Exclusive EP Premiere: Pearl The Girl Oh Dear (2020)

We are excited today to be premiering the new EP, Oh Dear from Sydney indie rocker Pearl The Girl. Two tracks from the EP have already hit the airwaves, “Single Use Plastic” and “Long Way Back”, and it’s with keen anticipation that we get to hear the other 2 tracks for this new release. Oh Dear is the follow-up to Pearl’s debut album Just a Phase that was released last year.

Pearl is known for writing truthful, incisive songs, which are eminently danceable, and this EP has this in spades.  As an added bonus, Pearl has kindly provided us with a Track-By-Track breakdown.

Ghosts, in a sense is about self-destruction, sabotaging a good thing, a great thing.

Long Way Back: 
You know, I’ve haven’t told anyone this, but “Long Way Back” is actually about being taken advantage of, in other words, sexual assault. I opted not to lead with that story initially because quite frankly it’s no ones business, but when prompted with the question quite frequently it gets a little more difficult to lie. As I grow up, I’m becoming more uncomfortable with the white lies I tell myself in order to sleep at night.

Oh Dear: 
“Oh dear” is a love song, it’s about the fledgling days of a brewing romance. I wrote this song about a special someone who was away in LA for a while. It’s about irrationally missing your lover so much, you’re like a lost puppy trying to be cool.

Single Use Plastic:
It’s safe to say we all have that one friend that lets us down. Calls on you when in need and are notoriously unreachable when you need them. For some reason, it’s easier not to break up. The music video for “Single Use Plastic” (aka Single Use Friendship) symbolises just that. You may as well be talking to a manikin.


You can listen to the EP in full here first, before it’s release on all digital platforms tomorrow.

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