Track by track: Highline talk us through their Overrun EP


Sydney’s Highline have today released Overrun, their latest EP. The talented indie-rock quartet have been releasing guitar-driven songs that are unified by their honesty and exploration of themes of friendship, love and personal growth. They are a band that have been a favourite of the AU for some time now. With guitars to the fore, strong melodies and stories that resonate, they always deliver.

Their previous EP, Off Track was released in 2021, and garned a new legion of fans.  Overrun contains singles released since Off Track, with the addition of a new song, the title track.

To celebrate the release of the EP, the band has a run of shows organised for the East Coast. See dates below. Their shows are always energetic, so do try and get to one if you can.

Lead guitarist Rhys Hope, has put together for the AU, a track-by-track breakdown for the EP. So do press <Play>, and have a listen to what is an outstanding EP. You can also take a deeper dive and enjoy the creativity of the film-clips that have been put together for three of the tracks.



Track by track – Overrun from Highline


“Overrun” is a bit of a new sound for us, and it’s been a fun one to play live for a while now. A big part of this song is the 12-string guitar, and how the band really frees up and takes control. Til we finished the lyrics we just called it “12-string”. Early on we also called it “Pink Floyd song” because we feel that a tiny bit of the band’s love for Pink Floyd seeped into this one, with the freedom in the synth and guitar parts. The meaning of the song has chopped and changed over the years. It talks about the experience of a slow and exhausting recovery from a concussion.  We’ve definitely been waiting a while to get it out, so the main chorus tag “I’ve been waiting, for so long” captures that wait too.

Enough for You and Me

“Enough for You and Me” has always been known as “Slash” for us. It still feels weird to refer to it by its actual title. “Overrun” and “Enough for You and Me” are definitely the two songs that have been defined live on stage, but we are also pretty stoked on their translation into a studio version. It’s really about leaning on your friends to feel better, when life gets a little mundane.

Predominantly, it’s a celebration of friendship, but parts of the lyrics hint at the idea of reflection when you’re not happy with the way things are going.

Here Now

Much like “Overrun”, this track has been battling for its own spotlight for a couple of years now. Initially destined for our last EP Off Track, we sat with it for a long while just trying to give it that extra 10%. Adding Angela Rose’s backing vocals to the track really gave it what it needed, and the reception it has had as a single so far has been great. The song is really just about being happy, but knowing that a feeling like happiness seems to ebb and flow, sometimes fading right when it’s needed most.

Shy Today

“Shy Today” is about wanting to reconnect with someone you’ve grown apart from, but not really having the courage to do so. It started as an acoustic ballad, but we really ripped it apart writing it. It was a big step for us in our writing process, as I don’t think there is even an acoustic guitar left on the track in its final form.

Things Just Change Sometimes

Last to be written, last on the record, but this song has a very special place in our hearts. Quite simply, it’s about perseverance and the power that a mindset of perseverance can have sometimes. It’s also a special track because we recorded it with our best mate Nick Stillone, at his own home studio. It was the first ever song he released as a producer.


Upcoming tour dates:

30th July – Cherry Bar – Melbourne – tickets HERE
12th August – Vinnie’s Dive – Gold Coast – tickets HERE
13th August – O’Skulligans – Brisbane – tickets HERE
20th August – LaLaLa’s – Wollongong – tickets HERE
26th August – Cambridge Side Bar – Newcastle

Overrun by Highline is out now on all major streaming services.

You can keep up to date with Highline via Facebook and Instagram.

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