little national hotel

Colourful cocktails arranged on a bar.

Underground Spirits Australia set to launch their new Coronation Gin

April 7, 2023

Underground Spirits Australia¬†announced the launch of their limited-edition Coronation Gin during a cocktail event in honour of World Caramel Day. With notes of sweet orange, maple syrup and coconut, among others, this intricately crafted gin adopts flavours from across the Commonwealth countries. The Coronation Gin will be officially unveiled at the 2023 Sydney Royal Easter […]

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Little National Hotel Sydney Review: Designed for city staycations

May 10, 2021

The gentle tune of minimalism sweeps through Sydney’s Little National Hotel. Opened in September of last year, the latest from Canberra-dominating Doma Group is a conscious push against the often irresistible excesses of big-city hospitality. Not just that, the hotel’s soft, soulful accommodation is an obvious embrace of Japanese-influenced, less-is-more philosophy, gently sketched onto Sydney’s […]

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