017

Petersham’s Daisy’s Milk Bar has hooked up with hipster favourite Golden Age Cinema & Bar to celebrate the imminent arrival of David Lynch’s long-awaited reboot of Twin Peaks. How so? The lively milk bar will be serving up slices of their gorgeous cherry pie as the Surry Hills cinema present two days of Lynch classics […]

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A new, utterly confusing teaser for the Twin Peaks limited event series has emerged

May 13, 2017

David Lynch is back at it again, doing his darnedest to completely befuddle us, this time in the form of a minute long teaser for the Twin Peaks revival debuting soon on Stan. I don’t know wh…Just see for yourself. As you can surmise, Lynch hasn’t changed a bit. Directed entirely by the eccentric filmmaker, […]

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John Malkovich and David Lynch create the perfect imbalance for Psychogenic Fugue

September 30, 2016

Where playing a single Lynch role would be enough to stretch any thespian to the point of madness, John Malkovich has decided to take on seven. Granted, they won’t be unfamiliar roles. Malkovich will team with Sandro Miller to create a lasting pastiche of the Twin Peaks’ Log Lady, Blue Velvet’s Frank Booth, Eraserhead’s the […]

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Official revival cast list welcomes us back to Twin Peaks

April 26, 2016

After a few month of not hearing anything, we are welcomed back to some input regarding Twin Peaks’ revival, which happens next year. Executive producers David Lynch and Mark Frost have just revealed the epic 217-person long list of who’s returning and some newbies along for the ride. Amongst the crew, newcomers include Laura Dern, Michael Cera, Ashley Judd, […]

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The Earl’s Juke Joint team are opening a David Lynch inspired bar (Sydney)

March 12, 2016

Award-winning bartender Pasan Wijesena of Earl’s Juke Joint fame is about to take a bold step into the universe of pop-culture themed venues with a David Lynch inspired bar right around the corner in a space that was once occupied by Enmore’s Anna Thai. The Enmore Road drinking hole will undoubtedly be all types of […]

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David Lynch returns to Twin Peaks revival

May 18, 2015

Just over a month since declaring he was leaving the project, director David Lynch has rejoined the Showtime Network’s Twin Peaks revival. Lynch had originally left the project after disputes over the series’ budget, but after negotiations with Showtime, and a campaign by Twin Peaks’ original cast, Lynch confirmed his return to the series via […]

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David Lynch pulls out of Twin Peaks Revival

April 7, 2015

Back in 1990, filmmaker David Lynch changed the shape of the American television landscape forever with the premiere of Twin Peaks. Fans were immediately pulled into the world of FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan), as he sought to solve the mystery of who killed the irresistible homecoming queen Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee). The […]

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