Track by Track: SLOE JACK takes us through his moving BACKSTAB (DELUXE) LP


SLOE JACK is the solo project for Victorian Jack Garritty, who has been to the dark side and back. Telling the tale of his difficult journey thus far, and giving hope to others that have found them in unfortunate circumstances, today he releases his latest record, Backstab (Deluxe), a collection of 13 honest and hard-hitting tracks.

The LP is an expansion in his 2022 release, BACKSTAB, with five new tracks, including the recently released “TWO WORDS” and “BRAIN ROT”. His energetic drill rap/rock is punchy, energetic and uplifting.

To say Garritty has had a difficult time is an understatement. With an abusive homelife, and being forced to fend for himself from his mid-teens his story is one of survival. Through all of these struggles, a love of music and connection to artists such as Rage Against the Machine and Beastie Boys, he has created his own pulsating blend of drill rap and rock

His music is a call to arms for anyone that has been done over by the system. – I just want to represent people like me: the kids that never got a chance and feel downtrodden and forgotten. I want to be a voice for those people. Every song I make has that underdog mentality.”

He has been getting some serious attention in Australia and overseas. His debut EP has cracked over 2 million streams. It’s no surprise that he is relocating to LA. Expect big things from this talented artist.

We’re thrilled today to have a track by track breakdown for Backstab (Delux).  So do press <play>, crank up the volume and read on.

Track by Track – SLOE JACK – Backstab (Delux)


“BEAST MODE” encapsulates the journey of triumphing over adversity and defying the odds.

As a teenager, I faced some incredibly tough times, struggling with addiction and growing up in a broken home. But in the midst of darkness, I found the strength to turn things around, and “BEAST MODE” captures that transformative process.

This song is a testament to the power of resilience and camaraderie. It’s a reflection of the battles fought and won, the uphill climb to overcome what seemed like insurmountable challenges. The essence of “BEAST MODE” lies in the unyielding spirit that refuses to be held down, the spirit that rallies with friends by its side, ready to face whatever comes.

Drawing inspiration from the atmosphere of sports and the adrenaline of a pregame chant, the song exudes that electric energy. It’s not just about individual triumph; it’s about the synergy of a team, the united front that propels us forward, even when the odds are stacked against us.

“BEAST MODE” is a reminder that even when life throws its worst at us, we have the power to rise above, to redefine our destinies. It’s about turning adversity into strength, despair into determination. Through this song, I want to share the message that no matter where you come from or what you’ve been through, there’s always a path to transformation and victory.


“SLOW DOWN” is an anthem of freedom, capturing the exhilaration of breaking free from the shackles of negativity. It’s about the journey towards my true potential after years of being held back by toxic influences. This song embodies the sweet taste of newfound freedom.


When writing “MONSTER”, I channelled my frustration with the unkindness and online toxicity that infests our digital age. The song describes the individuals determined to impose their beliefs and opinions on others. I wanted to write a song that encourages people to stand firm in their convictions and not allow these “monsters” to manipulate our personal beliefs.


“BACKSTAB” describes the bad habits created by my turbulent upbringing. It describes self-sabotage, a cycle created by the environment I had grown accustomed to through my past experiences. It’s a reminder of how our past can shadow our present.


“MINE” describes the allure of toxic relationships, even when we know they’re detrimental. It explores the temptation of returning to what’s familiar and exciting. This song describes toxic love and the effect it had on me during that part of my life.


In “RIGOR MORTIS” I write about the struggle of losing oneself in the quest for social acceptance. It’s a reflection on the changes we make to fit in and how these alterations can obscure the unique qualities that once defined us. This track outlines the importance of staying true to our authentic selves.


“WIRED” was written about the excitement of a toxic relationship. During that time, I convinced myself that I deserved nothing more than chaos and misery. This song outlines the dysfunction that once defined my life.


“PARADE “is an anthem for anyone who’s felt their dreams suffocated by the negative influences of others. It portrays the drain of toxic relationships, be it with friends, ex-lovers, or even family members. This song was written for those wanting to break free and reclaim their own path.


When I wrote “BRAIN ROT”, it was an eruption of emotion. I designed the song to be a surge of primal energy, aimed at scratching that chaotic itch we all have. It’s about unleashing pent-up frustration, and causing a ruckus.


“RENEGADE” is a portrayal of betrayal and anger, inspired by the moment when I discovered my girlfriend was cheating on me. The song encapsulates the intense resentment and raw emotions that surged through me during that moment.


“NUMBER” describes a fear of commitment, a problem I faced in the aftermath of a disastrous relationship. It paints a picture of my struggle to trust again. I was simply afraid to put my heart on the line once more.


“2 WORDS” is my personal theme; it encapsulates my experiences and the core message of my artistry. It narrates the challenges I’ve faced, serving as an underdog’s anthem. This track is about embracing the struggle and rising above it, and it’s a reminder for anyone facing obstacles that they can overcome them too.


“ACTOR” peels back the layers of my troubled childhood, revealing a haunting truth: those who were meant to protect me were more like actors. It dives into my painful childhood and the false facade I was living under.


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