Track by Track: SonOfHarry takes us through his atmospheric debut concept album, The World Has Gone Mad

Australian singer/songwriter SonOfHarry is a bold and innovative musician. He is making his mark by today releasing his debut album, a gorgeous and lush collection of songs exploring themes that are dear to the heart. The maturity and variety on the album is outstanding, especially given that he is still only twenty one years old….

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Track by Track: Nighteyes takes us through her debut album, The Way Back Down

Nighteyes is the solo project of New Zealand-born and Melbourne-based multi-instrumentalist Rachel Trainor. She has just released her stunning and haunting debut album, The Way Back Down.  The Way Back Down is a collection of tracks steeped with drama and stories. They are a mix of dark rock, folk and electronica, which navigate a broad range…

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Lisa Caruso

Lisa Caruso takes us through her stellar EP, Stretching, Track by Track

Lisa Caruso‘s debut album of 2020, In Feelings, was one that was played on repeat in our household and was a Christmas gift for many friends and family. It’s been revisited many times since, so we’ve been looking forward very much to the next body of work from the gifted singer/songwriter. Today, Caruso has released…

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Track by Track: SLOE JACK takes us through his moving BACKSTAB (DELUXE) LP

SLOE JACK is the solo project for Victorian Jack Garritty, who has been to the dark side and back. Telling the tale of his difficult journey thus far, and giving hope to others that have found them in unfortunate circumstances, today he releases his latest record, Backstab (Deluxe), a collection of 13 honest and hard-hitting tracks….

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Katie Wighton

Track by Track: Katie Wighton takes us through her stunning debut LP, The End

Katie Wighton has today released her much-anticipated and stunning debut LP, The End. The album is a series of reflections on events that have occured in Katies life. They touch on relationships with the wrong person, heartbreak, reconciliation and reaffirming the need to live your best life. Katie is one quarter of the much-loved ARIA award-winning…

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Track by Track: DICE take us through their new EP, Time Will Tell

Western Australia continues to give birth to bands that you must listen to. The latest on this long list is DICE, a band of four young lads from Perth who are making waves with their melodic rock featuring big choruses, jangly guitars and lyrics that resonate strongly with their generation. They have just dropped their…

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Track by Track: Kingswood take us through their new album Home

Try and find me a harder working band that Australia’s own Kingswood. They are in the midst of a run of 120+ shows across Australia giving fans the opportunity to listen to the tunes off Home, the record they have just released. Home features rich story telling, some sweet guitars and beautiful harmonies. From the hopefull…

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Pirra takes a deep dive into the hypnotic and irresistible Spirals

Wollongong’s indie-pop quartet Pirra have today released Spirals, their first record since their 2017 EP, Animal Kingdom. It’s a beautiful eclectic mix of straight-out dance floor bangers as well as other tracks that may appear a little more laid back, but suck you into a jiving vortex before you know it. The creativity of the…

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Lucy Elle

Track by Track: Lucy Elle reveals the Silent Side of Quiet (EP)

Melbourne singer-songwriter Lucy Elle has recently released her stunning debut EP, Silent Side of Quiet. The EP is a collection of songs that have been drawn from Lucy’s experiences and track heartbreak, loss and disconnect. Whilst the songs may have a common theme of sadness, there is a lightness and a soothing nature to them. I’m…

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Track by track: Highline talk us through their Overrun EP

Sydney’s Highline have today released Overrun, their latest EP. The talented indie-rock quartet have been releasing guitar-driven songs that are unified by their honesty and exploration of themes of friendship, love and personal growth. They are a band that have been a favourite of the AU for some time now. With guitars to the fore,…

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Track by Track: Lewis Goldmark takes us through debut solo album Cut and Flash

Belles Will Ring‘s Liam Judson, otherwise known as Lewis Goldmark, has unleashed a glorious mix of vintage haze, experimental pop, and indie-disco on the world, in the form of debut solo album Cut and Flash. Judson did it all, writing, producing and engineering the entire project from his Blue Mountains studio. Well, almost – we’ve…

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Track by Track: Jem Cassar-Daley takes us through debut EP I Don’t Know Who to Call

Singer-songwriter Jem Cassar-Daley has been wowing us with her talents since last year, with tracks “Letting Go,” “Changes,” and “Like it More” showcasing a soulful indie-pop sound, backed by stunning vocals. Today, it’s all coming together with the release of debut EP I Don’t Know Who To Call. Of the release, Jem says: “This project is very close…

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Track by Track: Wanderers take us through their self-titled EP

Today South Australia’s Wanderers have released their third EP, self-titled, and arguably their strongest to date. The well-respected duo, Dusty Lee Stephensen and Matt Birkin have established themselves as outstanding songwriters and musicians. The EP is their first since 2017’s Something For A Distraction and sets them up nicely for a visit to the US…

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Future Haunts

I Can’t Change The Way You Change: Future Haunts takes us through their latest EP track by track

Brisbane’s Future Haunts have just released their latest EP, I Can’t Change The Way You Change. The four-piece have teased out a couple of singles earlier this year, in “Social Glue” and “Accelerator”, ahead of the release of the EP. The tracks are written for the current time, and resonate strongly due to the uncertainty…

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Joe Mungovan

Track by Track: Joe Mungovan takes us through his debut album, A Flower In The Weeds

South Coast multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter Joe Mungovan has just released his debut album, the gorgeous A Flower In The Weeds. Joe has been releasing quality singles and EP’s for a number of years now, so it’s an absolute treat to listen to his debut long-play record. Joe writes infectious indie/roots-pop, with strong melodies, acoustic guitars conveying…

