Jake Gyllenhaal “takes it outside” in Easter egg-filled first-look poster for Road House

Expect the unexpected. Take it outside. Be nice. These are the 3 simple rules of Road House, and just a slew of the Easter eggs and throwback references to the Patrick Swayze original that the freshly unveiled one-sheet for Doug Liman and Jake Gyllenhaal‘s reimagining is teasing ahead of its global release on Prime Video…

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Film Review: River Wild reimagines the classic Meryl Streep thriller with a more violent, survivalist layering

Branding itself as a reimagining rather than a traditional remake – and this is one of those cases where that wording does actually tie into the overall mentality – River Wild takes the basic premise of Curtis Hanson’s 1994 thriller The River Wild, a Hitchcock-in-the-great-outdoors chiller that raised its own profile through the inclusion of…

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Film Review: The Craft: Legacy respects its source material whilst placing its own individual stamp on the familiar narrative

Written and directed by an openly gay man and fronted by a quartet of women – one of whom a woman of colour – 1996’s supernatural teen horror film The Craft was, in retrospect, ahead of its time.  2 years before witchcraft would become weekly viewing on the television series Charmed, and over a decade…

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