Track by Track: SonOfHarry takes us through his atmospheric debut concept album, The World Has Gone Mad


Australian singer/songwriter SonOfHarry is a bold and innovative musician. He is making his mark by today releasing his debut album, a gorgeous and lush collection of songs exploring themes that are dear to the heart. The maturity and variety on the album is outstanding, especially given that he is still only twenty one years old.

SonOfHarry is the moniker for Harry Cleverdon, who has made a name for himself in the Australian country music scene. Releasing music under this alternate moniker has allowed him to spread his wings stylistically and not alienate his hard-won country music audience. It’s an innovative and great vehicle to allow him to explore other styles of music.

The album explores a wide variety of themes, making us question our prioritisation of what is important, our treatment of the planet, and our difficulty in appreciating the beauty of all that surrounds us.

There are some wonderful amped-up moments, reminiscent of the thundering Hozier, in tracks such as “The World Has Gone Mad, Pt 2” and “Alien”. There are also delicate instrumentals, along with soundbites from Apollo 13 on “Paradise, Pt. 2”.

“Where Do We Come From?” is an instrumental featuring a beautiful and ethereal mix of organ and piano, leading into the upbeat and jazzy “Can Not Be This Way”.

The World Has Gone Mad is a wonderfully ambitious album that SonOfHarry should be deeply proud of. There are searing guitars, beautiful brass solos and tinkering pianos. The creativity oozes from its pores.

We’re blessed today to have Harry write us a track-by-track breakdown. So do press <play>, immerse yourself in this fascinating record and read on.

Track by Track – The World Has Gone Mad – SonOfHarry

A collection of sounds and musical passages underlying the opening piano theme, being here for the listener to settle in for the album. ‘Intro’ as the name suggests, introduces the main thematic and musical elements from the rest of the album!

The World Has Gone Mad, Pt. 1
As the first part of The World Has Gone Mad, part one is a slow and dark reflection on the world we live in. Lyrically it is sometimes sarcastic and often angry in its delivery. Being quite a short piece and just a fraction of the album, it is the first time we hear the main theme, before it transitions into paradise.

Paradise, Pt. 1
A short transition between parts 1 and 2 of “The World Has Gone Mad”, “Paradise” offers a sarcastic take on our modern ‘paradise’. This synth driven delayed soundscape builds and transitions between two key points of the album, allowing a listener a ‘change of aural scenery’ if you like before the main event.

The World Has Gone Mad, Pt. 2
After the setup from Part 1 of “The World Has Gone Mad”, Part 2 is essentially the main theme of the album. Lyrically it encapsulates most of what SonOfHarry tries to convey throughout, but more prominently the 80s rock elements combined with some perfectly layered synths combine to create a sing along anthem. This 4 minute long track includes the first guitar solo of the album and prepares you for the second half…

“Moments of Beauty” is a slow building guitar based track on the theme of finding the ‘beauty’ in little moments in life. It’s a guitar-driven track that shines with its harmonious melodies and Michael Carpenter’s exceptional drumming. The lyrics weave a contemplative narrative, exploring the fleeting nature of beauty in a world overshadowed by gloom. This track stands out for its reflective mood and musical depth, beautifully blending introspective lyrics with a rich, layered soundscape.

“Alien” is the BIG track of “The World Has Gone Mad”! Opening with an iconic piano riff, “Alien” builds slowly at first but gradually more and more into a massive third chorus. Featuring nearly all elements of the previous tracks in the album, “Alien” serves as the track showcasing the sound and songwriting of SonOfHarry perfectly.

Paradise, Pt. 2
The second part of “Paradise”, kicking off the second side of the album. The actual recordings of Apollo 13 are heard on the opening and closing of the track, and in the middle a slowed, rocked out version of the ‘Paradise’ theme. It also introduces the “Fall” theme as the memorable lyrics fade in and out through beautiful harmonised vocals. “Paradise” part 2 is a contemplative piece surrounding a gorgeous soaring guitar solo.

Where Do We Come From
“Where Do We Come From” is an instrumental, a mesmerizing blend of organ and synth that crafts a slow-building soundscape. This track is a journey in itself, gradually unfolding layers of sound that evoke a sense of cosmic wonder and introspection. Its seamless integration of organ and synth creates a sonic tapestry that is both haunting and beautiful, inviting listeners to ponder the profound question its title suggests. It’s an exploration of sound that resonates with the overarching themes of the album, adding a rich, instrumental depth to the narrative.

Can Not Be This Way
“Can Not Be This Way” is a vibrant, piano-driven track that radiates pop energy. With its lively beat and real drum and bass foundation, the song pulses with an infectious rhythm. The lyrics are smart and engaging, offering a witty commentary on modern absurdities. Coupled with a cool electric piano solo, this track is a standout, offering a mix of catchy melodies and thought-provoking words. It’s a song that not only makes you want to move but also think, making it a must-listen for fans of dynamic, meaningful pop music.

SonOfHarry’s ”Fall’ is a vocal symphony. From the opening and closing vocal loop to the harmonized choir vocals behind the chorus, the voice is the focal point. Lyrically depicting someone lost in the world looking for an escape, “Fall” is the ‘sweet’ song of the album, a nice contrast from “The World Has Gone Mad”.

The World Has Gone Mad, Pt. 3
The final part of TWHGM rounding out the album comes a 9 minute extended part of the main theme. Taking bits and pieces from throughout the album and relating them all back in context. A laid back slow rock taking inspiration from Pink Floyd and others of the period, Part 3 wraps up all the musical themes with guitar solos, layered synths and velvety smooth vocals. This is also the last time vocals from Shy are heard on the album. Part 3 is an accumulation of sounds and themes put together to finish the album.

The World Has Gone Mad from SonOfHarry is out now on all streaming platforms.

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