Day: 6 February 2024

Interview: Sisi Stringer on Force of Nature: The Dry 2; “I think it’s better than the first one, and not just because I’m in it.”

“I was ready!” Actress Sisi Stringer knew what she was getting herself into when taking on Force of Nature: The Dry 2.  So much so that she became an unofficial expert on filming in the harsh realty of the Australian rainforest. Whether or not that advice was taken on by her co-stars is another story…

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Interview: Jacqueline McKenzie and Robin McLeavy on their gripping new thriller Force of Nature: The Dry 2 and surviving the harsh realities of filming

As Force of Nature: The Dry 2 treks its way towards Australian theatres, The AU Review’s coverage of the anticipated thriller continues.  Following on from his interviews with both director Robert Connolly and star/producer Eric Bana, and producer Jodi Matterson and author Jane Harper, Peter Gray spoke with actresses (and Aussie screen royalty, at this…

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Bright Young Women

Book Review: Jessica Knoll’s Bright Young Women reverses the serial killer narrative

Bright Young Women by Jessica Knoll paints a vivid canvas of enthralling storytelling that navigates the complexities of female ambition, societal expectations, and the pursuit of success. Knoll, acclaimed for her previous works, including Luckiest Girl Alive, demonstrates her prowess once again in crafting a compelling narrative that delves into the lives of multifaceted characters….

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Theatre Review: Belvoir’s Tiny Beautiful Things reminds us of the power of human connection

To know Tiny Beautiful Things, at Sydney’s Belvoir, is to know the heart and mind of Cheryl Strayed, the woman upon whose New York Times bestselling book the play is based. For two years Strayed wrote an anonymous advice column for the website The Rumpus under the name ‘Sugar’. It is the letters received during…

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