Day: 14 March 2024

A close up shot of women's faces in a crowded auditorium. They appear to be listening intently.

Review: All About Women at the Sydney Opera House continues to give a voice to women’s stories

With All About Women at the Sydney Opera House running for over ten years now, you’d think there would be nothing left to say. How I wish that was the case. Held each year to mark International Women’s Day (March 8), the festival brings together some of the change-makers, the activists and the courageous women…

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Review and Photos: WOMADelaide was a weekend oasis in a desert of searing heat

Adelaide endured one of its famous 40C heatwaves over the Adelaide Cup long weekend. In this climate, events can be cancelled, postponed or modified. To their credit, the WOMADelaide organisers made the World’s festival as comfortable as could be. The bats that have recently taken up residence in the Frome Road copse of trees were…

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Film Review: Love Lies Bleeding is deliciously wild and audaciously brutal

If her prominent post-Twilight work hasn’t convinced you to join the Kristen Stewart appreciation club, then may I suggest signing up in the wake of Love Lies Bleeding, a deliciously wild, brutal noir crime comedy that gleefully breaks your jaw in the process. And there’s a reason I specified a breaking jaw in that analogy,…

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Film Review: The Nut Farm cracks charm out of its undecorated nature

Whilst The Nut Farm undeniably goes for simple, perhaps obvious humour over the course of its brisk 80-ish minutes, audiences looking for clean(ish) humour and a sense of family fun should have an easy time digesting Arj Barker‘s absurd, well-intentioned comedy. Barker, an American comedian whose very much made Australia his second home over the…

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DreamHack returns to Melbourne this April, tickets on sale Thursday

DreamHack returns to Melbourne in April this year and is well-known for hosting a wide range of esports competitions, from open-entry tournaments to some of the more elite competitions, which will be held in Margaret Court Arena. Games like Counter-Strike 2 will be on display, while League of Legends Circuit Oceania will host its Grand Final live on…

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Interview: Arj Barker and director Scott Corfield on their new Australian comedy The Nut Farm; “We wanted that heart and the environmental message to drive it home.”

The new Australian comedy The Nut Job details A failed US crypto trader who inherits a macadamia nut farm in Australia that’s under threat from some evil New Zealand frackers…so, you know, your average, relatable, Aussie battler story.  Right? Believe it or not, amongst the heightened comedy of the script, there’s a semi-autobiographical narrative in…

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SXSW Interview: Director Kourtney Roy and actress Chloe Pirrie on their Kryptic collaboration; “You can never lean into the obvious.”

A psycho-thriller about a woman’s search for a missing monster hunter and her growing realisation that she is inescapably linked to the creature being pursued, Kryptic is sure to be one of SXSW’s most talked about projects. And it’s why Peter Gray had to speak to the film’s director, Kourtney Roy, and lead actress, Chloe…

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Kaiyah Mercedes

Exclusive Single Premiere: Kaiyah Mercedes “If We Never Speak Again” (2024)

Have you ever struggled to find the right words to use for a conversation you dearly wish to have with someone important in your life? If so, then “If We Never Speak Again” from Naarm/Melbourne-based 17-year-old singer-songwriter Kaiyah Mercedes will resonate deeply. We’re very excited to have the premiere of this powerhouse single from Kaiyah ahead of its…

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