Review: The Other Art Fair brings colour and creativity to Barangaroo in Sydney

Forget everything you think you know about art. The Other Art Fair is a global gathering which brings together some of the most creative thinkers emerging from the Sydney art scene. Priding itself on reframing the way in which people consider art, The Other Art Fair actively attempts to remove the elitist stigma so prevalent in the commercial art world and make it affordable for everyone.

With over 100 artists on offer, more than half were first time exhibitors, featuring work ranging from installation and mixed media to tattooing and textiles. Having frequented the Fair over the last few years, it was refreshing to see so many different artists and I was impressed with the diversity of the work on show – there really was something for every taste.

The biggest trend of the Fair were works that arguably fall into the category of ‘street art,’ with bright colours, chaotic movement, references to pop culture and incorporating graffiti undertones. One of the strongest being Kasia Frankowicz, whose work encourages its audience to ask questions and challenges ideas around sexuality and religion.

Fine art painter Natasha Junmanee’s still life work is reminiscent of Dutch and Flemish masters and contains a symmetry and realism that is strangely calming. Multidisciplinary artist Em Hatton works across digital illustration, painting, graphic storytelling and screen-printing. Her depictions of women are vibrant, strong and unapologetic.

Paper artist Justine Kuran uses the technique of quilling to create beautifully detailed imagery. Her work can be admired both at a distance and up close, with the experience being entirely different. The closer you look, the more you see. Olga Cree creates intricate watercolours, her most fascinating being the series of people reading. The artist has essentially created a watercolour book club that you will ultimately want to join.

Other stand-out artists included Ruta Krau, with her use of symbology and minimalist techniques, Nancy Tschetner, who uses different types of sand to create stunning images of nature, and Amanda Cutlack, who uses vibrant colours to create vivid interiors and domestic settings.

The Other Art Fair 2023 was definitely a colourful affair, with few artists incorporating a neutral or monochrome pallet. Women’s portraits and the female form dominated, as did the use of Australian native florals. More than just a chance to purchase affordable art, the Fair is an opportunity to meet and speak with the artists, many of whom are at the very start of their careers. Their enthusiasm and passion for what they do makes the Fair what it is. It is the artists themselves, as much as the work they present, which keeps art punters returning year after year.


The Other Art Fair Sydney ran from the 11 – 14 May, 2023.

For more information check out the website.