Day: 30 September 2022


Pirra takes a deep dive into the hypnotic and irresistible Spirals

Wollongong’s indie-pop quartet Pirra have today released Spirals, their first record since their 2017 EP, Animal Kingdom. It’s a beautiful eclectic mix of straight-out dance floor bangers as well as other tracks that may appear a little more laid back, but suck you into a jiving vortex before you know it. The creativity of the…

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Interview: Isabella Manfredi talks about her debut album izzi and the joy of recording as a solo artist

Isabella Manfredi recently released her debut album izzi. Isabella (Izzi), was of course the lead singer of the Australian band The Preatures, before it was disbanded. It’s a beautiful album, ingrained with love, hope and optimism, yet doesn’t shy away from some of her darker moments. It was a cathartic album for the singer/songwriter, who…

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Interview: Melanie Zanetti on Raven’s Hollow, exploring psychological horror and the increased prominence of strong female roles

There’s always a certain joy in seeing someone you know personally excel in their chosen field of expertise. And for Peter Gray it was chatting with Queensland actress (and long-historied friend) Melanie Zanetti in conjunction with the release of Raven’s Hollow. After catching up and filling more than a few interview minutes on celebrating each…

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Katy Steele

New Music Discoveries 30th September: Katy Steele, Elana Stone and more

Ten more new tracks have been added to our Discovery playlist on Spotify and Apple Music. Our final Track of the Week for September is “Feel So Bad” – the new single from the inimitable Katy Steele. Yes, that voice we all love so much from her days in Little Birdy is back with the…

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Film Review: Smile trumps its lack of originality with sharp execution and a great performance from Sosie Bacon

Adapted from the short film Laura Hasn’t Slept, Smile tells the story of Rose Cutter (Sosie Bacon) – a doctor who is experiencing strange, horrifying occurrences after a traumatic incident she had with a patient who killed herself. The patient had displayed clear signs of trauma and mentioned witnessing a suicide and seeing the victim…

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Film Review: Hocus Pocus 2 is campy, nonsensical, and bathed in a self-aware musicality

Like so many of the House of Mouse’s IPs, Hocus Pocus has been conjured once more.  Disney weren’t entirely sure they had a success on their hands some 30 years ago with the release of the original film – what with the studio releasing a Halloween-themed family film in July, for starters – and were…

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