Brooke Satchwell

Theatre Review: Complex or confused? Oil at the Sydney Theatre Company may leave you scratching your head

Set across five distinct time periods, Oil at the Sydney Theatre Company depicts different moments in the modern history of petroleum (crude oil) and its far-reaching impacts. Written by UK playwright Ella Hickson and directed by Paige Rattray, the play follows the journey of May (Brooke Satchwell), a strong-willed woman who longs for a better…

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Lawrence Mooney talks celebrity gossip ahead of Season 3 of Dirty Laundry Live on ABC

Dirty Laundry Live is part panel game show, part celebrity tabloid gossip discussion. Lawrence Mooney is the host with his partner in crime Brooke Satchwell and has rotating special guests, to help discuss who did what to whom and test their knowledge of the week’s click-bait news and rumour mill. Returning for its third season…

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