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With Blue

Exclusive EP Premiere: With Blue – Pleasure Lies (2021 EP)

Brisbane indie-rockers With Blue have been making their mark on the live music scene since forming in 2018. With their catchy melodies and sweet harmonies, the quartet have been rewarded with a solid following in the Brisbane music scene. We are stoked today to be premiering their debut EP, Pleasure Lies, ahead of its release…

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Brigitte Bardini

Track by Track: Brigitte Bardini takes us through her debut album Stellar Lights

Singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Brigitte Bardini has just released her gorgeous debut album, Stellar Lights. It’s a collection of fourteen tracks, wonderfully diverse, showing a maturity way beyond what you would expect for a debut album. It perhaps shouldn’t come as a surprise that Bardini produced eight of the tracks herself, and the other six were…

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Stella Farnan

Track By Track: Stella Farnan takes us through her debut EP Come Stay At Mine

Stella Farnan is an artist that caught our eye back in early 2020. With thoughtful lyrics, an adroit turn of phrase and superb vocals, we had her pegged as an artist to watch in 2020. Obviously that was a year to write off, but Stella popped up again early this year and we were delighted…

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Sunday Estate

The Sunday Estate take us through their new EP When You Get Home

Sydney five-piece The Sunday Estate have today released their latest EP, When You Get Home. The band has the knack of writing cracking rock songs with strong melodies, great guitars and catchy choruses. They tend to be written about themes and topics to which we can all relate, making them readily accessible. Of the tracks…

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Imogen Clark

Track By Track: Imogen Clark takes us through her new EP Bastards

Last week Sydney singer/songwriter Imogen Clark released her latest EP, Bastards. This is an EP that demonstrates strength and resistance, as Imogen dissects relationships that have impacted her in her journey the past few years. Imogen was able to collaborate with some great talent on the recording. Some of those that pitched in include Eilish Gilligan,…

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Neil Frances

Track by Track: Neil Frances take us through their new EP Stay Strong Play Long

Los Angeles duo Neil Frances (Jordan Feller and Marc Gilfry) have today released their new six-track EP, Stay Strong Play Long. The EP includes the mega-hit “Music Sounds Better with You” which has been streamed over forty million times. Jordan and Marc have put together a track-by-track breakdown of the songs which make up the…

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Track by Track: Gesticulations take us through their atmospheric debut album Sense of Purgency

Gesticulations is a solo project for Graham Ashton, who you may recognise from The Shambolics and Way Cool Jnr. Today he releases the first album for the project, Sense of Purgency. The songs are typically very lyric-driven, and musically sparse. Whilst being sparse, it is varied and interesting. Elements of this record remind me of…

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Track by Track: The Paradise Riflebirds take us through long-awaited debut Victorian Evening

Emerging in Brisbane back in the late 2000s, The Paradise Riflebirds (then known as simply The Riflebirds) were on the up and up. But life had other plans for the band, and after a battle with a serious illness, they’re finally here with a new(ish) name and their debut album Victorian Evening. An ode to…

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Track by Track: Alex Hardy takes us through her debut EP A Little Break From Love

We are really thrilled to be able to present a track-by-track description for the debut EP from Sydney singer/songwriter Alex Hardy. Alex has a silky smooth voice, perfectly suited to the soulful jazz grooves on these tracks. Alex had a crack team creating this record, with it being produced by Sarah Belkner. Helping out was…

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Track by Track: Brayden Sibbald takes us through his EP We Can Only Move Forward (2020)

Brayden Sibbald, songwriter and producer from Dunsborough, WA, is releasing today his latest EP, We Can Only Move Forward. This follows on from Float, which was released in 2018. One of the singles from this EP, “Thin Air” has already racked up over 100,000 streams. We can Only Move Forward is signature Sibbald. His voice…

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Track By Track – Jade MacRae takes us through her album Handle Me with Care

Jade MacRae has just released her latest album, Handle Me With Care, and we are delighted to bring you a Track-By-Track description written by Jade for this wonderful album. She is one of Australia’s finest singers, with a voice which effortlessly shifts between different styles, be it R&B, gospel, blues and soul. You can purchase a…

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Exclusive EP Premiere: Pearl The Girl Oh Dear (2020)

We are excited today to be premiering the new EP, Oh Dear from Sydney indie rocker Pearl The Girl. Two tracks from the EP have already hit the airwaves, “Single Use Plastic” and “Long Way Back”, and it’s with keen anticipation that we get to hear the other 2 tracks for this new release. Oh…

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Track by Track: Tshitaki take us through their album World Keeps Turning

Today we have a very exciting feature for you. It’s the full track-by-track breakdown of the sophomore album by Sydney-based rockers, Tshitaki. Tshitaki is from the Northern Beaches in Sydney and is comprised of Nik Philpott on vocals and lead guitar, Mullo on bass and vocals, and The Gwarp on drums. I’ve really enjoyed listening…

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Track by Track: Kilns take us through their debut album You Can Bet Your House on Me

Last month Melbourne indie-rockers Kilns released their beautiful debut album “You Can Bet Your House on Me”.  It’s an album that regularly visits themes of relationships, their fragility but is also joyous. Guitars riff and vocals soar with some sweet harmonies. There is also some sweet humour in there as well. It’s hard to believe these…

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Track by Track: Okay Dane take us through their debut EP, Alienation

Alt-rockers from Melbourne Okay Dane have dropped their debut EP Alienation today. They released 2 tracks off it earlier this year, “Pretend” and “God Complex”, and it’s great to see them get the finished EP out the door. This EP is a collection of well-crafted punchy songs that will get your party started. To celebrate the…

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