Review: Slide Night! with Rove McManus at the Sydney Opera House will have you reaching for your projector

  • Naomi Gall
  • June 17, 2023
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A stage is set up like a backyard with a large slide projected on a screen. The slide shows an old man with a young child. On the stage comedians act out a skit.

Cultivating an atmosphere of neighbourly fun, Slide Night! at the Sydney Opera House brings together some of Sydney’s most prolific comedic talent for a night of laughs and nostalgia. Hosted by Rove McManus, the audience is invited to an old-school backyard BBQ complete with music (from the skilful Benny Davis), games and a slide show.

Each night team captains Bridie Connell (We Interrupt This Broadcast, Tonightly With Tom Ballard, Whose Line Is It Anyway?) and Rebecca De Unamuno (Just for Laughs Australia, The Chasers War on Everything, Kath and Kim) face off with their revolving team of comics in a war of improv. With none of the performers knowing which slide they will be faced with, Slide Night! is fast-paced wit and whimsical songs that will have you crying with laughter.

McManus does an incredible job of keeping the pace moving and holding everything together. He effectively creates the friendly mood you would expect at a mate’s place, encouraging the audience to participate in the insanity.

Rove McManus stands on a stage in front of a slide of a giant fake shark.

According to McManus, each one of the slides that are projected on stage are real and entirely original and each of the games that are played centre around a particular slide. Usually the comedian will be encouraged to begin their performance before they know what slide they will be dealt, increasing the laughs when it in no way relates to their story.

The true brilliance of Slide Night! lies in its unpredictability. Each night the show presents a different line-up of comics, a completely different set of slides and a new special guest so no two nights of the show will be the same. A very smart way to encourage people to return for more fun and frivolity. On this particular night, the special guests were Amanda Keller and Brendan ‘Jonesy’ Jones.

Three comedians perform on stage in front of a slide projection of a cat in a basket.

Full of puns and classic one-liners, Keller was a complete natural and presented a strong improv game. The pair were entertaining, and the addition of special guests injected some novelty into the evening. Kind of like when your neighbour unexpectedly pops around at dinner time, looking hungry.

Slide Night! is side-splittingly funny. Reminiscent of games we played in drama at High School, the simplicity and innocence of the show’s premise is inspired. Highlighting the brilliant comedic talent Sydney has to offer, you will be amazed at the skill and talent displayed on stage. Hands down one of the funniest nights out you’ll have this year.


Slide Show! will run at the Sydney Opera House until 25 June 2023.

For more information and to buy tickets head to the Sydney Opera House website.

Reviewer attended on 16 June 2023.

Photos: Jordan Munns